NHL Alumni Benefit Game in Cornwall Ontario a Blast by Reg Coffey – April 8, 2013

Final Score
Final Score


CFN – As you can see from the score board the NHL Alumni won the game last night but the real winners were the fans in the stands and the Special Olympics. The event was well attended and the event went smoothly both on the ice and off, with a small wrinkle in the opening ceremonies. Mayor Kilger opened the game with a suggestion that the Law Enforcement All Stars should have invited him to be a referee if they were serious about winning.

The game itself was a kiss and giggle kind of event. The Law Enforcement Allstars acquitted themselves very well against the NHL Alumni but the well seasoned NHL players did handle them easily. This was actually hockey’s version of the Harlem Globe Trotters. The casual ease of the players and the entertaining efforts of ref/colour commentator Dave Hutchison made the whole 60 minutes of play one big chuckle from beginning to end. Between periods there were autographs and interviews, 50/50 draws and even an auction of a picture with Walter Gretzky’s autograph, not the picture below but real hockey memorabilia in a frame and everything.

Walter Gretsky
Walter Gretsky


There were no fights in this game but Marty McSorley did threaten a couple of the Law Enforcement Allstars. One of the highlights was when ref Dave Hutchinson awarded NHL Alumni goalie Mark Laforest a penalty shot for being bumped. He didn’t score. The second period was a skills competition where the Allstars actually tied the Alumni and were awarded a goal by ref Hutchinson. In the third period the Alumni pulled ahead of the Allstars to finish the game at score of 9 to 6.

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  1. Author

    lol, did you hear the mayor get booed on the video?

  2. People are starting to listen .

    Did you expect anything else ?

    I don’t know if the Kilger playing for the Police was a relative but I

    believe he was booed also .

  3. lol, his son got booed too….

    Great fun, the place should have been packed, but only maybe half full as per usual with Cornwall events…

  4. Author

    It was his son Chad who played for a few NHL teams.

  5. Gave up my ticket, but if I would have know the crowd was booing Kilgers, I would have been there for sure!

  6. It’s regrettable that a worthwhile event such as this would be associated with the ongoing struggle for good civil government and the taint of the cliques and cronies. In the end it’s only the charity that loses.

    I think that more of us should hold our noses, participate for the sake of the charity and express our feelings when appropriate. If we stay away and keep quiet then the evil elite will take that as acceptance.

  7. Great entertainment, Cornwall should have more of this.I had a great time.

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