BREAKING – Cornwall General Hospital 2nd Street Location SOLD – June 6, 2013

2nd HospitalCFN – It looks like it’s official and that the former Cornwall General Hospital has been sold to a group of eight doctors and Dr. Dany Tombler.

We are awaiting word from Health Minister Deb Matthews office, but they have not responded as of press time nor to our inquiries on June 2nd.

The Concerned Citizens Coalition will have failed in its bid to purchase the hospital to use as a non-profit community facility.

Mark A MacDonald had no comment as of press time.   Mr. MacDonald had been frustrated by the seeming sabotage of the attempt to save the hospital for the community by his group.

We will be updating this story as more info becomes available.

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  1. Everything The hospital does is so secretive & kept hush hush

  2. A local Doctor told me that the money man in this deal was not from here he did make mention that local Doctors were involved but only as a front . Welcome to Cornwall .

  3. why cant they keep the general hospital open an use it for another emerge to help the people faster to see the doctors,so it does not take hours before you get in to see someone,just saying,we need this hospital

  4. This town is going nowhere fast! Everything is always hush hush and the citizens are the last to know and are never given any input. That is why people don’t move here and the ones that are here are so apathetic to even try to make change happen for the good. It is like batting your head against a brick wall over and over.

  5. Very disappointing! After all the hard work that Mark MacDonald and concerned citizens did to try and make the best for Cornwall. The doctors break off on their own and get out of town money, Kilger and his corrupt clan don’t help and the hospital keeps HUSH HUSH. Yes, this town sucks and is run by a self absorbed bunch of…….

  6. I truly like Dr Tombler I cannot see him doing anything that would not benefit the people of Cornwall… Why don’t we wait and see??? Dr Tombler is one of the most respected Doctors (Surgeons) in Cornwall…

    Why do you believe this has anything to do with Kilger.. enlighten me please …..

  7. Nothing like the insider(s) getting the inside track and robbing Cornwall of a facility that the people of this city founded, built, expanded, kept up, and paid for many times.

    For F’s sake, how long do we take this crookery from petty thieves and incompetent bureaucrats.

  8. One doctor can afford it himself. Have none of you seen Tombler’s car collection? I blame the city for not getting involved but a good group of doctors can make some money and maybe expand services with their wealth and knowledge. Maybe it will rival the hospital and it’s francophile minions. Maybe these guys are sick of being at the hospital and will hire english. Nobody knows.

    Good job Mark. Run for mayor again and be ruthless.

  9. Simon, we simply do not know that we’ve been robbed.

    Yes, because Mark and his thoughtful open and honest attempt to come to a reasoned, appropriate venue for the CGH based on how/what he and those in support saw it was circumvented and perhaps even secretly used and mocked by the CCH Board and management as well as the city Mayor and council.

    There shit does stink after all. Now that that is off my chest, we, none of us at this point in time have no choice but to wait even more to see what the score is.

    Curiosity beguiles us. Ambiguity awaits us. Truth eventually will set us free.

    Some say outside money is involved. Heard at one point a offer from France was in the works. Rumor or true?

    Who knows, even the LHIN and the Health Unit in town and the Health Ministry were all involved in a collusion knowing full well Marks good intentions were swinging in the wind.

    Time now is on their side.

  10. I can’t believe that a group of doctors looking to further their careers and grow their businesses wouldn’t have a great plan designed for mutual benefit (them and us). The verdict of how all of this will play out and ultimately assist our community is not in yet. I personally would have preferred a facility comparable to the one in Barrie Ontario but we need to move on and remain positive.

  11. i think they need to stop dog {MODERATED} and keep it open we need the hospital open will help alot of people

  12. Congratulation to DR Tombler and the other doctors .

    they will make something that all citizens can use.

  13. Homo sum, nihil humani a me alienum esse puto.
    Cuiusvis hominis est errare, nullius nisi insipientis in errore perseverare.
    Qui vult decipi, decipiatur

    Benefaciat vobis Deus Cornwall

    “I am a human being; I consider nothing that is human alien to me.
    Any man can make a mistake; only a fool keeps making the same one.
    If a man wants to be deceived, then let him be deceived

    God bless you Cornwall

  14. To “Is This True” – Are you seriously griping about outside money being invested in your city? With comments like I see on here sometimes, it’s a wonder anyone would invest, lest they get tarred and feathered for trying to spend their money here.

  15. Who knows what Dr. Tombler and others are going to do with the former CCH but I have a gut feeling that they are either going to turn it into a facility for the elderly (maybe private – who knows) and maybe clinics. When things are hidden from the public then you know that something is very wrong indeed. Anything that is hidden is wrong and something very fishy. Get rid of Kilger, Fitzy and all the clique – send them all packing and on the rails to nowhere.

  16. Mark’s plan was doomed from the get-go. He knew that. Time to cry fowl, protest and play the victim. Glad this potential money pit is no longer ours to worry about. There’s no question there is a need for long-term care and senior housing, but at what cost? Certainly not the $0 Mr. MacDonald promised us. 2 million seems pretty fair for what it really is. What will the costs be to update the facility? If there are structural, asbestos or mold problems, how much will this cost to remediate? Let someone else go broke getting it up to par.
    Admin, are you suggesting it is worth 60 million because it insured for that much? That’s ridiculous and misleading to your readers. That figure would lend itself more to the cost of a rebuild. It’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. By the sounds of it, the city probably did ok. Multiple offers usually keep the price up. Time for the CCC to let go of this building and work on a new facility idea. Something that will pay for itself, because we can’t afford to pay more taxes.

  17. Guy from Glengarry, you just don’t get it, The money would have flowed through the coalition as well, perhaps with the same investors. The difference, is a non profit facility would be affordable for all the citizens of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry. Keeping the facility non-profit, would mean the average citizen would be able to afford residency in their golden years. Please remember, this is a Liberal government and a liberal Mayor of Cornwall that has crapped on the people of Cornwall,

  18. Author

    GAB how much do you think it’d cost to build this facility? I can assure you far more than $2M

  19. On with the show but this isn’t itttttttt!

  20. I want to know why did it take so long to get a group together to try and stop the sale. The hospital talked about selling back when they started talking about merging both buildings

  21. @admin…of course the cost would be far more than 2 million. Again, this doesn’t mean the place is worth more than that. Lets not forget that they’re buying an old building with untold risk. What are you suggesting it is worth? I’m sure the proper appraisals were done. This wasn’t just a number picked out of a hat.

  22. Author

    GAB we’ll never know as there was little transparency in this process. Many feel this was a backdoor deal with the support if not direction of the Mayor. It will be interesting to see who exactly are the eight doctors and who financed this deal.

  23. I think that the next agenda item for the Hospital Board and senior management at CCH is after their work is completed at the McConnell site, will be to grab as much money as they can and run off to retire sipping pina coladas on a Caribbean beach fully knowing that they left Cornwall screwing all the people leaving us with private health care, nothing for our seniors and a new building which will probably fall down in the next ten years. Congrats Cornwall for screwing up again and supporting the clique.

  24. Author

    Actually I think staff refer to that section of the Hospital as the Prada lounge 😉

  25. Currently Dr Tombler holds his follow up clinic in this hospital.. It needs lots of work.. air conditioning is nil… it is very old needs lots of work… the rooms where the clinic is are small.. Doctor Tombler does not work with the best of stuff but he is the best orthopedic surgeon Cornwall has.. They almost lost him because he was not getting enough hours to do surgery…so I count my blessings if he is and supposedly is involved with this purchase..

    Patience people.. I do not care how many antique cars he has.. it is his passion… He has well earned his money..and has the best bed side manor of any Surgeon I have every met..
    I had broken my ankle and said I would never go to Cornwall Hospital and i knew kids would give be a ribbing cause no ambulance was going to take me to Ottawa.. so I got lucky and had Dr Tombler and he got me great care at home..

  26. Have any of you ever stopped to think of the costs of keeping the second street hospital open. The amount of repairs that need to be done would far out reach the pocket books of the city. Why can’t everyone just be happy for someone whom has taken on this opportunity to make this building into something. Stop your complaining and be happy for once in your life.

  27. Author

    Susan I have a hunch that the group that purchased the hospital have looked at costs. When we need a second hospital that will cost over $100M to build from scratch I hope you have deep pockets….

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