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  1. Former water & sewer supervisor has no clue HOW to put a repair clamp on a broken water pipe .He said to a parks employee he watch a video once .GUESS what he got promoted , MR Bill Dewitt is now I guess assistant manager for public works.HEY I guess time to review HR.You pay these experts a lot for for whatÉ MR DALE YOU should be the one gone ,yo not over. Pissed off the wrong marine.

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    .J AMIE we gots to talk

  3. First of all, speechless…..

    All I can say is that, the Crown did not do his job…nor did the lame judge-

    If I was the Judge, not providing the necessities of life, it is a criminal offence and there is a code for this, open the book judge or do you need some help…Section 215 Perhaps the City of Cornwall Crowns and Judge need a little course on how to use this section. Open your eyes, Elder Abuse is the upcoming Tsunami……. Since Quebec invested over $20 million, in the area, Quebec, I am sure that these judges will see her as Being Guilty. Remember people Doctors are humans, they are not any better than anyone else and there is just as many that have drug and alcohol dependency, mental illness, gambling problems. murderers etc….Monster’s they can be…..After Quebec trial….United States Trial….let’s hope

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