Murder in Cornwall Ontario – CCPS Confirms Stabbing Victim Dead Near Ramada Inn – NOV 27, 2014

cwpolicecar2-250x97Brookdale Avenue Stabbing


Cornwall, ON – The Cornwall Community Police Service is actively investigating an incident that occurred in the evening of November 26th, 2014 where a man was found suffering from stab wounds and later died. The Cornwall Community Police Service is currently not looking for any suspects in the matter and is treating this as an isolated incident. Police do not believe the public’s safety is at risk and will be releasing any additional information as it becomes available.

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  1. Since the CCPS are not looking for any suspects……did he stab himself?

  2. They are not CURRENTLY looking for any suspects. This is under investigation. Once they figure out who they think did it they will be looking for a suspect(s).

  3. I understand it as they know who did it therefore they don’t have to look for a suspect. As for isolated I take that as the suspect knew the victim and it was personal not a crazy killer on the loose. I don’t understand how anyone can see anything but this in the article. It’s not the police doing nothing.

  4. My first thought after reading this was the same as Stans, did he stab himself? The information is very veg. Glad you could clear this up for me Ronda.

  5. I do believe its what happened after Japan lost the second world war. People took their own lives out of despair. Thats why the Police aren’t looking for anybody.
    I shouldn’t even be this cavalier as some family has lost a son or a father.
    Depression can crush anybody and sadly Robin Williams cut himself with a knife the night he died

  6. Ronda seems to have a grip on the likely reality. I am inclined to agree with her interpretation of the police release. Bottom line someone is dead before their time and that is tragic.


    Cornwall, On – The Cornwall Community Police Service would like to inform the public that the investigation into the incident that occurred on Brookdale Avenue where a man was located with stab wounds has been completed. It has been determined that the man took his own life and the incident is no longer a police matter.

  8. Sadly I was right and it reinforces my belief that so much more effort and money have to be directed at the problem by our Government. More of our Veterans have died(Suicide) since coming back from Afghan than in the war. Suicides are preventable if the facilities and will exist.
    “Cornwall Ontario Police Deem Stabbing Near Ramada Inn a Suicide”

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