3 Sudden Deaths in Cornwall Ontario in the Last 24 Hours May 28, 2013

Cornwall City skylineCFN– Three Sudden Deaths have been recorded by Cornwall Police in the last 24 hours here in the River City.  None are being investigated in relation to any crime according to the Cornwall Police Desk Sgt.

I asked if this was unusual and the sgt stated that it’s not uncommon to have people with health issues suddenly pass away in their homes.

We also have an older population here in Cornwall Ontario.


Suicide rates are also up; but the Eastern Ontario Health Unit and other agencies are not cooperating with CFN’s investigation or furnish some hard numbers.

Keep breathing!  Cornwall needs all the people we can get!

Milena Cardinal


  1. could you call the health minister’s office, and when the person there tells you to call public health, you could report that the EOHU won’t talk to you

    what about the coroners office?

    what about stats can? http://www.statcan.gc.ca/tables-tableaux/sum-som/l01/cst01/hlth66a-eng.htm

    why are these agencies not cooperating with media?

    are you trying to find out if cornwall has higher than average rates for ontario? cornwall has higher than average rates for most illnesses because of poverty, obesity, alcohol and smoking

  2. For decades one of the most popular radio programs was “In Memorium” on CJSS. Basically it was people just listening to see if they could hear their own name or they didn’t want to miss a party.

  3. Hmmmm… maybe not the most tasteful graphic.

  4. @JIMMY

    You cite poverty, obesity, alcohol and smoking to name a few of the specific reasons for higher than average rates for illnesses in Cornwall. Would you agree that all could be simply stated as a general lack of education amongst our population. In an environment lacking a demand for individuals with a higher level of education ( distribution centers, call centers, etc.) there is no small wonder that the stagnant population is rife with individuals who possess only basic skills. Unfortunately, Jimmy, little will change until people with vision and true commitment to this community tackle the roles of leadership and put an end to the era of mediocrity. Just my opinion.

  5. Author

    David if those people you talk about are attacked and victimized by a culture of ignorance and bullying why wouldn’t they just give up?

  6. @ ADMIN

    People that lack the necessary tools are more likely to be victimized. A simple fact of life. Cornwall has been a model of how a relatively small population lacking in any real percentage of individuals possessing higher levels of education can be easily manipulated.
    My direct knowledge of Cornwall starts in the 70’s. The population/economic growth predicted in the cities long range forecast of the time ( early 70’s ) depicted a thriving city with a population approaching 100 thousand people. This documentation is available at the public library. I reviewed the information in 1986 when I moved to Cornwall from Ottawa.
    The reasonable question arising from this massive contradiction in realities would be, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?
    People gave up ADMIN! They calmly accepted that the leadership of the day supplied no viable plan to achieve their opinion of Cornwall’s future. They gave up and accepted the general lack of vision that I have suggested in this forum on previous occasions. The community failed to hold the leadership accountable, they accepted mediocrity and generally lacked the tools (education) to do otherwise. A long unbroken chain of complacency that perpetuates stagnation, history supports our collective dilemma.
    The great news ADMIN is that Cornwall can escape its past. People can become better informed. People can become inspired and proud again of the community in which they live and raise families.
    Courage will be required, as will patience and perseverance, but it will happen and I for one will be proud to be part of it. The next election needs a overwhelming turnout, everybody counts and everybody matters.
    Vision and an achievable plan coupled with a council and mayor that work with the community not above and separate from the general population would provide in my opinion the basis of success for our collective future.

  7. Author

    David I want to truly believe what you’re saying, but whe you watch how the community is doing near nothing about scandal after scandal connected to our mayor and the abuse of CFN as well it’s almost enough to give the most optimistic person pause for consideration. When people are afraid to be interviewed by us for fear of repercussion many ask what will it take to change things in the people of this city?

  8. @ADMIN

    Patience and perseverance are just two of the qualities that set optimistic people and people who achieve success apart from others who fail or those that are negative in their approach or outlook.
    Attitude is possibly the greatest roadblock to succeeding in any endeavor. If the mind set is that you will lose or be unsuccessful then the outcome has already been jeopardized.
    To answer your question ADMIN as to what will it take to change things in the people of this city I would answer that it will take an individual(s) that can inspire them to believe in themselves and the difference that they can make and the rewards of having done so.
    Keep the faith!

  9. A grand sociological study Jamie of why Cornwallites do or don’t do what’s necessary for change. Some people just need to be told what to do; how to do it and why they need to do it. One of the most liberating things one can do in life is to develop an increasing amount of independence from others where one doesn’t need to rely on others so much for the necessities of life. One of these issues is the decision making process. You would be surprised how many times I used to hear couples debating about what to have for supper.

    In Cornwall, this independence mentality is lacking, Jamie. Cornwallites for the most part need someone to tell them what to do and how to do it. The big hand of government is needed where independent thought is lacking in a populace. Cornwallites and many Canadians have trouble thinking for themselves because for decades now we’ve had leaders doing it for us.

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