WalMart Responds to Cornwall Customer Rollback Pricing Video 032618

Cornwall Ontario – An upset area man made a video while shopping at the Cornwall Walmart.  He was upset that if you peeled back the roll back sale sign the price appeared to be the exact same as the sale price.

The man’s video and post is no longer on his social media page.  He did not respond to CFN with comment for this story.

Walmart responded to the image earlier this afternoon:

Thank you for bringing this to our attention and we apologize for any confusion.  To highlight our great promotions for customers, we recently introduced new promotional price stickers.  The stickers are meant to take the place of the yellow shelf price label, as they provide customers with all the information they need.  

In certain cases, at the time of a price change, stores have taken the unnecessary additional step to change the shelf label to reflect the promotional price, before applying the new promotional sticker.

We are always working to improve our store operations and will continue to do so here.  We assure Walmart customers that the savings and “WAS price” communicated on the price stickers is accurate and the correct promotional price will scan at the checkout.  We thank all our customers for their continued business.    


Anika Malik

Director, Corporate Affairs

Walmart Canada


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  1. Various reasons. Some valid, some not so valid.

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