Mac is Back – Former 5 + Decade Scribe Claude McIntosh Moves from Quebecor to Transcon after Telling Porkies in Cornwall Ontario

Jamie Gilcig

jg2CFN – The last column Claude McIntosh wrote for the Standard Freeholder contained a straight out lie.  It wouldn’t be the first time Mr. McIntosh made up a porkie and blurted it out on the page.

Now this wasn’t some “opinion”.  Nope, it was  a clear knowing mistaking of the truth when he stated that I had printed that Denis (another liar) Thibault had lost his job with the EOTB which of course as anyone who read my piece (and a lot of you did) can tell you I did not print.

For over five decades Mac has been dishing; but after that piece he never wrote a word again for the Quebecor owned Standard Freeholder.

He moved down to the Seaway News which used to be the Shopper News and is more known for being that thing they put in the ad bag than an actual newspaper.  News has never been their focus really.

It was no secret that Mac was moving on down; but the inside giggle was that his first column would be on his long time man crush Ed Kilger Bench BLUE“Chester” Lumley which it was, and then of course to that man that helps keep him hired, our own Mayor Bob Kilger who was the rah rah of his second column.  I won’t share our fearless prediction for his third column; but those in the know are already giggling.

The spin on Mac’s second column though wasn’t who it was about; but that it essentially was mimicking or responding to my story and poll about  the next election.

Mac pontificates on his beloved mayor; and the mayor’s rival in the last election Mark A MacDonald, but what is Mac really working at?  I spoke with one local politico and he thought Claude’s column was trying to discourage others from running.

Now some know that I have been pushed to run for office since the last election.  I even sat with Mayor Kilger and discussed it.   But I felt that the election would not be clean and that I’d not get a fair shake from other media and decided to not run; a wise decision as there have been complaints and the last election looked anything close to legit.

This upcoming election should be interesting.  Most people in the know don’t expect Mayor Kilger to finish his term.   According to sources he’s already been informed by the “Old Guard” of Cornwall that he’s lost their support.  He’s simply cost them and the city too much money.

That will leave the door open to new stooges.  Sure there may be some old names like Mark MacDonald or Bernadette Clement.  Phil Poirier still has aspirations; but there are some new names rumbling.    As a matter of fact I joked recently that if somehow the Mayor manages to evade criminal charges over mail tampering; his conflict of interest allegations, the whistleblowing scandals, and his health issues then I’d consider agreeing to run against him as people keep pushing me.

And I have no political aspirations.   The debates alone could sell popcorn.

My biggest concern for Cornwall in the next election is who runs for council.  While we know many of the Kilger Coven will not be running again the stooges to replace them are already being prepped.  Names like Alyssa Blais and Vanessa Regnier get bandied around with some other stooogy cliquey people and it would be sad to simply see a new generations of sycophants whose incomes are beholden to the “Old Guard” get elected.

But those my dear viewers are for other stories, and other days.

Frankly its sad to see Mac writing for the Seaway News.  It’s sad to see that someone with over five decades of history with what was the number one daily in the region go tabloid.    It really is.   The state of journalism today is kinda scary.

You have to sell your soul for Rock and Roll and that means that it’s not really news; but PR.

How can anyone blame the public when they don’t find out the truth or even worse, what is being fed as the truth isn’t?

And finally speaking of the Truth, Deputy Fire Chief  Rob Hickley’s  hearing starts up again on July 16th at 10 AM at the courthouse.   We’re only at the stage where the court has to decide if Mr. Hickley’s petition to have the city pay his legal bill moves forward; but from what little I’ve heard so far Super Lawyer Will McDowell has been burning the hours and earning his shekels to cover up for the City and Mayor.

We can do better.  We must if Cornwall is to ever move forward.

You can post your comments below.

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  1. Maybe you should take a page out of the Seaway news` book. They`re able to produce a print newspaper every week at no cost to their readers. You can`t achieve this with your online paper.

  2. It’s nice to see that liar Claude McIntosh has moved down to the Seaway News. Next time he embarrasses his employer he’ll get bumped down and probably hit bottom with the Seeker Chicks where he’ll be in good company with other losers.

  3. Jamie not only for Cornwall to move forward but also for Cornwall to survive. If Bare Ass keeps his seat until election time Cornwall is literally cooked.

    From what I read on this column new councellors will be the same old councellors under different names all tied to the “clique” and that is absolutely rotten to the core. Just this morning my husband was saying that all we see today are crooks in government whether from the top all the way down and this sure proves his point indeed.

    Claude Mac is like an albatross around one’s neck – you can’t get rid of him just like the “tax mahal” is a polluted albatross around people’s necks strangling people in the taxes. After 50 years with pen in hand Claude cannot stop writing his hateful columns about you and I don’t read any other paper but yours Jamie so I don’t know what Claude is sputtering out in his columns. My parents used to throw out the Seaway News and tried to discontinue the service to the door.

    As long as Cornwall keeps on electing the gang that belongs to the clique it will never change. I have seen places in London Ontario with a population of over $300K with a lot less councellors than Cornwall which proves that something is mighty rotten in Cornwall for sure. Other places is the same they have a lot less councellors and are all way ahead of what Cornwall is in population as well as prosperity.

  4. Funny how my comment gets removed but this Love Letter to Jaime by ‘jules’ is published.

  5. Wonder Man you would be mighty surprised how many of my posts are not published. I like and respect Jamie a great deal and he is telling all of you the truth and it is a breath of fresh air to see the truth coming out that was hidden for many long years and all the scandals swept under the carpet. You have no idea the prize that you have to have Jamie in Cornwall.

  6. It is too bad that Mac didn,t heed your advice earlier & could have retired gracefully verses having people laugh at him now,I too use to look forward to reading his collum but that was before I knew that he spewed lies trying to cover up bare-ass bob.Mac came down a peg or two over his ink on my hero Perry Dunlop

  7. The problem with Mac, he does not get it, the click he is a part of seriously are the laughing stock, from Mayor Kilger, Bob Peters, Gilles Latour, Sleep with anyone Sue, these people are so high on themselves you just have to see how they act when people are around, my goodness, just look at every photo op you will see for yourself. Every event that goes on in the city, same people promoting themselves, sickening.

    Took a walk through lift off this weekend, both nights these same people doing what they do best, serve themselves and each other. Others will say people are jealous, listen being jealous of that life style is by far something to be proud of, especially in a small town. Mac, take the crown Bob put on your head off, you really are trash because of your ignorance to being a fair person when it comes to the truth.

  8. ..Had a great time at Lift Off last night. Lou was excellent..looked rough, but still had a powerful voice. After the show, my friend Gilles Latour, took my son to see Lou…got his autograph on my old 12″ vinyl from 1982 that I had stored away for these many son got pictures with Lou’s bandmates too..made our night. Thank You Gilles…will not forget.

  9. Oh yes Devon, Gilles Latour saved the day, god bless his giving heart. May one day a high school give him an honorary grade 12 diploma for getting your vinyl autographed.

    PS. I hope you did not have to give him your cell #, sexting is quite popular with this guy.

    PSS. Lou Gramm was giving autographs out before his show, you must have missed that..lmao

  10. If you’re going to pick a fight Cornwalllaughter, use your real name coward. Or is the laugh in Cornwalllaughter refering to the size of your genitalia? So what’s up? Got any?

  11. I would vote for ‘NONE of the Above’.

    With respect to 3 or 4 who likely could be a good representative of ALL citizens of Cornwall I really do feel the possibility of falling in to a quorum of select self interested persons is too ‘required’ in their and our historical environment.

    This is why I would have been favorable to an Ontario appointed Mayor from outside of our own district.

    This idea of requiring someone from within our boundaries who lives here and who has basically grown up here is what has got us into so much trouble over the past 50 years. Bad decisions by uneducated, and beholden ‘buddies’ has sold us short of what could have been.

    What the hell does that mean?

    Well, what could have been is 100,000 plus citizens who should have had middle incomes and higher with a university in place long ago, along with clean industry.

    Yes, this would have entailed some annexation.

    It would have brought in the funds to expand our airport.

    It would have garnered higher education via University du Cornwall University.

    lt would have allowed industry and interests that would have drawn travellers off the 401 into Cornwall.

    It would have literally taken Cornwall by the boot straps and moved City Hall OUT OF OUR DOWNTOWN.

    It would find ways to develop the former Domtar land reclamation into a homogenous tourist mecca with location for short term stop overs of travel trailers.

    It would allow taking advantage of what we do have in place such as the two former smoke stacks.

    Example, Communication Transmitters could be placed on one or both. Charging or sponsoring for their inclusion would allow enough income to design one as a giant totem pole and the other as a space travellers space ship taking off for the stars.

    Invite a replica of the Big Apple (same as 401 towards Toronto). Many jobs with cooks/chefs/bakers and tourist items such as Indian artifacts, Canada flag lingos on glass/porcelain and clothing articles (these and other perennial/seasonal expectants).

    It would bring in someone who believes in the possibilities rather than those who negate everything and fight against every idea that isn’t theirs. (like a beach for example).

    It would allow a ‘proof’ to be processed about the viability of a beach at the waterfront inlet for example instead of bearing our heads in the sand about it and denying it for reason they only guess at.

    Someone with vision may well be a person strong in the tourist portfolio trade.

    None of this can be without funds but all of it can be had with vision and over time……..if we all get behind it. That is not asking too much.

    As far as hotels barking and downtown business’s yelping ‘what about US’ and to hell with the ordinary man citizen…just line OUR POCKETS attitude, everyone will grow and expand and YES, other hotels and accommodations will be necessary to compliment the growth.

    CORNWALL ‘CENTRAL’ not Cornwall EAST will be our new theme for a go to city….strong, vibrant, free, open, inviting/welcoming and a model for the rest of the country.


    Can any of those ‘above’ do all of this?

    What dreams other than ‘recovery wold they bring to the table?

  12. Dave….give it shot, at presenting yourself that is. This city needs people like you with innovative ideas and big dreams. We have been stagnant too long.

  13. If all the young people of the past of my generation and even before and after didn’t leave Cornwall could you all imagine what Cornwall’s population would be. People left because they knew that there was nothing left and that the town was all “inbred” and that is how people got jobs was “grandfathered out” and no education nor advancement – it was and is a stagnant town. As long as you don’t have people with vision that is exactly what is going to happen as well as that “inbred clique”. Nothing will change until each person that lives in Cornwall changes and that is the truth. If you keep the mentality that you have now Cornwall will never go ahead. It is all in your hands. I do agree that a mayor from somewhere else in the province has to step in and take over. I have been saying that for some time now.

  14. stellabystarligh tJuly 14, 2013 at 12:44 pm

    Quote: “Dave….give it shot, at presenting yourself that is. This city needs people like you with innovative ideas and big dreams. We have been stagnant too long.”

    Stella, thanks for your confidences.

    I am well aware of the differences between my ‘arm chair dialogues and diatribes’ and physically/mentally/financially and the timelines required to put things into action. Thank you but I can only offer support to whoever want to carry these and others forward.

    Like Jules, you and quite a number of others who lend their real names and those who use pseudonyms , they too are NOT devoid of ideas and ideals. So many, on paper can do so much, but for numerous reasons (not excuses) choose not to or are not able to present in the open.

    Still, we serve a purpose here, thanks to Jamie’s popular Online CFN Newspaper. Freedom speech of ‘fair’ but strongly motivated comments open many blind eyes to truths not considered before.

    Some of us become personally targeted and denied in some way or other for our online activities and associations as well as CFN, however, our alternative is to be part of the problems we see, hear and feel untoward about.

    I try NOT to involve myself so much as part of a gang, yet, on the fringes of all sides I can see fair play and sanity in my own observations and motivations.

    Running for council…….not in the cards.

    Recall years gone by we had 12 councillors. Prior to we had a Ward system that many like however, that was before my time and my history with this make up is limited. As we are aware, others seem to feel going backwards would be going forwards.

    In my office in days gone by, too many staff meant too much time on our hands so cut backs under a lean and mean guise was the measure of the day. Burnout and bulling became a common problem in the ranks. Back stabbing, blame and tattletales, false accusations (different than whistleblowing) became all too normal.

    Not so sure going to 6 would get the jobs done….stress is a serious and unfortunate part especially if the same pay cheques are issued as each of the 12 currently have.

    No, I do believe that a very minimum of even 8 councillors may be healthy however to provide adequate participation by councillors as oversight for the many city departments and events. I would not go less than the current 10.

    Cornwall has many talented persons who can contribute immensely to improving our depth, breadth and wealth. It’s a secular Mayoralty leadership, strong, independent of ALL business’s, self interested persons that is wanting.

    Get City Hall out of dodge…….over the 401….and you will see us open up like their was no tomorrow. Vision…out of the box they have been in from the WW 11 years is a requirement for success like no other.

    Not too long ago Jamie had a comment inquiry about a new name for Cornwall………..well how about ‘Centre du Cornwall Center’….Capture a broader magnitude of who and where we are relative to the province and to the Nation…to leave the stigma of Cornwall East…into the doldrums. We are becoming a center of interest bar none in this province…..believe it and we can make it happen.

    You know, we already have a great depth of men and women involved in the promoting of Cornwall throughout the world….much like the fact being ignored by so many who prefer to condemn….CFN which can be used in magnificent ways to promote this beautiful city across Canada……….note the number of comments from Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurry in Alberta and so many more who already read about us every day.

    I try not to be as bias as some, as I do review all print that I can, city wide. I find all of them positive and forward thinking, though, like so many, a bit polished and protective rather than open and objective as CFN. We do have super radio channels to fit most needs as well.

    Personally, I have not yet read the new city plan. At the times of open forums to submit ideas, I was not available, however, if history is a reliable guide, everything is in flux. Somewhere along the milieu some of our added thoughts may seed into motion.

    That is all I can count on. I am quite okay with someone else picking up something I’ve suggested and running with it as their own. My seeding an idea is all that matters to me.



  15. Author

    Dave if you recall we tried to use the full strength of CFN to have a 100 letter campaign about how awesome Cornwall is. The mayor suggested there it was s security issue as he and his council and management sabotaged it and then giggled as the Seaway News did a mild copy that fizzled.

  16. Yes I recall very well when Jamie tried to promote Cornwall and Bare Ass and his gang of thugs laughed it off. People cannot fathom what Cornwall could have been like or even could be like if they only gave Cornwall a chance and got rid of the clique and Bare Ass things could improve a great deal. Educated minds are needed and I mean engineers, doctors and business people with visions and put things into perspective. Cornwall needs real jobs and I am not talking about government jobs because they do not produce revenue but real jobs. All out jobs were sent to third world countries and are still being sent over. We need to change things as a people and that is also everywhere in the world. We need to make things “made in Canada” and not “made in China or wherever it made be” and it does take money and a dream.

    I like what Mr. Windsor has in mind about a beach and many will say that is nothing but oh wait a minute when someone has a dream no matter what it may be sometimes these things can come into fruition. Young Corey Kennedy wanted to make a boardwalk and even a market like we have here in Ottawa and in order to have a market you have to have the population to go to such a thing as well as having good jobs and a thriving economy. A market would be great for Cornwall. Small businesses is what makes a town great. I remember the small businesses in downtown Cornwall including lunch counters and there was a Mr. Woodward (Bob Woodward’s dad) had such a counter. Neiman’s with their good quality shoes, Esper with his shoe repair and shoe shining shop, Kyte’s Book Store, Tamblyn’s Drug Store and other such drug stores instead of some big conglomerate. I can go on and on folks and I would fill Jamie’s paper. I am so mighty proud of the people who make businesses in Cornwall and it hurts to think of the past and it hurts like hell. The Hum family who came from Hong Kong area and made Hum’s restaurant, the pizza stores that used to exist, the drive-in theatres, the theatres downtown, my God folks I remember the good things about Cornwall. We didn’t have a Wal Mart or a Target or any of that crap. Everybody worked at his business and others in factories making things. Today Cornwall is dead and I mean dead and we only have ourselves to blame for having let it get that way. Big businesses took over and it is all crap and you don’t get to know the owner nor the staff since they are all very big Yankee corporations. Snetzingers Hardware where my parents used to buy their paints and other supplies and not Canadian Tire (well sometimes) or any other huge monopoly. Clothing stores used to sell good clothes like the Vogue Shop on Montreal Road owned and run by the Abagov family and so many others with good quality clothes. Today it is garbage to the hilt made overseas in sweat factories. Just think about all of this. The “banksters as in gangsters” have destroyed the world over. People were able to afford a home for their families but today it is impossible without being on the risk of losing what you have or even not being able to even have one. Those of us who have lived in the past can remember the better days that the young people have never seen nor experienced.

    When Jamie started up his newspaper on line he was doing his very best to wake everyone up and I admire this man including Perry Dunlop and those who have come forward like Mr. Hinkley and Mrs. Shay. These are the heros who put everything on the line to report the horrible nightmares of what is going on in Cornwall. Do people really listen and pay attention? The entire system is as corrupt as can be and people are hiding their heads in the sand hoping that it will all go away but it won’t go away. Bad things happen when good people do nothing and that is absolutely true.

  17. Some time ago I was thinking about amalgamation of the towns outside of Cornwall like St. Andrews, Ingleside, Long Sault, Morrisburg and so on but then again I said OH OH look at what happened to Ottawa and other cities where the taxes went through the roof. I held myself back on that idea. Kanata was always in debt and Napean had such a good mayor and he died and was debt free. When the amalgamation went in everyone had their taxes elevated and are paying Kanata’s share of debts. I said to myself I think that the little communities around Cornwall would not like that either since they want to retain what they have and so beautiful are those little towns. Keep those little towns beautiful – they are so nice to visit and live in.

  18. Jules, with respect you draw on so much of our past. The sad truth is that independent store owners pass on and inherit our past. This and family decisions not to carry the work load on have been prime most in the demise of downtowns EVERYWHERE.

    The only saving grace has been the corporate, franchise types of business’s that have been their salvation. Hard fact Jules, but so true. In todays economies of scale, few independent entrepreneurs have been able to last their first 3 to 5 years before coming to realize the dreams have failed them.

    Recall so many of the corporate units in our downtown also failed or moved to outlying areas. Recall Zellers and Woolworth were part of lower Pitt St. as well. Once the forced entry into ‘their’ market, the Cornwall Square came into being, they had no choice but to take a hike. If the Square was allowed to go where it wanted to, Tollgate and Brookdale in the 1970’s, the downtown core would have had a better chance unit to pull it together, as have so many other downtown cities with similar issues.

    Yes, Jamie, I recall your effort to highlight the ‘goodness’ of our city by eliciting letters from many of us. So much infighting, so much competition and cheating in the business does undermine areas such as this and others.

    We need to, over time I know, come to accept that each media entity has its place and move the animosity away from the public realm. Other media’s have owned the Cornwall and area markets so long and have developed cohesions not accommodated to yourself in the same way.

    You have to admit to that thought that your ‘free speech and commentaries from many of us as well as your own subjects it self to flavors we NEVER we aware existed before. That, as a compliment, has been a tough pill to swallow.

    If it is different and stirs up the truth that has been under shadows as you try and find and torch the head of the snake, you are bound to need time for THEM to adjust. They may NEVER accept your instant news medium……a sour note and a point of many jealousies.

    Keep flying the flag Jamie. I will continue to us all medias as they show acceptance. Your flare for skulduggery is well noted.
    Good job.

  19. You are right Mr. Windsor. I sure do remember the Zellers and Woolworths downtown and Zellers moved out to Eastcourt Mall and Woolworths was no more. The same thing is true here in Ottawa. There used to be a Zellers Store downtown on Bank Street and no more. All has been replaced by big buildings for government, etc. The Zellers stores have closed here and are empty so far except for one in Kanata which became Target. I don’t go to Target since I am a customer of Wal Mart aka Wally World and Slave Mart.

    It costs a great deal of money to make a business and like you said you don’t see the profits until 3 to 5 or even more years after. The taxes eat up the small businesses. I remember the good days of Cornwall and even the good days of Ottawa and all is gone to the big corporations. There are a certain amount of small businesses here in Ottawa but they struggle with the high taxes that are beyond belief. Just this morning while driving we heard that Loblaws bought out Shoppers Drug Mart – they do this to stay alive – so much competition. One company buys the other and that is all we hear about nowadays.

    I am looking forward to Mr. Hickley’s court date tomorrow and crossing my fingers and praying that all goes well for this dear man.

  20. Jamie on news today all Sun media papers are going to lay off 350 or more workers – it could be 360 and 11 papers will be affected. The news will only go online. I have been hearing for some years now that newsprint will become obsolete and so will radio and TV and everything will go online with the time. I thought that I would tell you about that. Quebecor was mentioned and doesn’t that corporation own “the toilet paper of record – SF” and if it is true then the scribe of garbage Mac and Cheese the Claud would be wondering if he has to go online only and lose all the “sheeple” who read his garbage. Here in Ottawa very few people purchase the toilet paper of record and I even get calls from Toronto for the Globe and Mail newspaper that is how desperate they are to sell that garbage that comes from the same source and has their scribes to write the BS in their own literary style.

  21. Author

    Jules the Globe and Mail has some really talented writers. Frankly this media collapse scares me. It means less journalists will be employed doing what it is they are supposed to be doing.

    I try the best I can; but CFN does not have the resources to do 1% of the coverage we’d like to and it’s hard to get help. We can’t even get a journalism intern from St. Lawrence College because of their boycott as well as Mr. Fitzpatrick being the President of the board of Governors.

  22. Jamie if you can’t get journalists from Cornwall why not try and get them from somewhere else like Kingston or Ottawa, etc. This insanity has to stop. This is what I am talking about (sputtering my views here on CFN) is about this clique that doesn’t stop hurting others. Fitzy should never have had the job at the college nor anywhere else. Things are even worse than what most people know about. With Cornwall the way it is who wants to go and move there and bring up their families. The stench of the town doesn’t end from the stench of the mills to the stench of the clique and that is not a healthy environment to live in.

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