Working Less & Attending My First Gay Wedding by Jamie Gilcig – August 18, 2013

Working Less & Attending My First Gay Wedding by Jamie Gilcig – August 18, 2013

jg2CFN – So on doctors orders I’ve had to cut back my work load.   The seven days per week 100+ gay marriagehours thing after nearly five years has had its toll.

But I still like to have fun and it’s not like I’m working in a coal mine or factory although it feels that way sometimes.

It’s Ironic and funny that now that I am curtailing my availability to events I’m getting more and more invites?

Yesterday I attended a wedding.  Now family and friends know I hate weddings.  Heck, I hated my own even.   Not because I didn’t love my ex-wife or didn’t want to marry her; but it meant flying and it meant dealing with her family and friends, many of whom hated me because I took their beloved to Eastern Ontario from beautiful BC.

But Saturday’s wedding was very different.  For one it was the first Gay wedding I was ever to attend and it had a Hawaiian motif, and as anyone that knows me knows I love my Hawaiian shirts!

And I didn’t have to fly!   It was at a lovely golf course.  The grooms wore white for the ceremony, and the shafts of titanium bonked golf balls behind the lovely trio that serenaded the couple to the tune of Bolero as they made their entrance.

Gay Marriage has been one of the hottest topics in the news in 2013.   It really has and frankly it’s odd and bewildering to me.   I stood back, enjoying my Bombay Gin & Tonic watching some of the onlookers cry tears of happiness for the couple.

Was it really that different than a heterosexual wedding?  Not really.   At the end of the day and debate on the subject it’s such a huge thing for any couple to lay it on the line and make that lifetime commitment.    It was a lovely joining of two lives.

Being single again at my advanced age is bewildering.   Did I have pangs of jealousy for the Happy couple who were about to embark on this magical journey that nearly 40% end up in divorce within 8 years?

No.  It was just a beautiful day, in a beautiful place, where I got to share a beautiful moment with the 200 or so guests and family.

Shakespeare was famous for starting epic tales with lightning and storms.  You know everyone was safe when the sun shined and birds sang and flew.

Watching two doves released at the wedding gave me hope; not just for an old single guy like me, but for the world.    If we can accept each other for whom we are that’s half the battle.

And at that lovely ceremony we all won…..except that the couple were hesitant to have media coverage in this story.  Progress always comes in steps.  As long as they’re in the right direction we all get to move forward.

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