Standing up for Seed Sovereignty and GMO Food Labelling by Jacqueline Milner


CFN – There were demonstrations organized and attended, worldwide this past Saturday, May 25th.  I attended the event on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  People are concerned about having the food that fuels their bodies and that of their loved ones, mutated,


DSC_4292rwmorphed into something which will supposedly grow bigger, last longer, withstand chemicals and the possible onslaught of insect predators which may attempt to eat it.  The concern is that these Franken-foods will negatively affect our own bodies and our natural environments in ways we still do not understand due to the lack of testing and history of these harvests.

Cutting of Rainforests, poisoning of our drinking water to the decline of our Wild Salmon populations and Bee Colonies are being labelled as side effects of Genetically Modifies Organisms.  Some people are insisting that we totally eliminate genetically modified organisms from our world while others would be very happy with an outcome that legislates GMO labelling of production food so that the consumer can or not make purchase decisions based on the ingredients of the item to be purchased.


Demonstrations for seed sovereignty and GMO labelling and marches against Monsanto, an organization known worldwide for its GMO products, will be regular news in the days ahead.  Future marches are already on the calendar and work continues so that the future maintains each person’s right to grow their own food and to know the vital elements (whether the product contains GMO ingredients) contained within.

Is this something that concerns you?  Your commentary regarding this matter is encouraged and always welcome below or to



  1. Ms. Milner

    I know you don’t like seeing swaths of lands mechanically cleared and tiled in a matter of weeks. Unfortunately, like your anti-GM seed stance, your good will to natural things goes against humanity in general. Would you rip a bowl of corn gruel out of a starving child’s mouth to save a tree in eastern Ontario? Same for GM food. Less disease. Better for the soil and water table. Higher productivity per acre. And we keep the world price of basic foodstuffs low. We sit on a valuable pocket of land that must follow best business practices to maximize the return from the land we have been blessed with. That means Roundup-Ready. If you want to think there is a conspiracy to control the world’s supply of seed and that Ontario is about to be clear-cut, that’s your business. And you are wrong.

  2. Thank you, Wow!

    The content of this ‘story’ is about as nutritious as a bowl of organic cheesies.

  3. @WOW

    Some information obtained on your own could be enlightening. I have my own opinion and one source that might open some doors to further thoughts on the topic by JACQUELINE MILNER is to research a corporation called MONSATO and their history. Just an idea.

  4. @David Oldham
    I Googled MONSATO and there were limited results. Perhaps you mean the cutting edge multi-national Monsanto which has poisoned our brains with mustard gas, aspartame, and whoever puts the fluoride in the water under the guise of keeping our teeth from falling out, while dripping mind-control agents from CIA operated planes to keep us down or whatever other stuff happens under the tin-foil hat. Sorry for the run-on sentence, but I’m in a hurry to get to my Bilderberg meeting with the other reptillian humanoids.

  5. @WOW….Thank you for taking the time to comment. I find the comment that my good will to natural things goes against humanity absolutely absurd. Dearest WOW…I would never rip food from a starving child. By your comment I would surmise that you are a farmer (“we keep the world price of basic foodstuffs low) My particular disgust with landowners who clear cut their borrowed (from their children) lands is when clear cutting is done without leaving travel corridors for our wildlife to move, live or forage for food; when brush and trees are stripped to water ways, not leaving buffer zones to protect our waterways and the life that struggles to exist there because of the landowners disrespectful actions. It is this lack of thought and respect for our flora, fauna and habitats that goes against humanity. All living things are intricately connected in ways that we have yet to fully understand. Killing these other life forms is in my opinion a form of self mutilation, this is the real crime against humanity…in my opinion. As for your other comments about GM foods, I am not an expert however I recently read an article about lab rats growing large tumours as a result of consuming GM foods. Maximizing the return on a piece of land is not always about $$$’s. What price can we put on a nesting spot for a robin, a foraging place for a honey bee, a travel corridor for deer? What price can we put on the value that tree gives us in terms of food, shade, cover and oxygen? Business is more than about making money…isn’t it? As for the two links that you kindly shared above on GMO’s…this is about what I would expect to read on a AGRI Website. It can be a challenge indeed to manoeuver through all the information out there particularly with networks that stand to lose billions if the general public does not buy into their products and services.

  6. @WOW

    Your flippant, arrogant, smart ass retort to a simple suggestion which made no allusion to any conspiracy connection only firmly establishes your inability to communicate on a reasonable and intelligent level. You embarrass yourself with such immature dribble which served no purpose and added absolutely nothing to this forum. No small wonder that you do not use your real identity.

  7. Before attacking Wow for his comment, which is not drivel (the word is not dribble) the following link is quite useful for underscoring key points in this complex issue, too often misrepresented by media.

    My fear is that few people will read or listen to it. People seem to be averse to “content” preferring sound bytes and anti science hype; a phenomenon more dangerous than biotechnology.

    Pay particular attention to the land use issues if you dare.

  8. at Jaqueline re: lab rat study. if you know where to find scientific reports on the Internet it could help appreciably. Steven Novella is a clinical neurologist and professor at Yale. i would be happy to share any of the reports available that provide useful unbiased information

  9. you may also wish to research the concept of the natural fallacy.

    the next 30 years on this planet are extremely important, especially where land-use and water are concerned

    going organic could be a disastrous because serious “grandfathered” pesticides can be far more toxic and destroy wildlife habitat

    it takes far more land to get the kind of yields (with organic) required to feed the world. and in the face of climate change (just think about last summer’s drought which led to farmers having to kill and/or sell their livestock because of the scarcity and price of hay) organic crops could very easily fail en masse

    it is time for people to learn, and to think

  10. Jimmy I’m a huge fan of learning and thinking; but it’s not all black and white. The behavior of Monsanto has been pretty repugnant as a company. Sometimes good gets muddied by ignoranance, arrogance, and a lack of transparency.

  11. Some more words for thought…….so much to do/read, so little time.

  12. Jacqueline I love your article. People do not know that Hitler used fluoride in the water in Germany for the Jews to keep them calm before slaughtering the people. People do not know that Monsanto is all connected to these people including Big Pharma. People do not know that Roundup is from Monsanto. People do not know that GMO seeds is something that you cannot get rid of and many big court cases going on in the US over GMO seeds. Yes I have heard about lab rats getting tumors over Monsanto. GMO potatoes is one of the roots that is very dangerous to our health. Europeans do not want any of our GMO crops and for very good reason. GMO is sent over to Africa so as to prevent the people from starving and many are dying of cancers over this kind of food and we are eating that garbage in the grocery stores.

    Again Jacqueline you wrote an excellent article. Thank you for posting.

  13. @Jacqueline
    The notion that we are borrowing the earth from our children is charming. I own my children and they will get the world I leave them. We live now! We use the earth in an egalitarian spirit. We have been given dominion over the earth for man’s best interests by God. More food = better living conditions for the people of the world. Would you deny the scientists who cured polio and invented penicillin the chance because a few rats may die? Close-minded activism is what it usually is, fruitless.
    I am not a farmer or biotech industry participant, I am however an independent economist and land-use consultant not beholden to any sector of the economy. And I am a bit of a bio-ethicist in my own right.
    If we can save a few hundred thousand people with SDG and surrounding area’s increased land use, how can you be so
    concerned with species that, when overpopulated, are culled by legislation or road-killed. They walk, run. or fly away.

  14. Jacqueline I just went on the big mouth Alex Jones’ site and you wouldn’t believe all what he has about people in many countries protesting against GMO and so far I have fallen on two areas and I still haven’t gone through all his stuff that he has out.

    In one of his articles written by others of course there is a title called “Extensive List of Politicians Paid Off by Monsanto” and they name all the American politicians who were paid off. I just went down the blogs a little and came off and one man who calls himself anonymous (there are many anonymous’ there and hard to know which is which LOL LOL) asked Alex if he can name any Canadian politicians being paid off as well.

    The people in Cornwall are not at all familiar with what is going on around the world and usually attack you or myself. I just came on your spot to say what I have read so far. This is a world wide attack on those who support GMO foods and their Roundup and all.

    About the polio vaccines or any vaccines they are all very dangerous and even the doctors in past years who invented those vaccines knew that they had side effects. There was this lady in Cornwall back in 1960 who was a physiotherapist and her husband was a chemist both told my parents and myself that the vaccines were dangerous. Yes it helps to a point and irradicated a lot of diseases and have done a terrible number on how many children are born with ADHD and other serious mental retardation diseases.

  15. for WOW……… to think a parent thinks they OWN their children is beyond my comprehension. I personally believe that our world is in desperate need of people, particularly land-use consultants who embody co-existence, co-flourishing in their business and family models. As mentioned in an earlier post, all living things are intricately connected, in my opinion the health and welfare of one is vital to the health and welfare of the whole. The following is a link for your consideration WOW.

  16. Nobody owns their children. They may have given birth to them and nurtured them but they are not a parcel of land or a shirt or something. They are people and owning people is long gone in the civilized world.

  17. If I don’t own my children, who does? The government doesn’t own my children. That David Oldham dude doesn’t own my children for sure. That guy can’t spell. Society doesn’t own my children. My parents and in-laws may have right of first refusal on my children if I die. Jules is bent out of her dear head and she doesn’t own my children. Do you Jacqueline Milner own my children? Do you see dancing pink deer and talking chipmunks in your sleep? I do.

  18. @WOW Just for clarity sake no one OWNS their children. I wouldn’t argue against you simply having used the expression of ownership to reinforce or dramatize your statements. Sarcasm seems to be your method of delivering a message as indicated in your May 30, 2013 at 7:52 pm drivel.

    Oh and just for your edification following the blind is not necessarily a great idea (JIMMY OLSEN May 29, 2013 at 7:22 am). Dribble is a synonym of the word drivel and in the context of my intended meaning was correctly used.

    I was not attacking anything you had stated in my May 28, 2013 at 7:02 pm statements. Your verbage was totally unfounded and served only to highlight your critical thinking capabilities.

    Why not simply agree to keep remarks on topic and not make unnecessary and unwarranted personal comments? Truce?

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