Dear Editor, “Facemasks don’t work; they do nothing”… according to a Walmart security person on duty at the Ninth Street Walmart store in Cornwall, Ontario, on Friday afternoon, December 18th 2020. This alternate fact was shared by a Walmart contracted security person while he intervened in a verbal exchange betweenContinue Reading

OCTOBER 11, 2020 – As a middle aged man with a few health issues that could hurt me if I caught COVID-19 I’m very careful. I’ve been masked up since December. After shopping in Cornwall and other places I’ve reduced my exposure even more. What I personally am seeing isContinue Reading

OCTOBER 1, 2020 – Felicia Fefer from Walmart confirmed (3) total Positive Covid-19 tests at their distribution Centres, and one store worker has tested positive as well bringing the current case total to four in Cornwall Ontario. From Ms Fefer: “Three associates from our Cornwall Distribution Centres have recently testedContinue Reading

We all need cash to survive and that means working in close quarters for many. While most services have been shut down, without the factories and farms rolling and distribution doing its thing our shelves would be empty. When it comes to safety though we all win when best practicesContinue Reading

It starts with a tip: “…. that 3 nursing students that work there were instructed to self isolate for 14 days this afternoon from the Health unit.  A student in their class has tested positive for Covid 19. “ Shortly before 11 PM CFN spoke with the Pharmacist at WalmartContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – Odds are if you’re reading this it’s not the first time you’ve visited the Cornwall Free News.  It’s not easy running an Independent newspaper in 2017.  It’s even harder in smaller markets. While we like other face challenges in a struggling economy and competing with giants likeContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – There are some excited and joyous about Wal-Mart taking over the old Target warehouse facility.  There’s talk of a few hundred more jobs. More jobs of course is never a bad thing, but sadly to this writer this is not good news. Competition for positions is goodContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Is Target in trouble in Canada?    The US retailer’s bold move into the smaller Canadian market has had some bumps and grinds from language laws for product, to higher cost for labour and different regulations than the US. With most Canadians within an hour drive ofContinue Reading

CORNWALL Ontario – Firefighters, EMS, and Police were called to the Walmart store on Brookdale Avenue in Cornwall Ontario Wednesday night. Smoke was reported at approximately 8 PM which resulted in the store being evacuated. No injuries were reported and the Cornwall Fire Services were investigating the roof looking forContinue Reading