The Paleo Princess Kristin Blasiak Presents T Bone – The King of Steaks! Sept 4, 2014

kristin paleo CROPPEDCFN -That is some hot flesh I’m looking at and I’m not talking about Paleo Princess Kristin Blasiak as she delivers the beef with this edition of her column on the joys and recipes of Paleo eating and lifestyle!

paleo steak
The King of steaks graced our plates and palettes tonight.

There is something uber delicious about any kind of meat that is served with the bone in, must be that extra flavour and tenderness. Cuts like this require the smallest amount of effort, just some salt and pepper and throw it right on the grill until it reaches your desired doneness.

Of course you can always add a marinade or a bbq sauce while grilling, when does that ever hurt?

Since this steak was HUGE (almost the size of my entire plate) I thought that I should serve it with a very light side. Vegetable Hater won out on the side choice, with me making his favourite strawberry salad with homemade balsamic vinaigrette which actually turned out to be the perfect accompaniment to cut through the richness of the steak.

YUM! Oh and apparently I didn’t complete my steak to Vegetable Haters liking because I caught him nibbling on my bone after he cleared the dishes! Very reminiscent of family dinners when my mom would scold my dad for cleaning the bone off with his teeth while holding it in his hands.

I guess some things never change… and I should take that as a compliment!

As a Paleo devotee,   my successes and failures are dedicated to leading a healthy Paleo-inspired lifestyle. Most of my recipes do not include exact measurements because I rely heavily on my intuition when cooking. These measurements also fluctuate depending on how many people you are cooking for and your personal preferences so I invite you to put your own personal spin on any recipes I post.

Please update me with any interesting additions or alterations to my recipes, I am always open to trying new things!   And please post your comments below; especially how the recipe worked out when you try it!

Editor’s note:  Kristin bought her beef pictured above at our local Baxtrom’s YIG Your Independent Grocer in Cornwall Ontario!


  1. I still find it repulsive that this woman who is presenting food to our city, has to be half undressed in her picture. As a mother of 3 impressionable little girls, I think that this is in poor taste.

  2. Author

    Editor’s Note. Ms Blasiak doesn’t “have to be” This is her photo from her food blog that she chose. Do you really think she should have to be dressed in a Burkha to offer up tasty dishes? People, men and women, can take pride in their appearance if they chose to still in Canada, no?

  3. @ Tanya. Do you blindfold your kids when they go to a beach or when they watch TV?

  4. Jamie knows that I am mighty conservative and I mean the word mighty but looking at this woman I roared with laughter because I think about how my husband would feel looking at this and I bet Jamie felt the same as well. One thing that I can say is that morals have gone down hill Tanya and society will be paying for it. We can’t change everyone and if people cannot see things for themselves then they will never see it. As they say sex sells. For me sex doesn’t sell but turns me off. Men are men and are crazy. I do agree that it isn’t much for children to see but most kids today know so much more than a lot of us did at their age.

  5. Author

    Kristin is a bright young professional woman that works for a Fortune 500 company in an executive capacity that has a love for food. I’m very proud for CFN to share her vision with the world. Likewise if anyone wishes to share our soapbox feel free to click on our Mission and Vision Statements.


  6. In Victorian times, people actually put skirts on piano and table legs! The fear was that the sight of bare furniture legs would bring on uncontrollable impure thoughts in the menfolk and all hell would break loose. I kid you not.

  7. LOL LOL. ROLF! Furtz you are a riot. LOL LOL. Do you know that my husband was told by another man that some of those girls who wear the hijab have mini bikini underwear under them. LOL LOL. That is something that a lot of us never knew about. Don’t let the dress wear fool any of you. Men will feel charged no matter what you wear. Furtz you are very funny indeed. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  8. Tanya I know how you feel but I can tell you that when the kids hit school their eyes and ears will no longer be the same. Many parents are opting for home schooling because of what they know about what is going on in the schools. The universities have rape and that isn’t new. I remember hearing plenty about Carleton Universities tunnels when I worked with my supervisor Shirley in the federal government and her son went there back in the mid 60’s era. Today things are no longer hidden but out in the open. I personally would not want to raise kids today knowing what I know. Take care and stay with us. At least nothing here is hidden and pretending to be A ok. The problem is when things are hidden from the public.

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