Three More to Run for Council in Cornwall Dupelle Carr & Towndale Join Race Sept 5, 2014

Dupelle Jan 2012CORNWALL Ontario –   Two familiar faces joined the race for council in Cornwall as incumbents Maurice Dupelle and Denis Carr signed up officially.

They contrast as it was Dupelle’s first term on council and Carr is the longest serving elected official.  Where Dupelle was learning the ropes and actually stood up for some issues; (see video above where he starts to speak around the 3 minute mark)  more so than any of the other current councilors.


Carr is part of the problems that have made this current crop of Councillors the most dysfunctional in recent history.  He’s been attributed of being part of the slate of Denis Thibault, Elaine MacDonald, Bernadette Clement, and Glen Grant that rubber stamped and allowed multiple issues and scandals to be hidden and downplayed to the public.

Councillor Dupelle on the CFN Contest for the public to write in letters about how great Cornwall is which the city actually attacked.

There is even a group (FLUSH)  that sanctions a move to not re-elect of of the current crop.

Newcomer Justin Towndale is not new to politics having been a worker for the Liberal Party including his run to help Sandra Pupatello win the Provincial Liberal leadership.   That’s what happens when you pick the wrong horse in a race in a leadership; banishment to Cornwall City Council….


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  1. Best of luck Councillor Dupelle!!!

    You are the most decent, caring and compassionate person and truly a fine asset to the City of Cornwall.

    Your sincere regard for others is admirable. You are willing to take action and most of all willing to listen to the concerns of the people.

    Standing up for issues that you believe in at council offers hope to the hopeless in this city and offers hope for the future of this community.

    Needless to say that your passion for the youth of this city is highly applauded.

    It would be wonderful to have more Maurice Dupelles at the council table, but since we do have one, we are thankful for the excellent representative of others and the care you have for the overall good of the city of Cornwall.

    Thank you sincerely for everything you have done for our community!

    Yes, you certainly have our vote!!!

  2. 21 candidates for 10 positions. It should be interesting. Hopefully between the 21 we can find 10 good ones to start to get this city back on its feet.

  3. Author

    Hugger sadly it looks similar to the tactic that the Chamber of Commerce used a few years ago. There are very few viable candidates so far. Hopefully some good ones sign up before the cut off date next week!

  4. Or hopefully we can get Leslie O’Shaughnessy in as mayor and he can try to right the ship.

  5. This is a good sign to have 21 candidates apply for 10 jobs because that way you can weed out the bad ones and bring in the new. Coun. Dupelle is a good candidate. I liked a couple of things that he did and he is new. Most that are there now including Bare Ass have to go without question. I sure do hope that Leslie O’Shaughnessey gets in as mayor and cleans up the mess that has taken place.

  6. With the right leader (mayor) even marginal candidates who become councilors can become good councilors and serve the taxpayers correctly.

  7. Author

    Hugger it’s all about balance, ethics, and integrity mixed in with talent. For example today we are doing a story on fluoride as it’s on the council docket tonight. Each and every candidate was sent the opportunity to have a comment posted in the story. Some of the people currently elected and running don’t realize that to serve the public means all of the public; even those they may not like as much as others. When you exclude chunks of people and play exclusionary games you hurt the very community you have taken and oath to serve; like the Lay Committee refusing for me to be on any committees this past term with Glen Grant joking about it. It’s not how to build a city.

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