Insects…an intricate part of the circle of life by Jacqueline Milner.


There are so many life forms that surround us, especially this time of the year.  Crawling, flying, hanging insects are eveywhere, above and below ground.  These tiny creatures are intricately connected to each and everyone of us and I’m certain help to maintain a healthy balance of our world in ways that we have yet to understand.  EarthMatters_05_11_13P1010841r

They pollinate our plants making reproduction, food production possible.  They  eat smaller entities keeping their populations in check and nourishing their own tiny little bodies and offspring.  em03_27_10They help in composting dead and dying natural matter, helping to add micro-nutrients to our soil thereby feeding other flora and fauna in the process not to mention benefits our own well being.  Every single life is of benefit to man whether it is immediately understood or not.  A little consideration and respect  from us about this absolute truth will insure that we maintain a healthy balanced world which will in turn sustain us.  So how about showing a little love and thanks to our area insects.  Help it get back outdoors if it is stuck in the inside of your car, step over the crawling critter and keep in mind that most often an animal or insect does not bite or show aggresive behaviour unless it feels threatened or if it senses your fear.

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  1. Yes insects are sure beneficial to the soil and that is what people do not understand is that we are all connected to one another whether insects, animals, plants and humans and one without the other will not work.

    Great columns Jacqueline.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to read and share Jules!

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