CFN – Many people would like to grow some food however they suppose their apartment or small living space will not allow such a project.  Believe it or not, all of us can grow a wee bit of food as long as we have access to some sun and water to feed and nourish our plants.  Of course some soil, containers, seeds and or plants will be required.

I recently met an interesting lady online who had read some information about community gardening and was very interested in participating in such a worthwhile project.  Community gardening is a wonderful initiative which allows participating people to grow a sustainable community, grow nutritious food, save money and learn and share skills just to name a few.  My online friend was gung-ho about participating in such a community effort not only to grow food for her family; she wanted to also share the fruits of her efforts with her community.  The desire to participate in such a project was at the time when planting needed to begin.  So my online friend Rachelle contacted a local community gardening project to let them know she was available to help.  Rachelle also solicited her neighbours to see if they would mind if she planted a garden on their mutual rented property.  Her neighbours were not so keen so Rachelle’s desire to begin a community gardening project prompted her to start her own garden on her modest front porch in containers.

With the help of her young daughter, Rachelle has planted and is on her way to harvest green peppers, potatoes, lettuce, strawberries, tomatoes, string beans and herbs.  Not only is her porch beautifully adorned with fresh edible plants this edible garden serves many other purposes.  This garden provides a teaching and learning opportunity (what works, the recognition of plants throughout their life cycle, the knowledge of the suns cycle throughout the season, best times to water and how much to water) for Rachelle, her daughter and their surrounding community.  This container gardening adventure is providing a little piece of heaven where the family can relax and commune with nature.

EarthMatters_07_14_13LPM0910As you can see by this image Rachelle has much to be satisfied with.  Rachelle’s day usually begins with her daughter heading out to the porch to see how the plants are doing and whether there is something new on the plants that she can taste or eat.  This would then be followed by some watering if required.  I was very taken with the peaceful ambiance that the plants lent to this outdoor living area.  One very surprising find was the hanging planters that were used for the tomato plants.  The hanging lantern looking structures from the roof of the porch are containers which hold the plant upside down.  These contain tomato plants.  This makes it unnecessary to stake the tomatoes.  These containers were purchased locally at a discount store for a mere couple of dollars.  This planter may also be used for peppers, cucumbers, eggplant and more.  Rachelle gifted me with one of her pepper plants so I quickly visited the store where she purchased her Topsy Turvy planter and will try it with a pepper plant.

Want to try some container gardening?  There is still time to plant.  Your local garden center still has some seed and plants available for your gardening adventure.

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  1. Fantastic article Jacqueline

  2. Thanks Stan. Big shout out to Rachelle for sharing her inspirational container gardening adventure.

  3. Container gardening is wonderful and depending on where one lives. Here in Ottawa there are condos that will not allow anything on balconies and the same thing on the ground below. There are places where you cannot even put out a window box. These are not the places that I would want to buy nor rent. I have an enclosed balcony and I love to garden but this year I was lazy and didn’t put anything out. Growing in containers is great and there are countries like China and other places who do a lot of container gardening and not just on balconies but in yards where there is limited space.

    There are people here in Ottawa that we know about who rent garden plots from the city and they grow their food and one particular spot is on Kilborne Avenue. With all the GMO garbage out there it is a good idea to grow one’s own food.

  4. What a peaceful sanctuary. Absolute bliss.

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