Do you have old appliances, metal fixtures or electronics you want to dispose of?

CFN – Are you wondering what to do with your old appliances or electronics? This is the time of year to shed some clutter and things that are no longer working. I had a dehumidifier which I purchased used some years ago which obviously wasn’t doing the job for which it was intended. It was time to relegate this item to the curb. So I made a few inquiries about how I could dispose/recycle this item.

My first telephone call led me to a recycler who didn’t deal with products with refrigerants such as Freon and mentioned only licensed handlers could dispose of an item which incorporated chlorofluorocarbons. (Also known as Freon) I then contacted a local Environmental Waste representative who put me in touch with Mr. Luc Seguin. Luc’s business is removing, recycling, and looking after the disposal of your used or broken appliances, electronics, small appliances, plumbing fixtures and automotive parts.
Seguin has the contacts and knowledge to insure what most people consider garbage is actually reused or recycled in some fashion. Why use these services? In many cases the removal service is absolutely no charge to the home or business owner. You can feel good knowing that the parts of your discarded item that can be reused in some manner will be. This keeps a lot of unnecessary items out of our landfills. Furthermore, Seguin is licensed to safely remove refrigerants (Freon) from your freezer, fridge and dehumidifier appliances, giving one peace of mind that these chemicals are being handled in an environmentally respectful manner.
The Scrap Metal Guys, Mr. Sequin’s company, services the City of Cornwall and surrounding Counties. They offer FREE pick-up and FREE removal of your metal and electronic items. As they are located in the City of Cornwall it is easier to arrange a pick-up with them in the City. They offer service in the outlying areas also, they do ask interested parties who wish to use their service further afield to gather a truck load of disposables with neighbours to make up for the additional time and travel expense to the company. In other words they are prepared to travel to the outlying locations of the city for a truck full of items.
Living in an outlying area and wanting to recycle my dehumidifier if possible, I made the decision to deliver my item on one of my trips which incorporated other errands. This was a win, win, and win for me. I got rid of something that is no longer useful to me, did so in a manner that eliminates material from a landfill that can be reused, and finally I am able to help a local business. How great is that? Next time you have some electronics or appliances that have outlived their usefulness at home, consider calling your local Scrap Metal business. Luc Seguin or his assistant Ginny service the City of Cornwall area and can be reached at 613-938-3225. If you live in another area we strongly suggest contacting your local Scrap Metal business for assistance.
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  1. Thank you. I’ve been wondering what to do with an old air conditioner.

  2. Big Brother & Big Sister accept electronic devices TV,s Computer old monitors etc They make money on them

  3. Great advice Stan if the appliance is working.
    Mariah, thanks for the heads up.

  4. Have been using Mr. Seguins services for some time . Great customer service, great business.

  5. Thanks a bunch for sharing your story, I have an old freezer I need to get rid of and didn’t know who to call…..
    Maybe this can be a segment of your news…..inviting people to share their situation asking who to call

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