Cornwall Ontario – Odds are if you’re reading this it’s not the first time you’ve visited the Cornwall Free News.  It’s not easy running an Independent newspaper in 2017.  It’s even harder in smaller markets.

While we like other face challenges in a struggling economy and competing with giants like Google and facebook for digital dollars it’s important to ask yourself how important real news is rather than just a stream of press releases?

CFN has tackled stories other media won’t simply for fear of losing ad dollars and that frankly is when a newspaper should close because it’s no longer in the news business.

Right now we’re seeing corporate giants and government agencies throw their weight around.  Porter air is under fire for its scrap with The Rebel.  While the quality and political slant may be important to an individual ad buyer, the end result is that you’re buying ads to catch the viewers.

That’s all that should be important.  Who reads a media outlet?  Are they your demographic?   Do they have more eyeballs than competing media and do they offer better value?

The answers to most of those questions should send any decision maker to CFN to purchase an ad, but in years past newspapers also earned sizable incomes from classified ads and subscription fees.  Those are no longer a major source of income.  Many media outlets have had to bend to the will of those whose interest in the truth and real news being published simply don’t want viewed.

When we came to local school bus drivers aid and staff in exposing two stories against Wal Mart locally the result is that we don’t get ads from Walmart, which is kinda petty if you think about it and counter business, but some of those decision makers can be as thin skinned as Bernadette Clement and David Murphy.

So frankly dear CFN viewers.  If you like what you click on here, and you click over 1 million times per month, it’s time to pull your weight and do your share.

We need at least 1,000 of you to click that donate button below before the end of June.  Every dollar counts, but we’d like to see some of you dig deep who realize how important this media outlet is to our community even if you might not like every story we publish.

Just read our Mission & Vision statements and you’ll realize that to have a platform where your voice truly can be heard is really important.

And it’s time for us to have more voices on CFN.   That will cost money as nobody wants to work for free.  I sure don’t.

Our viewers have made us #1 in this market.  Now it’s time for everyone to pull together and allow us to deliver more of the news, views, and reviews you want!

So please click that Paypal button below and be as generous as you can.  For those that wish you can e – interac a payment as well to

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  1. CFN provides investigative journalism, not reworked news releases and stories edited to appease advertisers.
    And at CFN you won’t find soothing stories for the disinterested and comfortably, nor fluff news for our neighbours who are happily immersed in the common crookery that milks Cornwall day in and day out.
    Now, as our shoreline — our children’s legacy — is for sale… Help CFN prevail!

  2. Author

    yes Lassie, it was CFN viewers that played a key role in making sure we don’t already have condos in the parking lot of Lamoureux Parc.

    Since then the bad guys have tried to run yours truly out of town while people like Etienne St. Aubin and Neil MacMillan shrank from the heat.

    If people don’t want development this time they will have to mobilize and work together.

    Remember the bad theatre of the Water Tanks? That could happen again, if it hasn’t already.

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