Earth Friendly solutions for packing lunches and scrubbing the throne by Jacqueline Milner.


EarthMatters_08_24_13__LPM1208CFN – I just love coming across items that help me accomplish my daily needs and are additionally  “earth friendly”.  These are two items that caught my eye and prompted me to open my wallet to purchase in the last week.

The first item is the ECO Lunchbox.  The item came with minimal packaging and touted the tag line “healthy for people and the planet”.  What I like about this particular product is that it eliminates the use of plastic wrap or plastic bags for one’s lunch.



This item is made of food safe stainless steel, no plastic bits whatsoever.  The average child’s lunch which often contains a sandwich and two sides can easily be accommodated in this lunch box, no additional one-time use wrapping required.  This compact solution for lunches will not retain stains or odours.  The food kit does not contain plastic or synthetic gaskets and the lids are not 100% lead proof.  Liquid could still be packed in the kit however care would have to be taken to insure the kit is kept in an upright position until the contents were eaten or liquids from a fruit salad for example could potentially leak if not stored upright.  The kit was about $25.00 so this is an item one doesn’t want to forget to pack up before leaving your favourite lunch area.  Although I rarely pack a lunch for the day I will be delighted to make use of this kit when I do, and in the meantime can make use of the kit for packing leftovers into the fridge.  For more information about the Eco Lunchbox visit


The second earth friendly item that I happened upon and purchased was a Safix Scrub pad.  This item, as the name describes is a biodegradable, compostable scrub pad made of coconut fiber.  I was in the market for a new scrub pad and this item, packed in paper packaging (no plastic, Styrofoam or excessive packaging paired with these two items) certainly caught my eye.  The pad is made with natural fibres and is bound together by non-toxic adhesive.  I have used this scrub pad and I am very pleased with the results so far.  The packaging touts the products ability to use less cleaning product saying the pad is “exceptionally hygienic and stays fresh and effective for

EarthMatters_07_24_13_LPM1207months”.  The instructions do caution the user to “rinse and keep dry after use”.   I was pleased with results when using this pad.  Time will tell how much time I can get out of my $2.50 purchase.  For more information about this product, kindly contact Inovex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd.   They are the Canadian Distributor of this earth friendly product.

If you have an earth friendly product that you have been using and are happy with, please do share your story with us.  Your sharing can help many get their day to day chores done with products that are kind to our living planet.

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  1. That is good news. My daughter was using those plastic containers that you see in supermarkets and dollar stores and hates them and now I came across this. She always packs a lunch for work and this is great. She was throwing those plastic containers in the recycling since they would get dingy and smelly. My daughter is an adult and wonder how this would work out for her.

  2. Nice thing about this lunch kit Jules is that it will not retain colour or odour from the foods one packs in the kit.

  3. FYI…. our consumption and use of plastic is having detrimental effects around the world… even in areas uninhabited by man. View the following please.
    Plastic consumption kills hundreds of thousands of animals annually. We can be part of the solution by “refusing to use”.

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