Female Body Confirmed in Ottawa – Case Being Treated as a Homicide – Autopsy to Confirm if it’s Melissa Richmond

mel richmondCFN – The body found near the South Bank Kelsey’s is being treated as a homicide.  Ottawa Police also confirmed that it is a female.

An autopsy today is to confirm if it is the body of Winchester Ontario resident Melissa Richmond.

Mayor Eric Duncan of North Dundas gave CFN the following quote:eric duncan june 13 2011


Our thoughts are with Melissa’s family during this very difficult time.

That’s all I will say at this point as we haven’t heard any other news.

Hoping for a positive outcome for her and her family, but the news yesterday was tough to hear. 

Ms Richmond’s Chrysler Sebring was found near where the body was located.

The OPP are working the Winchester area while Ottawa Police are lead on the scene.

Police withheld if the body was that of a female due to decomposition.

We will update this story as more information becomes available.   There is also a Facebook Page for Melissa.


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