Annual Mayor’s Blood Donor Clinic in Cornwall Ontario – September 3 – Cornwall Civic Complex

Kilger aug 2013

The Annual Mayor-Media Blood Donor Clinic will take place on Tuesday, September Tuesday, September Tuesday, September 3, 201 , , 2013 at the
CORNWALL CIVIC COMPLEX, Salons A, B & C from 12:00 CORNWALL CIVIC COMPLEX noon to 3:30 p.m., and from 5:00 p.m. to 7:30
p.m. Canadian Blood Services is hoping for over 300 donors that day to roll up their sleeves and give
“During the summer months, we all change our routines and take vacations, so donating blood isn’t always
top of mind. Meanwhile, daily in our region, there are hospital patients who can’t take vacations requiring
blood transfusions for surgeries, cancer treatments and other procedures,” notes Mayor Bob Kilger.
“Each year, the Mayor-Media Blood Donor Clinic attracts a large turnout and helps meet hospital requirements
for blood. I am hoping this year will be the same. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of
the media for their continuing support in sponsoring the clinic, which is a summer tradition in Cornwall.”
To book an appointment, please call To book an appointment, please call 1—-888 2 DONATE ( 888 2 DONATE ( 888 2 DONATE (1—-888—-236—-6283) for service in English or ) for service in English or
1—-866—-JE DONNE (1 JE DONNE (1 JE DONNE (1—-866—-533—-6663) for service in French 6663) for service in French 6663) for service in French….
Fast facts about blood donation in Cornwall onation in Cornwall onation in Cornwall:
• The City of Cornwall has been part of Canadian Blood Services’ Partners for Life program since
2007. This year, they pledged to donate 375 units as part of this special relationship. They have
already collected a whopping 241—an amazing achievement.
• Over the summer months, more local organizations have joined the Partners for Life program,
Cornwall Community Police, pledging 15 units
Farley Windows, pledging 30 units
• More information on the Partners for Life program is available at
• With the exception of Brockville and Orleans, Cornwall is the only city in the North/Eastern
Ontario Region with a donor base strong enough to sustain a monthly clinic, rather than the
usual 56 day rotation run by Canadian Blood Services.

PS!  This story would have been properly formatted sadly except that Mr. Kevin Lajoie sent it out in a format that we here at CFN have repeatedly stated we cannot use.     We think that the issue of blood was important enough that instead of not running the release that we’d still run it in the form that Mr. Lajoie feels is acceptable.

Even though Mr. Lajoie has been sending out releases in the body of emails or in Word he chose to send out today’s release in the form we have told him we could not publish properly thus disrespecting the viewers of CFN and possibly hurting the results for the blood donor clinic.

Your tax dollars at work!

Please give blood.  It saves lives.





  1. Mr. Lajoie you are the Public Information Coordinator. Sending out a release of the information in a Word Doc or as in-line text is pretty standard and easily done. I urge you to please send out the information to Mr. Gilicig in a manner that makes it easier for all of us to read when published. Thank you.

  2. You made the mailing list, that’s got to count for something? lol

  3. Author

    Geez Bella as the most read media in Cornwall it’d be kind of retarded for any org not to send us releases 🙂

  4. No I didn’t mean it like that. It had to do with the mayor, what are the odds he’d send you anything with a positive note? LOL

  5. Author

    Bella I give the city credit for sending us press releases. It is their duty; but to play games like they do occasionally is so….amateur…

  6. Your right, the city should write, edit and format your articles for you.

  7. Elwood, it’s not an article. It is a public service announcement. If the city was paying to have it published then they could expect CFN to edit it to a more acceptable format.

  8. I see Bob Peters has a puppet in Kevin Lajoie. Mr. Lajoie, do yourself a favor and if your name means anything to you, stay clear of the politics and in what this guy tells you Sir, or you will regret it down the road. You do not want to follow in Bob Peters legacy, not in this town you don’t.

  9. To all of those who donate Blood A BIG THANK YOU

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