Will Leslie O’Shaughnessy Run Against Bob Kilger in Cornwall Ontario Mayoralty Race by Jamie Gilcig – June 29, 2014

leslie jan 2012CORNWALL Ontario – Will he or won’t he?  That’s the question that many are asking Kilger Beardafter Cornwall Mayor Bob Kilger finally put his name on the dotted line and registered to run for a their term.    The “he” in question is former Councilor Leslie O’Shaughnessy who resigned from council this past term under a cloud of recrimination including allegations that the mayor had lied to council and to himself.

O’Shaughnessy, who is refusing to be pinned down, still hasn’t confirmed if he will or will not run; but support has been gaining and rumblings from some local Conservatives are that he will announce within weeks.

Contacted by CFN he stated that he had nothing to confirm at this time.

His last political appearance was on Seaway Radio along with Newmarket  Councilor Maddie DiMuccio.  That episode discussed accountability and transparency in Municipal politics.

Currently only Mayor Kilger and CFN Editor Jamie Gilcig are announced for the Mayor’s race in Cornwall.

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Pictured above from left to right: Leslie O’Shaugnessy in action – Bob Kilger in less action.

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  1. I think that Leslie O’Shaughnessey would make a good mayor and he does have experience in the political field of being a counsellor so he knows a lot of the ins and outs of things in Cornwall. This man has integrity and was honest with the people in saying in his way that he wanted no part of this corrupt system under Bare Ass and he had the people’s best interest at heart of not going on with this sharade. Yes Leslie would make a good mayor indeed. Bare Ass is completely corrupted and only for himself and his clique and the hell with the rest. You people in Cornwall all have to get together and change your ways of living and support Leslie and support Jamie and these two men have done so much good for Cornwall and it is about time that you support them in every way possible.

  2. There is someone that I was thinking about for some time who would be good as a councellor (Ward system) and that would be Mr. David Oldham. Mr. Oldham is from Ottawa originally and can offer a lot of experience since he is well known in Cornwall and I feel that he would be a good asset. Go for it Mr. Oldham.

  3. I agree, Leslie O’Shaughnessey would make a good mayor. Hopefully we won’t have a anyone but Kilger vote split between Leslie O’Shaughnessey and Jamie. If that happens Kilger will be back in. Arghhh!!!!

  4. God Almighty if that happens it will be hell on earth in Cornwall. Bare Ass is the very worst thing that ever happened to Cornwall. Cornwall would be literally doomed with that old horse for the glue factory ever came back.

  5. Jamie! Good Work: a Great interview,( Seaway Radio.com with Leslie O’Shaugnessy and Maddie DiMuccio). Everyone should take the time to listen to it. It answers many questions.
    Please make no mistake about it Mayor Kilger and those that support the clique don’t want Leslie in the race out of fear of what might come out. They are afraid of this man running.

  6. Jamie I believe that I said it before that Leslie would be the best candidate for mayor even though you are tops in my book as well. Like William Beattie said that the clique is very worried because Leslie can blow the roof off city hall for what he knows. I just listened to that discussion with that lady councellor De Michio from Newmarket along with yourself, as well as Leslie then I listened to Mark MacDonald. The feds never do anything on the spur of the moment and everything is well done years in advance and Bare Ass and his gang of shisters knew for months about the storage tanks and I have said it before. How can anyone put storage tanks near where people live besides a recreation area even if the federal government owns the land – it makes absolutely no sense at all. I hope that Leslie wins and Mark is a great asset as well and you too Jamie you are an excellent asset for Cornwall and I have said that all along.

  7. Jules, I agree. If Leslie O’Shaugnessy runs for mayor it’ll be an interesting race. And the tanks are in the ground and being used, time to move on from the blame game.

  8. If I were living in Cornwall Leslie O’Shaughnessey would get my vote including that of my family. Leslie is a good man and left because he couldn’t take the corruption that was going on. I have a lot of respect for what this man did. There is no way on God’s earth that Bare Ass didn’t know what was going on. For hell or high water Bare Ass is nothing but a liar and corrupted to the core. If anybody votes for him God help the people of Cornwall – send him to the glue factory where he belongs.

  9. Here’s a perfect example of what an independent media is capable of. This interview, truly opens ones eyes to the so called “transparency & openness” of our Council. Those of you, who profess to never read “CFN”, this is truly a good interview. Go on, go ahead, read it, nobody will know ! lol The only time we hear those words, (transparency & openness) are around election time & then it’s back to closed door meetings soon after ?

  10. Bill Parisien brought out some good points and yes now you hear the truth about the transparency of your local leaders. About CFN I can tell you that it is the best paper for local news. The only time I look at Ottawa’s papers is when a crime is committed in my area of town in order to get the particulars on what happened. Jamie is the best in Cornwall and that is the truth – he is an excellent journalist and will tell you the truth and not back down on the truth. Get out there and support Jamie and who cares about Bare Ass and his dirty clique. They all have to go to the glue factory together.

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