Walmart Reverses Cashier Water Bottle Issue at New Store in Cornwall Ontario – FEB 6, 2015

walmart store imagewalmart store imageCFN – Walmart Canada today confirmed to CFN that they will in fact reverse their new store policy regarding cashiers being allowed to have a small water bottle with them while on duty.

CFN had been contacted regarding a new policy for the brand new and very nicely set up new store that was full on its opening day earlier this week.

Staff had been told that they could not have a water bottle with them as they had at  the old store because of possible cross contamination with the new expanded grocery section.

Walmart clearly supports a diverse workforce with some folks who have some disabilities and CFN gives kudo to the chain for reversing the policy after we contacted them earlier today.

Andrew Pelletier, VP Corporate Affairs contacted us this afternoon.

We have looked into this, and upon reviewing the feedback from associates in the Cornwall store, the store has now communicated to the associates that they are indeed (and of course) free to have water bottles at the cash registers, which is the case in our other stores. 


With the opening of the new store in Cornwall and the addition of a new water fountain at the front of the store near the cashiers , the local store reasoned that the new water fountain would be enough to accommodate associates rather than having individual water bottles at the cashier stations.  However, upon listening to feedback from the associates, the store is returning back to accommodating water bottles. 


We always strive to listen to our associates and customers and make changes as necessary and appropriate to meet their needs.  The associates are appreciative of the change back to accommodating the water bottles.





 Andrew Pelletier, APR, ABC

Vice President of Corporate Affairs & Sustainability

Kudos to Walmart on this one!

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  1. MR.Jamie
    Your soon going to be barred from Walmart Canada if you keep getting them to correct their mistakes.
    Seems like a small concession from a corporation making billions while paying low wages

  2. Author

    I buy my cat food and litter there. Why would they ban me? Silly big corporate company should be advertising on us. We have the largest audience and offer the best value. They spend thousands on putting out a flyer this week. I live downtown and haven’t had an ad bag in over a month. A banner linking to their online flyer could be as low as $99 per month. Same for all the grocery stores. We have single days sometimes with more traffic than the circulation of the ad bag and that’s of actual viewers and not just newspapers dumped on door steps, many of which don’t get read….

  3. Jamie, you feed your moggy cat-food from China?

  4. Author

    No, all Canadian food Furtz. I have happy Moggies. I can’t be a hypocrite. 🙂 Actrium is made in Canada and is bullet proof content wise and value. I only use the Senior formula and would feed it to an adult cat as well. No by products, corn, or wheat. Sam is going to be 26 and Butch is going to 16.

  5. Good to hear you buy only Canadian manufactured pet food. I used to buy whatever from wherever. But ever since I was educated on what goes in some of the pet foods manufactured off-shore I only buy Canadian or U.S. made pet food.

  6. Author

    Same here. I used to work for Royal Canin.

  7. That’s excellent Jamie. My moggy eats a variety of rodents and table scraps along with a handful of dry kibble from the feed store. She’s only about 10, but seems to be thriving. And she’s way smarter than any Tom I’ve known.

  8. Author

    My cats will eat some wet food, but no table scraps. Cats are weird….

  9. I would remind all our amazing readers to stay on topic LOL
    How did we get from Walmart water bottles to cat food??

    On the serious side Mr Jamie maybe you could help out poor Hugo again
    For the second week in a row he has written an editorial on Friday that has two comments only. Its about closed door meetings again and it seems he will surely go back to the french/english/french editorials if he hopes to get any readership.

    Point of View
    Educate yourselves in public, Cornwall city council


    Question of the weekend
    Hugo or Pastor Newton????
    “I have despised and railed against this”


    Don’t old your breath

  10. Author

    Aw Mel. Hugo at least is being constructive. Personally I’m more concerned at the apathy that a community like Sudbury has when it gives a free pass the Liberals after the scandal that came out about allegedly offering a bribe to someone to drop out of a race….

  11. My daughter uses her water bottle where she works at the cash and she has thyroid disease but even those who are well use their water bottles. I will be going over to slave world (Wally World aka Wall Mart) tomorrow morning for a list of things. The Target employees are treated very badly by the public and the same thing with my daughter and her co-workers and they all feel for what the Target employees are going through. My daughter went through the same with the other company and will not return. Jobs are as scarce as hens teeth and going to get a great deal worse. {MODERATED}

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