Nancy Dunlop of Cornwall Ontario Letter to the Editor About Harper Cabinet Shuffle – July 10, 2013

harperCabinet Shuffle – So what?


Once again all those who like to speculate on the importance and the meaning of the upcoming cabinet shuffle are busily speculating away, ruminating about new faces and fresh blood to help pull the government out of its self-dug hole.  Who is in and who is out?


But what difference does it really make the way this current government handles its ministers and deputies?  They are tightly-leashed nonentities wrapped in muzzles with only the benighted ones having permission to speak – and that usually only the talking points supplied by the PMO.  Unless of course something blows up and then the “lucky” minister or deputy-pit bull is pushed out in front of the cameras to dutifully explain the government’s spin (text of course from the PMO) and take the flack, while looking foolish or insincere in the process.


So if we change one bunch of muzzled nonentities for another, so what?


Nancy Dunlop

Cornwall, Ontario

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James Moak


  1. Same crap just a different looking steaming pile….. The only worthwhile shuffle is if harper shuffles himself out… While he’s at it shuffle lauzon out of anything as well.. but that’s not likely to happen…

  2. I think PM Harper has been the most credible P.M. this country has EVER had.

    Over 9 years he has held the country on a steady plain, with strong financial stability.

    The guardians of the mouths for the opposition parties have been so full of lies and down right screw ups themselves that their only way out of their doldrums is to beat their drums at the P.M.’s expense.

    Frankly, their isn’t a man or woman among them that could hold
    a card up to the A’s the PM has held as a world wife statesman.

    You’ve got Mulcair who is a consummate liar, holding dual pass[orts to Canada and to France, hailing from a former liberal Quebec legislature.

    Then we see the immaturity of a Quebec gate lover who believes Quebec should be running the rest of the country.

    Give us all a break here and stop all your bitching about nothing.

    We’ve never had it so good.

  3. Of course a typo deserves correction as in my comment:

    `Frankly, their isn’t a man or woman among them that could hold
    a card up to the A’s the PM has held as a world wife statesman.

    Last three words should have read `world wide statesman`.

    By the way, due to Prime Ministers staunch leadership our country has achieve among the highest recovery since the 2008 market dump and is now the ENVY OF THE WORLD.

    Thanks to Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party.

  4. You talk about tightly leashed and controlled messages. At least we are hearing about some of this stuff and getting media scrutiny.
    How much has there been under Liberal regime’s? Now reread the first sentence!

    Of course, many liberals and liberal media have had overly generous coats of Teflon or large blinders….

  5. You are absolutely right Diddly! Stephen Harper and the Conservative Party are the only party able to run our country.

  6. Diddlyscwatt and Harper have something in common. They couldn’t get it right the first time.

    We’ve never had it so good? Really??? This country has gone down hill in the last 9 years, Did you eat a lot of paint chips when you were a kid???

    There will be a lot less hungry children in this country when Trudeau wins!

  7. Anon is absolutely right.
    before I shuffle I throw out the jokers.

  8. Dear stan stalk, stay in Shelbyville. Never come to Springfield!!!!!!!

  9. Bigs you are right about the country gone down hill since Harper has been in and that is a lot to do with his lavish spending which is completely ridiculous on those war jets that we never need along with other things. MacKay has to go and people have no guts at all to stand up to those fools on the hill.

    I do agree that both parties liberals – fiberals and the conservative – con jobs are of one party and that is the party of fools, jerks, spenders, liars and the list goes on. It is a one party system under two different names just like in the US with the republicans and democrats – no difference because they are all owned and controlled from the same source.

    Do you smell the stink in the air? No not the stink of Domtar but the stink of politics – none of them are any good. Shuffling the cabinet is like shuffling a deck of cards – they are the same but you are just placing them in a different order and nothing else.

  10. Lauzon had better look to his laurels and clap louder. Diddlyscwatt, Eric and Stan are shaping up as cabinet material . . . or Senate prospects.

  11. Ya,I smell the stink in the air.

    You can trust the government,just ask any Native American

  12. Harper will probably be shuffling himself out of Ottawa by this time next year. He has worn out his welcome with Canadians and his own party members. He may be a lot of things, but he’s not stupid. Losing to JT and the Libs isn’t something he’ll stick around for. I’m sure Lauzon will adapt very well to any Reformatory leader in his position of chief cheerleader and fart-catcher.

  13. Big d “white men speak with forked tongue” as the old cowboy films used to say and how true. The native people lost their land and look at the land today – a totally polluted landscape.

  14. Harper isn’t going any where!
    I agree with diddlyswatt, he’s the best PM this country had ever had!
    Lauzon, well that’s certainly debateable. Eric Duncan is his replacement, hoping he’ll better represent the English community.
    Conservatives ROCK !!!!

  15. Looks like diddlyswatt has been sharing his paint chips with English lassie.

    The only thing Eric Duncan will be replacing is toilet paper rolls!

    Trudeau has already won!!!!
    put your seatbelts on cause its going to be one hell of a long ride

  16. Harper not stupid, Furtz? What would you call denying climate change, muzzling scientific research, and tying Canada’s future to the tar sands and macho militarism, while most of the rest world is looking for peace and alternatives to fossil-fuel dependence?

  17. @PJ. I don’t think he’s stupid. He is in fact very clever at character assassination, election fraud, controlling the message etc. That doesn’t mean he isn’t somewhat nuts. He does subscribe to a religion that proclaims that the universe is about five thousand years old, and the “Second Coming” is just around the corner, which explains his disdain for science and lack of concern for environmental issues.
    Stupid and crazy are two different things.

  18. Yes, Furtz, nailed! And scary.

  19. Too funny! Furtz commenting on “character assassination”….

    I wish you and PJ could put this much effort in reminding Ontario how “wonderful” our provincial liberals are!

  20. @Eric. What does this topic have to do with the provincial Libs? And what makes you think I’m a fan of the provincial Libs? For the record, I think they have been a disaster for the last several years. In fact, if the Cons had a credible adult for a leader, which they don’t, I’d consider supporting them.

  21. Eric, Changing the channel and/or attacking the messenger, another Harperite ploy. Anything to evade responsibility.

  22. As for the provincial Liberals, Eric: McGinty’s exit and the reasons for it were not pretty. On the other hand, Jim Brownell worked very hard and accomplished a great deal for us locally. In fact, I would hold Jim Brownell up as a paragon for politicians.

    (In comparison, what has Lauzon done for us apart from flooding our mailboxes with his photo-ops, parroting the PMO line and telling us to show the flag…as if Canadians weren’t already showing the flag as proud Canadians? And what, for that matter, is Jim McDonell accomplishing?))

  23. Harper is in a religion where he may be thinking that Jesus is returning in the year 2018 which some people have it written down on the net. This is ridiculous since nobody knows the day nor the time when Jesus comes back. There are so many ridiculous things out there and people have to clean up this world since it is the only one we have and I am for clean energy and not the dirty oil sands of Alberta or anywhere else. I am not for nuclear either.

    It is a good thing that Harper put the government down as the Harper Government because he doesn’t represent the Canadian people at all. For an economist he sure has his economics all twisted in a knot and even his shorts. Harper has our economy in a huge deficit and a huge unemployment to boot and not just 7% but double and triple that amount and you got your real figure.

  24. So, Jules. Are you agreeing with me that our prime minister is a certifiable nut-bar? I do believe that a lot of people have arrived at that conclusion. I mean seriously… We have people squawking about rude postal workers and French signs at the side of the highway, while our prime minister is more concerned with the “second coming” of you- know-who. I think we’re all in deep do-do.

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