Cornwall Walmart Pharmacy Manager States that 3 Nursing Students to Self Quarantine After Fellow Student Diagnosed with COVID 19 Coronavirus 031420

It starts with a tip:

“…. that 3 nursing students that work there were instructed to self isolate for 14 days this afternoon from the Health unit.  A student in their class has tested positive for Covid 19. “

Shortly before 11 PM CFN spoke with the Pharmacist at Walmart in Cornwall and confirmed that 3 nursing students today were told to head home and to self isolate.

He said that he’d worked with all three today and on another occasion.

No word yet if he or other Walmart Pharmacy staff will have to self quarantine yet and we will update when more information becomes available.

It has not been confirmed if the nursing students were from St. Lawrence College which has a fine nursing program in Cornwall.

Walmart Canada has not responded to CFN as of publication time.

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Our original source alleged that all three nursing students attend St. Lawrence College in Cornwall.

UPDATE 11:15 SUNDAY MARCH 15, 2020

Staff at the pharmacy have been observed being gloved and masked up.

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  1. WOW. And it starts?? No further confirmations?

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