CFN- Submitted Release On Wednesday, September 25th at 7 pm the River Institute kicks off its Science & Nature Series for 2013-14 with “The Science & Nature of Water” led by River Institute scientist Dr. Andy Bramburger. He has travelled the world researching fresh water and will share his insightsContinue Reading

CFN – I was given a book by a friend not too long ago which I am just getting around to reading, The Omnivore’s Dilemma, A Natural History of Four Meals by Michael Pollan.  So much interesting information…”Our ingenuity in feeding ourselves is prodigious, but at various points our technologiesContinue Reading

CFN – Yes this is the Earth Matters column.  We are changing the title of this column for today out of respect and consideration for all this little flying animal does for us each day.  Bees, which are critical to our food supply are experiencing immense life challenges due toContinue Reading

  CFN – I just love coming across items that help me accomplish my daily needs and are additionally  “earth friendly”.  These are two items that caught my eye and prompted me to open my wallet to purchase in the last week. The first item is the ECO Lunchbox.  TheContinue Reading

CFN – A recent visit with a friend in Hamilton, Ontario opened my eyes to “POSSIBILITY”.  The possibility of growing flowers and food on my own front yard.  Many front yard vegetable gardens were sighted on my stroll through an older neighborhood.  Think of the possibilities this offers.  The possibilityContinue Reading

CFN – Many people would like to grow some food however they suppose their apartment or small living space will not allow such a project.  Believe it or not, all of us can grow a wee bit of food as long as we have access to some sun and waterContinue Reading

CFN – Summer is in full bloom and I cannot think of better way to share the splendor and beauty that surrounds us each and every day than through images captured in my backyard this morning.  I just wish I could attach a file which would allow me to share the sweetContinue Reading

CFN – As we transition into summer, we’re pleased to pass along two family  friendly events scheduled this Friday and Saturday.  Both of these organizations celebrate the Natural World that delights and surrounds us… if we would just stop… to look… and appreciate. Grand Opening of Heartland Forest Nature CentreContinue Reading

CFN – Have you planted any vegetables this year? My planting journey began back in February with an experiment in growing some slips from a sweet potato in water.  I started with three potatoes, commercially bought at the store and came to find out from an experienced gardener that storeContinue Reading

CFN – There were demonstrations organized and attended, worldwide this past Saturday, May 25th.  I attended the event on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  People are concerned about having the food that fuels their bodies and that of their loved ones, mutated, morphed into something which will supposedly grow bigger,Continue Reading

CFN – We have a couple of wonderful food events happening this coming week-end in the Cornwall, Ontario area.  We trust all our readers from across the on-line world will take the time to read about these community events as these happenings bring community together to share information about growing andContinue Reading

CFN – Submitted Media Advisory What: TED Fellow and American Inventor Sonaar Luthra will be speaking in Cornwall tomorrow evening, Wednesday, May 15th at 6:30 pm as a special guest of the River Institute and the US Embassy Where: The St. Lawrence River Institute of Environmental Sciences ( 2 St.Continue Reading

There are so many life forms that surround us, especially this time of the year.  Crawling, flying, hanging insects are eveywhere, above and below ground.  These tiny creatures are intricately connected to each and everyone of us and I’m certain help to maintain a healthy balance of our world inContinue Reading