Opening Day for Long Sault Farmer’s Market, 07 June 2013 by Reg Coffey


It was a dark and dreary day at the market yesterday but the shoppers still came out to buy local produce and products. People parked in the parking lot and dashed around the market buying what they needed. However, there still was a lineup at Toi’s Thai To Go booth waiting for those fresh hot spring and shrimp rolls and I did have a few hardy souls huddled in my booth savouring a hot cup of coffee.

Opening Day 2013

Long Sault Farmers’ market continues to grow this year adding new vendors, some from the now defunct downtown market in Cornwall, and some who just heard about how much fun we have. On this day we had the usual suspects:

  • Thai To Go
  • Coffey’s Coffee
  • Avonmore Berry Farm
  • Ingleside Tomatoes
  • Swiss Farm Bakery
  • Nutcrackers Cheese Cakes
  • Clarkburn Farms

Two new vendors that set up booths on this wet market day are:

  • Islandview Buffalo Farms
  • Daisy Street Cakes

There are more vendors to come. We should have 13 to 15 vendors this year once they are all on board.

The fresh produce available was tomatoes, asparagus, onions and, believe it or not, early strawberries from Avonmore Berry Farm. The usual delicious bakery products from Swiss Farm Bakery were present and then there were special bakery treats from Daisy Street Cakes and Nutcrackers`s Cheese Cakes. You could also pick up some jam, jellies and sauces from Clarkburn Farms and buffalo meat products from Islandview Buffalo Farms. Last but not least there was the Thai Food and fresh roasted and brewed coffee. I can see that I am going to reach my market weight rather quickly this year now that I can get Buffalo Jerky and Pepperettes to munch on.

The market is now open every Friday afternoon from 2-6 PM, rain or shine, until October 11th. Make the trip to scenic Long Sault and shop for all local produce and artisan products. I promise the weather will get better.

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