How Will Justin Trudeau Do Vs Thomas Mulcair & Stephen Harper? Will Silence be Golden? by Jamie Gilcig

Justin Loving His WifeCFN – Silence could be Justin Trudeau’s best weapon in the upcoming Federal Election.    A lot of noise is coming out about Mr. Trudeau, but the buzz simply is that those Canadians not happy with Stephen Harper’s style of government will have to vote somewhere?

Do voters really care about issues? Healthcare? High Taxes, Lack of Good Jobs?

Thomas Mulcair took the NDP to places they never even expected in the last election.

You can’t have a popular leader facing a terminal illness with the grace and bravery that Jack Layton did in the last election while having one party give you a free pass as the Conservatives did every election.

Orange and Blue just don’t match and that’s where Justin Trudeau can gain the most ground for his Liberals.

For example I asked Justin about Marc Emery.   Mr. Emery, known as the Prince of Pot was allowed to be extradited to the US for crimes he wasn’t charged with in Canada.

He was a tax paying business man employing a lot of people and because of insane Marijuana laws and what some simply were calling a trade war between US marijuana and Canada’s finest from BC ended up with Mr. Emery in Jail doing longer time than some people get for murder for simply having a clerk in his store sell undercover US officers seeds, which is legal, and allegedly giving them advice for going back to the US.

Mr. Trudeau is about to lead a party that is calling for the Legalization of Marijuana.  I asked him about Mr. Emery.

Politics is a tricky blood sport.   Mr. Emery’s situation by many is thought to be one that’s much more greater than the Marijuana issue, but one of our own Canadian Sovereignty.    It was a decision made by our Canadian government that allowed Mr. Emery’s extradition to go through.  IE Capitulating to the whims of a foreign power, even if a friendly one.

The NDP have been all but silent on this issue as well.

Mr. Trudeau is extremely able in front of a microphone; much more so than our Prime Minister.   Mr. Mulcair is very good, but has a near Nixonian visual presence.

As we get closer to the election it will be interesting to see how the NDP and Mr. Harper ratchet up the attacks on Mr. Trudeau and whether Mr. Trudeau folds, ducks, or fights back.   Politics can be a lot like boxing.

With Mr. Harper and his Cons known for their blistering attacks and Mr. Mulcair in no man’s land with the NDP will silence be Mr. Trudeau’s best strategy?  Will he need or even want to go head to head in the upcoming year?

  What do you think Canada?   Will Mr. Trudeau hold his own with Stephen Harper & Thomas Mulcair?

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  1. Hopefully it will be Joyce Murray who heads the Liberal Party and not Justin Trudeau. At the very least she will defend Canadian’s rights regardless of whether or not it’s politically expedient.

  2. I am not allowed to have any comment, given I have been branded by the grand pubba of CFN, Jamie, as being a radical, because I wanted people to hear the truth, and he is afraid of offending his sponsors. He is also afraid of scaring off moderate francophones off, like they were evver on our side to begin with

    So, I guess, justice and freedom of expression takes a back seat at CFN. However, pro francophones are allowed free reign

  3. Author

    Peter you are banned because you can’t control yourself. No other reason. That post was allowed through so people could clearly understand why.

  4. Interesting read and questions ADMIN !

    I think perhaps having put himself right out there open for quick criticism a strategy going forward would employ a certain amount of restraint on his part to give an opportunity to his opponents to perhaps over extend remarks or positions

    I do not believe that the next election will see a change in government, perhaps a small chance of a minority, but only a very small chance at that given the economic global climate that will continue to haunt us.

    I predict that the NDP will loose ground in Quebec and quite conceivably elsewhere while the Liberals have really no place to move but up in seats and popularity possibly driven by the new hands on the wheel.

    I believe that as we approach 2020 the possibility of the NDP and the NEW LIBERALS will entertain the possibility of a merger not much different to what transpired with the socialist and liberals in the British Government all those years ago.

    I believe that our country has matured to the point that a two party system would better represent and support Canadians going into the future. The constant vote splitting that occurs with the left leaning parties only weakens their effectiveness and it is therefore my opinion that a united left would keep both sides on their respective toes and in a better position to serve our needs.

    You asked.

  5. It’s no wonder this country is in the mess that it is in. I was watching the news last night and they were interviewing young people on the streets. The question was, “can you tell us who is running to be the new leader of the Liberal Party?”

    Many knew none of the candidates who were running and the ones that DID know a name ONLY knew Trudeau. SAD SAD SAD…

    That sadly tells me that we’re soon to be in for another ride down CR@PPER lane with another —

    “you can believe me — wink wink — i am indeed a federalist, it wasn’t me who said, ‘this country is better off with French people running it’ ”

    — Trudeau at the helm

    I guess we may as well just yell it out NOW.

    Ridiculous you say?

    Right !! Ask the English speaking people in the west who have no need for French about how they are beginning to deal with what Ottawa – and area – has been dealing with for a while now. Having difficulty acquiring jobs in their Federal government offices in the WEST parts of this country where the French population is .01%

    We all remember the Calgary Stampede / Canadian anthem fiasco. You know, the Canadian anthem that is 3/4’s French (another change that was never run past the MAJORITY Anglophone Canadians)

    Humm, it sorta dawns on me. Once it’s a done deal, I wonder if they’ll just be hypocrites and speak English while dealing with other countries for trade and so on or will they (once they have POWER IN NUMBERS with ALL of Canada as a French NATION) just begin to force other counties to deal with them in French also, just like they are now forcing Canada’s federal government to deal with them in French ONLY.

    Any guesses ?

    If THAT doesn’t say it all then, i don’t know what else would.

  6. yorlik wrote: You know, the Canadian anthem that is 3/4′s French (another change that was never run past the MAJORITY Anglophone Canadians)

    And who in h@ll do you think you are that the gov of Canada has to run everything by you guys before they can make any decisions?

    David wrote: I do not believe that the next election will see a change in government

    Really? Hmm!! The feeling I am getting is Harper may become ex-Prime Minister after the next elections. He pulled quite a few dirty little tricks and more people are seeing his true colors now.

    It seems when one has been too long in parliement they get this “I am invisible” mentality where they truly don’t care for the little guy. Harper has reached that point.

    Never underestimate Justin’s capabilities………


    Apathy does seem to have an incredible grip on Canadians from coast to coast and sad it is.

    Take heart however for the quandary of whether Quebec could or would separate now is of secondary concern to the western provinces creating a lateral version of the north and south concept. If you study the economics and politics of the last 10 to 15 years in particular Quebec’s debt situation does not support independence but rather a continually growing reliance one that has not gone unnoticed in the west where the economic tides move in favour of a sustainable ability to be independent of a Canada that is quickly becoming irrelevant to their needs. Central Canada needs the west far more than the west needs us.

    The language issues that have so doggedly burdened US all will fall to the wayside due to the extreme economic climate that will prevail globally for the next decade and perhaps beyond. We, in the past 50 years have been spending (squandering) our perceived inheritance in advance and our children and grandchildren NOW cannot make the payments.

    This is not a doom and gloom prediction EDUDYORLIK it is my
    view of our present reality and view of the near future based on my observations, for what it is worth. I suppose, God willing, that we both will be able to look back in 5 to 10 years at these comments and remind ourselves how either right or wrong we were.

    But today I am alive and happy to still be in the game, enjoy today !

  8. Silence as strategy. Like Ali’s rope-a-dope in the “Rumble in the Jungle”? Very interesting take, Jamie.

  9. Harper’s 4th term will see a new Constitution and the end of bilingualism as we know it. In the Conservative’s fifth consecutive leadership, PM Jim Baird will cut equalization payments to Quebec and abolish the Charter.

  10. stellabystarlight April 14, 2013 at 8:58 am

    To tell you the truth Canadians have a short term memory with regards to politics.

    Chretien had many more screw ups ,but all parties are not ammune to this ,some more then others ,but there is a good reason why the liberals are so low in the pecking order.

    David Oldham April 14, 2013 at 9:58 am

    Right on the money David ,but the west is looking hard at separation as well .
    Now if you where looking for roomates would you prefer someone on Social assistance or someone who’ self sufficient and wealthy ?
    So given a choice for our Country much is about to change ,expect exciting times in the next decade.

  11. Can’t believe I’m going to agree with howard. YOu’re right when you say canadians have short term memories in regards to voting. But, the western attitude is frustrating. It this attitude that they achieved this wealth on their own. When they needed help the east was there. And now that its our turn, some tell us to buzz off, I don’t think so.

  12. Richard tremblay April 14, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    “Can’t believe I’m going to agree with howard.”

    Careful there Richard I may convert you …to logic and reasoning from idealism and conformity of adgenda.

  13. ON April 14, 2013 at 11:52 am Wow! wrote, “Harper’s 4th term will see a new Constitution and the end of bilingualism as we know it. In the Conservative’s fifth consecutive leadership, PM Jim Baird will cut equalization payments to Quebec and abolish the Charter.”

    I VOTE for Wow…

    @David Oldham RE POST on April 14, 2013 at 9:58 am

    I agree with you about the economic hardships that are likely headed our way.

    As for Canada in “other ways.” I have a slightly different take on the possible future Canada is facing. I truly hope i am wrong with certain things i have heard and seen as likely possibilities.

    There are just so many variables and unknowns that it is difficult to say but… We’ll shall see …

    ON April 14, 2013 at 8:58 am stellabystarlight responded to my speaking about how the Canadian anthem is 3/4′s French which is another change that was never run past the MAJORITY Anglophone Canadians”

    with the following…

    Stella wrote, “who in h@ll do you think you are that the gov of Canada has to run everything by you guys before they can make any decisions?”

    I am no one Stella. I am no one at all. JUST LIKE YOU I am but simply one.

    In my case however i am one of the majority 80% lowly English Canadian tax paying citizen who is spending billions of my hard earned money in hard economic times in order to keep funding your French language and French culture so it can thrive and survive in this oh so terrible English dominated world we live in.

    I am no one at all Stella, and while you and your ilk move on past changing my national anthem from English to French, i wonder could you change more town names from English to French, and street names from English to French. All done of course, without a care in the world as to whether it goes against any ones rights.
    I was also wondering if you could PULEASE deface all the age old statues on the parliament hill with a chisel so you can add in the French versions of “to” and “for” Oh wait your ilk have already done that one. Uhmmm let’s see, maybe you could turn Vanier Ontario into a French Quarter. Oh shoot, your ilk have already done that too. Uhmmm… There must be some way to impose your will and the will of the French on the majority Anglophone Canadians in this country even more.

    Oh i got it, how about putting up Franco Ontarian flags in front of all the police stations and French schools in the city. Darn, you’ve done that one too.

    Oh well. I guess it’s time to rest for a bit now. It seems there isn’t much more in the way of imposition that you can accomplish right now.

    Just hang tight, take a little break while the Anglo’s fester for a bit, because once we get going Stella … You’re going to need ALL THE ENERGY you can muster my dear. You’re not going to recognize how fast things can change.

    Questions like “who the hell do i think i am — and — who the hell do we think we are as the Anglophone majority of this country… ” are questions you will soon find answers to.

    You can smell it in the air Stella. Change is starting to happen. The tide is turning. The gentle giant is awakening from being gentle for FAR too long.

    But, don’t just take it from me. Have a look at this… Lowell – In A Nutshell PART I Lowell – In A Nutshell PART II

    Oh and always remember… Have a good day eh 🙂

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