Perfect Day at Long Sault Farmer’s Market by Reg Coffey July 13, 2013

Friends of Thai To Go
Friends of Thai To Go

CFN – It was a picture perfect day at the Long Sault Farmer’s Market on Friday afternoon. The sun was out, the temperature and humidity were moderate, and the crowd was hungry for fresh local products. The picture above shows friends of Toi who came out primarily to support Thai To Go (not that she needs it considering the lineup at her booth) , but also found some great buys from the other vendors.

There were more shoppers at the market than just friends of Toi. It was a great day to not only by the terrific products that are sold by the vendors but also to socialize in the fresh clean air.

Market Crowd 12 July 2013

The interview of the week is with Karen McManus of Nutcrackers Cheese Cakes.



Benny the Bean decided to come out of hiding this week and put on a little show for the vendors and shoppers alike. There was no rain and the temperature wasn’t too hot so there was no excuse to stay in hibernation.


I don’t know how many appearances Benny will make this year. He doesn’t have a lot of stamina…..and he doesn’t like to sweat.

As the summer progresses more varieties of produce will become available so come on out to the Long Sault Farmer’s market and see what is being harvested. While you’re there you can also pick up some decadent baked goods, fresh roasted coffee or delicious Thai food.

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