Cornwall Ontario Chief of Police Dan Parkinson On the Dangers of Leaving a Pet or Child in a Car in Warm Weather VIDEO

Cornwall Ontario Police Chief Dan Parkinson holding Fitzy the Dachshund.
Cornwall Ontario Police Chief Dan Parkinson holding Fitzy the Dachshund.

CFN – The irony of Kemptville Ontario Wal-Mart employee Carla Cheney being fired after calling police when a customer left their dog in their vehicle is that CFN was already working on a story about the dangers of leaving pets and children in cars at warmer temperatures.

Many people have ideas about what they can and can’t do in these situations and I earlier interviewed Cornwall Ontario Chief of Police Dan Parkinson about this very issue.

Here is that video interview as he holds Fitzy my Dachshund who I never leave in cars or take shopping if I can’t bring him in.

Vet Ernie Ward shot a video showing how hot it gets in 30 minutes.

A great video showing how bad it is to leave a dog in the car!

Even sadder is people don’t realize that by leaving a bowl of water it actually creates more humidity in the vehicle this making it feel even warmer.

hot-carThere’s just no excuse to leave your child or pet in a vehicle.  It’s just not right.   Remember, dogs don’t perspire.   They pant. It’s essentially torture.  Why would anyone do that to their pet?

If you see a situation where someone’s left an animal in their vehicle please call 911.   Please look around for the owner while you’re waiting.   Don’t let a child or animal suffer needlessly.

20 Children have died in hot cars in the US so far in 2013  Texas Woman Charged with Death of Dog

Toddler Found Dead in Milton Ontario  Woman Charged After Dog Dies at Walmart  Owner Ticke

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  1. A lot of people have no brains at all and I would love to see them trapped in a mighty hot car instead of animals or kids. These so called people should not have kids nor pets at all. Just walking in the humidity does damage to the body let alone trapped in mighty hot vehicles. Pets are to be kept at home inside with water and food. Kids are to be left with a sitter or taken inside to shop and never ever left alone at all not even for one minute.

  2. Great article and there should be zero tolerance for this type of abuse. Please report any animal left in a vehicle on a hot day! Thanks for caring.

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