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Lend a helping hand…please.

CFN’s Photo of the Day by Jacqueline Milner

These are a few things that I picked up on my morning walk this morning.  Most are recyclable and it really wasn’t a lot of work to pick them up to insure these items go where they belong, in the recycle bin.  Most of these things have been carried away by the wind when they were put out to the curb for recycling.  With the snow melted, and the grasses just beginning to peek out from their winter slumber this refuse of man is easy to spot and I invite you to lend a helping hand to pick up this stray garbage as you notice it in your travels.  Together we can keep our spaces clean for the benefit of our community.  Thank you for your kind consideration.


  1. I do this all the time, I managed to find a propane tank on the side of the road one morning and it will be dropped off at the HWS next available day. Thank you Jacqueline for doing your part to keep Cornwall clean 🙂

  2. Thank you Chantal for lending a helping hand, greatly appreciated.

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