Tim Hudak to put a Non Confidence Motion against Kathleen Wynne Liberal Government? Will Andrea Horwath Pull down the Government? April 29, 2013

hudakACFN –  Ontario Conservative leader Tim Hudak and his Conservative caucus are running up a Non-Confidence motion against the Kathleen Wynne led Liberal government.

It should be interesting to find out if NDP leader Andrea Horwath is ready to rumble or not?


  1. It is time to drive a message to our elected politicians. We are frustrated and angry at the deceit and big government interference in our lives and enterprises. It’s time for us people who are fed up and don’t vote anymore to exercise our Freedom of Expression. We need to vote for a completely different government system. We need to return a time when our freedoms, our responsibilities and our enterprises were ours to govern as free people. We tried the Liberals. We tried the Harris Conservatives and we tried the Bob Ray NDP. All three have imposed more regulations and more taxes and have indebted our children. It’s time for a serious Change. Look at your political options and vote your choice at our next election.

  2. Governments do both bad and good things. I think the present Ontario government has done more bad, and should be replaced. Many Canadians have reach tax saturation and we hear Wynne wanting road tolls and more tax! If Ontario were a hockey team, the coach would have been replace by now.Besides, only liberals have voted for the Premier, we need to hear from Ontario residents.

  3. Author

    It’s frustrating. While this government may not be doing a great job the alternatives I find similar yet different; IE no improvement. What does that say about Ontario when all three parties are simply different flavors of Vanilla?

    Bottom line is we keep paying the freight for decisions that most of the public would not support.

  4. I guess you have to consider what the options are, a rabid chipmunk conservative, the same old same old liberals, the NDP union label? If you remember Ray Days from the NDP reign in Ontario, you might not be thinking union rules. If you remember the reign of terror from the Mike Harris era you would definitely be feeling blue, not thinking blue. Can we really afford another free spending Liberal government?

    If you only consider the local candidates qualifications and history, who would you vote for. Personally the NDP are not in the running unless they change candidates. The current MPP is conservative and relatively benign to the point of being invisible.
    We don’t know yet who the Liberal candidate will be but it will take a superman/woman to overcome the backlash from the current government’s boondoggles. The Green Party doesn’t even have a riding association in SD&G.

    Where are the Great Rhinoceroses when you need them?

  5. Devils Advocate – If politician X came out and said, we need to and will reduce government service & benefit costs by 5%, reduce the number of people receiving social assistance by 7% and reduce funding to most of the 560 agencies, boards, commissions, councils, authorities and foundations by 5%, hundreds of thousands would yell all the way to the polling station.

    Politician Y basically says we are living in utopia and will raise tax revenue from the rich and give to the poor, and the “takers” rejoice and the “makers” keep on paying.

    Their are less rich, but why should they give more money when they stayed in school, worked at getting a good job and put in the hours while government misuses our money.

  6. Eric you deserve a big hug!

    Does anyone actually believe any of the party leaders are there by choice, do you actually believe your voice will be heard?

    Not a chance, industry, business and corporations are what run both the provnce and the country.

    Industry is no more, look in your home is there anything that you really need that you do not have already? Need not want. So why manufacture in a country already rich with the necessities.

    Business, we never really had business in this country it was a more you scrathc my back and I’ll scratch yours situation. That is part of why it is all falling apart now and especially in Ontario…we have no undustry to support business…

    Corporation is what runs the province, governments be it municipal on up taking taxes for infrastructure projects ,,,its merely peter paying paul to pay peter, now in hamilton we have another union strike with steel workers..unions another past time corporation. They better soon realize nobody needs new steel…..

    LCBO, CBC, Health Care, all of these fall under corporations. Odd though especially with any of these entities that serve the public. If you speak with revenue Canada service industry corporations are the highest taxed services….

  7. Hudak will do no better than the status quo. Better stick with the devil you know then put that guy in..

  8. Wow , what an upbeat group. No wonder why no one votes anymore . The only sure thing here, is that voting liberal will ensure more waste and spending we cannot afford.

    You know, I never thought in a million years I would say this, but based on the comments I have read here, Mike Harris seems to be the best of the bunch, if he were ever to run again, or someone of similar ilk.

    Other wise its “Whose on first’ ?

  9. At lease Mike Harris delivered on what he promised! None of the other parties have done so. I think it’s time for Tim Hudak to take over and to steer this ship named Ontario properly!

  10. Beware of the Mutant Rabid Chipmunk. He will steal your peanuts and then tell you that you didn’t grow enough.

  11. Lets get our heads out of the sand and wake up to the fact that were in deep trouble here in Ontario . In fact I’am told that Ont’s
    debt is far worse than the debt the state of California is in . When
    an election comes about our parties make promises they really shouldn’t be making just to get elected and if they succeed in getting elected and attempt to honor those promises made it only
    drives the Country deeper into debt ( Great System ) . It seems to
    me that Tim Hudak is our only chance of ever coming out of the
    mess were in here in ONT.

  12. The conservatives in ontario need another front man, this man doesn’t know his ass from his elbow. To dismiss a good budget even before having seen it is not only stupid but good for liberals.

  13. Richard tremblay, I think the point is one more budget by these liberals is 3 too many. How about instead of “good for liberals” we have something good for the residents of Ontario for a change!
    I also think Ontario needs to vote for a Premier before wholesale changes start or continue.

  14. Author

    I think we need an election where the winner is spoiled ballots. We need less partisanship and we need to clearly show politicians that the same old same old isn’t working.

    There isn’t one leader right now in this province I’d endorse nor one party. Votes need to be earned.

  15. Jamie / Spoiled ballots in an election is the worst idea going and proves nothing whatsoever as I see it . It is a persons obligation
    to Vote and those people who might follow your suggestion and
    cast a spoiled ballot are likely the same people who will after it’s
    over bitch and complain .

  16. Author

    William sometimes you need to make a point. Right now not one of the 3 Ontario Provincial parties are offering any real solutions.

  17. Today it costs the Ontario taxpayer 10.1 billion to service our debt. This is just is just the interest, folks.

    This is 3.1 billion MORE than it costs us in post secondary educational costs.

    In other words, it costs us in interest alone 3.1 billion MORE than it costs to educate our post secondary students in universities, colleges and training programs COMBINED

    Can anyone anywhere, still vote for these liberals after seeing these numbers. They should be turfed out of office ASAP

    This number is criminal. No one, anywhere can justify these numbers, and Ontario has NEVER faced anything like this is their
    history. We will be bankrupt within 2 years, if something is not done very, very soon

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