Could Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Beat Liberal Kathleen Wynne for Premier if he was the Conservative Leader? POLL

rob-fordKathleen_WynneCFN – Rob Ford is still standing.  Short of any possible criminal charges stemming from the alleged Crack video and possible murder implications Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is not only still in the saddle, but seems to actually be galvanizing his support amongst what some are calling his “Ford Nation” which is sorta like the term “Leaf Nation” which if I understand it is that even if it sucks and isn’t successful it’s the best thing out there.

Akin to “My Country Right or Wrong.”

In fact many are starting to buzz around Timmies that Mayor Ford could beat Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne if he was to somehow gain the Conservative nod in place of current leader Tim Hudak.

Maybe hudak angryTim needs to do some crack too to up his popularity numbers?

I digress.   Ontario politics are getting nastier and dirtier by day it seems with less and less accountability.    The fall out of the McGuinty resignation isn’t going away; but who to vote for?   I know Andrea Horwath is hoping to slip up the middle; but she and her party really are not a solution.

The jury still isn’t on whether Ms Wynne could win an actual Provincial election or is simply this generations Kim Campbell who took over for the Conservatives after Lyin Brian Mulroney left power and the party nearly disappeared.

As co-owner of CFN Reg Coffey keeps saying, maybe we really do need to bring the Rhino Party back?

In the meantime I thought we’d throw out a poll and let you, our intelligent, bright, fair, and open minded viewers of CFN post your comments and vote in our Poll.  Weirder things have happened in Politics than this possible scenario.

Who do you think would win in an election?  Rob Ford or Kathleen Wynne?



  1. Ontario political choice is not limited between the Liberals and Conservatives. The Rhino choice may return but other choices do exist including the option of not choosing. More non-voters exist than voters. More political choices do exist above the two options you have offered. Some individuals may present additional optional choices but since this is your medium, you are free to present your propaganda as you see fit to do.

  2. Author

    Propaganda Darcy?

  3. Wynne would’nt stand a chance. The liberal left, with their self serving political witchhunts have made Ford bullet proof.

  4. They ( politicians of all stripes) are all LIARS

    From McGuinty, Bently, Duncan, Wynne, Harper, Duffy, Wright et al. . To me Ford looks like the best of a very poor lot. Not one iota of evidence has surfaced to actually PROVE he did anything wrong.

    Not being familiar with Cornwall ,politics, from what I read Kilgor is as bad, if not worse than the aforementioned liars.

    Its no wonder people have simply given up on all politicians . Just look at their track records. All I hear from all of them is we will have MORE ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY . The more I hear those words the LESS ACCOUNTABILITY and TRANSPARENCY we have.

    These are political correct words for we will NOT BE EITHER ACCOUNTABLE OR TRANSPARENT They all liars, period.

    Today, to be a politician you have to be a moral degenerate and have very few if any morals at all.

    They all make me sick.

  5. Don’t forget that the Mayor is a Liberal……hence Ms.Wynne is keeping mum about him. I’d vote for Rob Ford any day!

  6. There are definitely more choices than just the Liberals and the Conservatives (22 parties represented in the last provincial election), however that was no the focus of the question posed.

    Since this a merely a conundrum I would ruin my ballot before voting for either individual. The Liberals have effectively in the last ten years sunk the province into an economic cesspool, Ford has been embroiled in controversy unbecoming someone that I could stand behind, eerily similar to another Ontario mayor.

    So to answer the question honestly, No Rob Ford could not beat the current premier.

    The reasoning being that voter turnout has been in a free fall since 1990 when just 64.4% voted to the last election when a dismal 49.2% showed up to cast a vote. We did nothing to stem the bleeding from the provinces economic injuries and left Dalton at the helm of a floundering political ship in 2007 and fewer of us cared and even fewer concerned themselves in 2011. Couple this with the current opposition party lacking an individual who embodies true leadership and you have a recipe for history to repeat itself. Just an opinion.

  7. Ford by a landslide. A few TO votes and we win. Murder? What you talking bout Willis?

    Thanks for being a non-voter. People like you will keep King Stephen in power for another decade of prosperity and wealth for all those who choose to work hard like the good Christian soldiers we are. The rest of the people, screw em’.

  8. I voted Ford because I would like to see a shake up, however without a smart campaign team, and Ford making a better presentation, he would have trouble with the well oiled (greased sounds corrupt LOL) liberal election machine. The debates might be fun too!

  9. I don’t believe that the liberals have any chance in taking Ontario in the next provincial election…no matter who is at the helm. Wynne should be more concerned about Doug Ford running for Conservative Provincial Premier…He’ll make her look incompetent during debate..Actually, I do not believe that Wynne will play any sort of key role for the Liberals following their defeat in the next Provincial Election..she’ll probably get a job with the CBC.

  10. Glad you took this one on Jamie. It has merit when one thinks about the BILLION dollar expenditure a Smitherman Mayor would have pushed through…….with absolutely NO surplus in the kitty either.

    Ford would make a solid Premier but would never be accepted as a Liberal lead…too many unaccountable’s and non transparent graves would be dug up.

    He’d probably do better as an Independent Party cause even the Greens would be afraid of his ‘no money, no greens either’ policy.

  11. Give Ford a few etiquette lessons and anger management courses! I’d vote for him! It’s a shame because none of these politicians seem to think that they’re accountable to us – the taxpayers! Shame on those of you who “ruin” ballots or refuse to vote. People like you are usually the worst when it comes to complaining about the government.

  12. I’m coming to think a Ford/Ford team for Toronto and GTA(which means Ontario) would work out just fine for all of us.

    Rob can hold his own as Toronto Mayor once more and Doug Ford should run for the Ontario legislature, Premiership.

    These two men would be a dynamo match up for the benefit of the entire province…the

    ‘just say no’ team’O’ – gO, gO, gO, Ford ‘O’.

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