Beauty Abounds by Jacqueline Milner

Beauty Abounds by Jacqueline Milner


CFN – I took some time with a friend  to explore and take in some of the natural spaces that surround us.  We started off our day at The Martintown Mill which is situated on the Raisin River.  The following two images were captured there.  The flower is about the size of my baby finger nail.  It was growing close to the river.


We then moved on to another location on the river which awarded us some shade to paint and photograph.  While on the river bank we observed bees and butterflies who were using the above area in the title image as a watering station.  The area that these flyers preferred had moss which absorbed water from the river which provided the much needed water without the depth of the river making it easy for our flying friends to easily land, drink and take-off again.  Amazing what one learns just taking the time to see and observe.  There is something about the sound of water running over rocks that takes one to the peaceful place of “the moment”, the now.  The following two images were taken at a place of the river further east than the first.


Growth in rocky environments reminds me of the strength and resilience of Mother Nature.


Getting out and enjoying our natural wild spaces provides great opportunity for defragmenting the mind and peaceful reflection.  Hope you are all enjoying your summer.  A little FYI for our readers, Cornwall Free News does have “a photo of the day feature”.  If you have a photograph or two from your summer travels that you would like to share, kindly send them along to

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