Summer In Full Bloom by Jacqueline Milner “Branches” Exhibit at the Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Blvd., Suite 260, Ottawa, ON


CFN – Summer is in full bloom and I cannot think of better way to share the splendor and beauty that surrounds us each and every day than through images captured in my backyard this morning.  I just wish I could attach a file which would allow me to share the sweet smell of the milkweed blooms, the wind that carresses the grasses and body in the open field and the aromatic aroma of the Bee Balm plant whether in bloom or not.



The Nan-King Cherry bush is full of ripe berries which we could eat however we planted these for our feathered visitors.  The Robins and Crackles are very happy to dine here.



There are always a variety of crawling and winged bugs and insects visiting.  They are a curious lot of species which serve us by aerating our soils, pollinating our plants, keeping other species in check and serve as nutrition and fuel for other living organisms.  As many of you may already know I have a great reverence for all life.  This value presented the opportunity to collaborate with Eastern Ontario Regional Artist Erica Taylor on the upcoming Exhibition “Branches”.   Inspired by a shared sense of connection to nature and concern about fading biodiversity we created an exhibition of mixed media artwork exploring the elemental strength and beauty of our natural landscapes and their multi-faceted importance to life.

We would be delighted if you would join us Sunday, July 7th, 1 – 3 p.m. for the official opening of the “Branches” Exhibit at the Shenkman Arts Centre, 245 Centrum Blvd., Suite 260, Ottawa, ON .  Erica and I look forward to welcoming you and discussing our work.    Should you be unavailable on the 7th, we encourage  and welcome you to visit during Gallery hours before the 15th of August.  This is a family friendly Art Exhibit.


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  1. Those are some amazing images Jacquie!

  2. Thanks Jamie.

  3. We have a Montmorency cherry tree that the Robins seem to love. Fortunately we picked enough of the cherries for a small batch of jam.

  4. Jacqui those pictures are superb. You sure are a great photographer. On my travels in the parks where we walk here in Ottawa we have seen a lady who takes pictures of the birds and animals and submits them to magazines and newspapers. Your pictures are some of the best that I have seen and those should be submitted as well. We love nature so much and so healthy to be outdoors. Thanks for sharing.

  5. @ Reg….cherries is the only other thing besides worms that I’ve ever seen Robins eat, and they obviously love, love, love them.

    @Jules…thank you for taking the time to share your appreciation of my work.

  6. You are very welcome Jacqui and mighty beautiful indeed.

  7. When we owned our house in Cornwall my husband grew grapes and the birds never stopped eating them. We grew peaches as well and the squirrels sampled a lot of them. We were able to only salvage a couple of them to eat.

    We have a neighbor below in the single homes who has a pear tree and those pears are so delicious just to look at and it makes me think of when we had our beautiful garden in Cornwall and all the squirrels and birds had a cornocopia of foods to choose from. I miss gardening in this bird cage in the sky here in Ottawa. I do garden in containers on the balcony sometimes but this year we became a little lazy.

  8. We had a couple of apple trees as well land it attracted a certain type of bird in particular and we always wondered what kind it was. It was a green colored bird and they always came to the apple trees. They had a type of crown on their heads.

    We see a lot of cardinal birds in the park but very rare do we come across blue jays. We used to see blue jays in Cornwall. I guess each species has their territory where they go back every year. We see a lot less birds than what we used to and we haven’t come across any monarch butterflies at all this year. We used to see a lot of caterpillars but not this year. This morning we saw a while butterfly that we see sometimes. Nature is sure changing a lot lately. We don’t see the birds like what we used to see and there must be something that is either killing them off or they are in hiding.

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