Walmart Logistics Distribution Worker Posts COVID 19 Fear in Cornwall Ontario. By Jamie Gilcig 031920

We all need cash to survive and that means working in close quarters for many.

While most services have been shut down, without the factories and farms rolling and distribution doing its thing our shelves would be empty.

When it comes to safety though we all win when best practices are taken.

For example while shopping at our local Walmart this morning there was no sanitizer for carts at the entry station. The Security guard said that there was none left.

And a person posted on social media about condition they allege at the regional Walmart Distribution Centre in Cornwall.

Surely a company as large as Walmart could provide basic gloves and masks to staff that request it?

We heard from other parties that work at the Ridgewood factory here in Cornwall with similar complaints.

If you work at a work place and feel unsafe and wish to talk to CFN you can reach us at

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