Justin Trudeau Wins Liberal Leadership. 375 Ballots out of 104552 Came from SD&SG – Can Grits Win in Eastern Ontario?

Bernie Boo BooCFN – Justin Trudeau surprise, surprise, won the Liberal leadership race today.   SD&SG riding supplied only 375 ballots out of over 100,000 that participated in Canada.   Surely not an endorsement for the Liberal brand in Cornwall and the counties.

Ms Clement, currently snared in the net of scandal surrounding former CAO Paul Fitzpatrick and former MP and Whip Mayor Bob Kilger has been running a very high Grit profile.

She ran in the last Federal election sinking the Liberals a tad lower than their last attempt under Denis Sabourin.   She’s also been buzzing around new Premier of Ontario Kathleen Wynne.

The question is whether Mr. Trudeau can penetrate the stranglehold on Canadian politics currently held by the Stephen Harper Conservatives or even the Thomas Mulcair led NDP.

The NDP showed in the last election that you don’t necessarily need a machine or good candidate in a riding to win.

The question is how will SD&SG react over the next few months and who will be the candidates for any of the major three parties as MP Guy Lauzon is expected to slither away to retirement.

Bernie Boo Boo in Action during Federal Election

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  1. Great story, I for one will not be voting Liberal,especially when I see that in Cornwall all the names that I hear that are literally destroying Cornwall & its reputation…..are all frigging liberals,enough is enough with their B S

  2. I really cannot perceive that the federal liberal party will be a threat in the next election other than to another left leaning party. The interchange of votes will simply hamper any attempt by the left to return to power. Minority or majority for the conservatives is the more likely outcome in the current economic climate which is likely to continue for some time given the scope of the causes.

    No real news or changes likely unless a merger of the remaining liberals and never a bride (federally) NDP occurs just as the liberals and socialist parties in Britain did to form the Labour Party years ago. This I think would represent progress in our Canadian political system. Just an idea.

  3. @ Mariah

    I think you are confusing Bob Kilger with the Liberal Party. Bob Kilger belongs to the same party as Stephen Harper, (although not necessarily Conservative). Let me clarify.

    Bob Kilger and Stephen Harper have one thing in common, a desire for power.

    When Stephen Harper was young, he lived with his family in Ontario, and Harper was a member of… the Liberal Party. No surprise. This was during the Trudeau era, and the path to potential personal power was through the Liberals. After all, no other party stood a chance.

    But then, Harper and his family moved to Alberta, where Trudeau and the Liberal Party were intensely unpopular. As a Liberal, Harper was smart enough to know he wouldn’t stand a chance of power and advancement, so, after much soul-searching, and with Trudeau’s National Energy Policy as an excuse, he jumped off the sinking Liberal ship and joined the Tories.

    When Kilger went in for politics, it wasn’t because he was a good liberal and wanted to improve the fortunes of his constituents and Canadians in general, it was because he wanted to improve the fortunes of Bob Kilger, and in Ontario the Liberal Party was the best vehicle to achieve this. If he would have waited a little longer so that he could have seen the current trend, Guy Lauzon would still be a retired federal public servant and union activist, and it would be Kilger rather than Lauzon licking Harper’s boots.

  4. I voted for Justin Trudeau, so i’m one of those votes which were caste here in SD@G.
    However given what has been happening at city hall etc.. I cannot nor will not support Bernadette if she was to win the nomination as a federal candidate. There are many good law abiding liberals in this riding, which is much larger than just Cornwall. Not withstanding the fact , there is almost 30 months until the next election (federal) i’m sure there will be an excellent candidate appear on our scene.
    As far as it goes.. look at the attack ads put out by the Tories today… disgracful to say the least, but am sur our own MP was as usual sitting there clapping his hands in glee, as he normally does.. i refer to Mr Lauzon as the “clapper”. sits in his seat during question period and jumps up and down clapping.
    What has he done for Cornwall???… the border looks like something out of Afagnistan… Bridge.. that was during Kilgers reign…mass mailing of garbage.. yep… thats super Guy!!… ohh yeah..did super Guy not want us to be the city that had the most Canadian flags flying… darn, that sure brought alot of “good” paying jobs.How about the NDP….?? Hi i’m Elaine and i’ll run for anything i can get elected too?? shoot do we still have dog catchers here?? Its time folks for people to wake up in this riding and make serious changes!
    Go Justin Go!!

  5. I will never vote for a lesbian muppet.

  6. Wow Indeed! Your comment about “a lesbian muppet” is quite the statement and it illustrates your small mind and mean way of thinking. Besides being highly inappropriate and insulting, it shows your lack of tollerance. Judge Ontario’s new Premiere on her track record (good or bad), not on her sexual orientation. CFN, how could you let a slurr like that get posted? Are you not the voice of reason and do you not have the responsability to filter such garbage? This is not the first time I’ve read comments that should be edited before posting them. Come on! Free speech or not, this is out of line! If your goal is to be the number one news source in our area then CFN better pay closer attention.

  7. Author

    Newsworthy I could be totally wrong, but I don’t believe Wow! was talking about our Premier.

  8. Really?! Then the comment Wow left has perhaps opened another can of worms. Regardless, who ever the woman is, please be more politically correct, offending your readers is not the way to go.

  9. @ mariah

    With Justin Trudeau, it’s out with the old, in with the new. That’s out with old-style politics, in with new, positive, innovative politics. First sign of his impact, the latest Conservative attack ads rising in desperation to a new level of childishness..

    With Justin Trudeau, for anyone who’s paying attention, it’s Spring again in Canada.

    So, yes, Jamie, a fair chance that the JT Grits can win in Eastern Ontario.

  10. Author

    Newsworthy not sure if you’ve noticed or not, but CFN has never been about being politically correct. 🙂

  11. PJ Robertson
    April 16, 2013 at 11:45 am

    “With Justin Trudeau, it’s out with the old, in with the new. That’s out with old-style politics, in with new, positive, innovative politics.”

    PJ the leader does not set policy but remains a figure head and what lovely head of hair but not much inside.

    The old guard remains and it is they that truly run the show.

    The only leadership qualities that he has is as a Camp Councilor.But knowing the desperation of the liberals to get from a barely registered party I guess his locks are superior to the others Qualifications.

    He was preordained and CROWNED leader with only KNOWN qualifications of his last name ,otherwise he would be a nobody like you or I .

    Does this not reek of being superficial ,most would agree.

  12. Not sure if Justin is out with the old and in with the new, time will tell. Currently his responses are very political and I was disappointed to see both his first questions during question period were in French. Yes he is an MP from a Quebec riding, but he is now the party leader for all of Canada.

  13. Very surprised that you would censor my valid criticism of Tom Newton interpretation of the Old Testament and off topic remarks, yet allow user Wow!’s name calling to grace your fine website…

    I attacked the ideas of another person, while Wow! has attacked someones person. Truly shameful CFN…

  14. Author

    Maybe Furtz/Smith your comment was attacking a poster while Wow!s was aimed at a public person.

  15. @ Highlander

    What reeks of being superficial to me is most of the comments I have seen about Justin Trudeau. Knee-jerk or superficial, or both.
    You don’t get elected twice as MP for Papineau by being a nonentity. Nor do you enter the ring with bully-boy Patrick Brazeau and win by being just a pretty boy.

    As to JT’s hair, natural, healthy and alive, wouldn’t you say? Unlike the helmet of steel wool on Politburo Man’s head, which looks as if it was never given a chance to live.

  16. @Admin
    You are correct, I would never say anything about a lesbian premier bent on destroying our agricultural base with taxes on things as necessary as replacement tractor tires. The lefties hate farmers cause they don’t know any. Can you imagine wonky Elaine Kennedy shovelling manure or birthing a calf? Yet these labour supporters promote local and organic and all that urban-centric bullshit whiuke they belittle the most important workforce in Ontario.

  17. Author

    Wow! Have you mixed up Elaine’s because I can think of Ms Kennedy doing farm stuff.

  18. Admin, are you seriously justifying sexual bullying and derogatory reference to public figures?
    Surely their ideas alone are enough to criticize?

    Wow! Yes the first social-democratic government in North America emerged from super urban-centric Sasketchewan in 1944, well done!

  19. Author

    Smith I did not criticize or address said party. A comment simply went through. Please skip the spin cycle and go straight to the rinse…you’ll feel fresher.

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