CFN Exposes a Little Group of Trolls in Cornwall Ontario Who Want You To Stop Reading Us by Jamie Gilcig 29/1/14

nm fbCORNWALL Ontario – Sometimes you have to out a troll clearly.   On the left is one Nicholas MacNaughton.  Mr. MacNaughton is a special kind of troll.

His hatred has lasted several years now and his energy in attacking CFN and myself seem to be his occupation.  It probably started when he started to date a particular young lady with a history related to a City Councilor that isn’t a CFN fan.

When he, like many others, fell for our April Fool’s joke a few years ago he went prattling on facebook about how awesome it is that CFN was gone, etc.

I handled him like I would a heckler and he lost his marbles to the point of telling people that he was going to physically harm me.  In fact I was cornered by himself, the female in question and her mom at an event at the Port Theatre.  It was a bit surreal, but no physical blows were struck and I didn’t lay charges.

However this troll started to go after my clients. In fact, one, lawyer Milena Cardinal, specifically told me that at a lunch while he was working for CIBC as a mortgage broker, that he implied that she’d get more business if she’d drop CFN.   She did that shortly after and ended up getting a $25K Heart of the City loan for her office on Adolphus Street which certainly isn’t in a commercial zone that the plan was intended for.   Ms Cardinal shared that Mr. MacNaughton had admitted to her that he in fact had gone to several businesses and suggested the same, that they should dump their advertising.

Irony is that when Nick was in trouble and upset with the Freeholder he came to CFN for help and we successfully assisted him.

Now he seems to have his undergarments in a bind and is on the war path again.

Nicholas MacNaughton FB block DEC 29 2014 1 with likes

In Cornwall this sort of thing means he’s trying to get something from the cliques, usually a job or gig of some sort.   Brownie points, like when Gaye Adams took a run at me during the election.

As after reading the page of drivel I thought, what if I shared with CFN viewers the list of people that subscribe to Mr. MacNaughton’s thought process and what businesses they own or where they work?

Recently we came to the defense of the Vincent family’s ice rink.  As of print time nearly 2,000 people signed our petition, over 3,000 voted in our poll(with 96% wanting to support the rink) and over 2,500 liked our story on facebook.


It’s amazing when people work together and tragic that such a small group can cause so much grief for the community.  Clearly reading the list below you can see some that have an agenda as they are with competing media. Competing for eye balls and for ad dollars.   Some in the list are just along for the ride and following a mob.

Clearly this move by Mr. MacNaughton and his supporters isn’t working at that level, but if you own a small restaurant or business and  you get a few phone calls or complaints you just might not advertise or pull an ad.

We’ve seen that with a few small businesses.  Sadly one is closing this January because these little trolls aren’t a solution.  Most aren’t even clients except rarely for a bit after they get their way.

So here is the list of those that clicked like so far for Mr. MacNaughton’s little theory.   We are not advocating boycotting them, but I think it’s fair that the public know who it is that’s trying to destroy CFN with a campaign of bullying and lies and those that support them.

Mr. MacNaughton states that he owns McNaughty Performance.  Not sure if he’s still at CIBC?  We’ll only be posting what is public information or what we know first hand.


What do you think dear  CFN viewers?  Is it time to stand up to strange and naughty behavior like that exhibited by this group?  What triggers this sort of mob madness?  Is it ignorance? Jealousy?  Trying to gain brownie points?
Why rip down in a community instead of work together and build everyone up?   Frankly the biggest action that can be done in this city is if local business kicked back and bought ads on CFN to stand up to mobs like this.  You now are seeing a glimpse of the minority that think and behave in this manner.  They now are getting their few moments of fame on CFN which maybe what some of them simply wanted in the first place.
This month, and it’s not over, CFN has had 67,392 unique vistors (over 40% from Cornwall) 244,042 visits comprising 1,256,006 human page views.  Clearly not all of Cornwall or the region agree with this motley crue’s opinion.   The question is simply then why not ignore CFN if you hate it that much?  Why go to lengths to try and coerce or force others?  Isn’t that a li’l crazy?
And the funniest thing is that Mr. MacNaughton and his supporters actions will ultimately give CFN more viewers.  Congrats Todd & Denis.  Keep up the good work for TC  Media!
You of course can post your thoughts and comments below.
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  1. Jerry….getting the population up has other benefits. We become eligible for grants. etc. from senior levels of government.

  2. Hugger, where would say, 25,000 new residents work? Is there in fact, a “goal” population we are talking about here? Pardon my ignorance, but i’m just trying to get a clear picture of what this higher population would look like that everyone says would be much better.

  3. I never said I had all the answers. Of course population increases would come as jobs, resources, etc. became available in Cornwall.

  4. Hugger I always said that you have a lot of good answers and that is true even though a lot of times (most times) we disagree to the hilt. What I will say is that the only kinds of people who go to Cornwall are mostly welfare recipients and you cannot collect taxes from those people. Very few (exceptionally few) businesses go to Cornwall and it has always been the way where the corrupt hyarchy run Cornwall and they have run it into the ground. People are stuck with high taxes and high taxes chase businesses away. I always say happy new year to all and mean that but this year everyone is going to start seeing something that is going to shock them and I won’t go into it and I know what is coming. Get your homes in order as well as your spiritual selves and that is the truth because you will all need it in order to get by. There is nothing cheap Hugger – where it is low cost there is something behind it all. Somebody has to pay and every time a business leaves the more taxes that the general people are on the hook for. People have themselves to blame putting in corrupted people and nobody wants to live under such an umbrella and you have to admit that. Cornwall will not grow as long as those corrupted people are in Cornwall brewing their dirty deeds.

  5. Scores….Boston Pizza….Quiznos….Quesada Burritos….Shoeless Joes….etc.

  6. In every city and town there exists corruption and not so nice citizens. Sadly there will always be those who’s only agenda is to destroy others & in this day & age of technology it is very easy to do just that. Rumors are damaging to businesses & private lives & those responsible for hurting others in this way should be held accountable….what you put out into the universe you get back times 3. Something to think about.

  7. Elliott…..I agree 100% with your comment of January 1, 2015 at 4:07 pm. Cornwall is NOT unique in corruption, etc.

  8. We’ve seen quite a bit in our lovely little city. Don’t get me wrong I love Cornwall but wow oh wow. Haha!

  9. Author

    Yes Elliot. People don’t get that you can confront the type of behavior exhibited by Mr. MacNaughton and his friends without hating their community.

  10. Very very true, these people are just projecting the misery in their own lives & when you have an entire group of these people feeding off of each others negativity you get the infamous mob mentality type of attacks.

  11. Jamie, If I must say, it’s articles like this that feed into the negative aura that sometimes follows you in the community. Who cares what people think of you or your news outlet. You have several followers and readers based on the numbers you published in another post.

    The fact that you tackle issues in a manner that others won’t touch, is what makes CFN unique and important. Where other news outlets often shy away, you tackle the issues that other are unwilling, unable or just plain afraid to publish.

    People in the community dislike your style for two reasons. One being that you tackle issues that open up contentious issues such as corruption etc… That is the part of your journalism that I enjoy. The other reason people dislike your style is the personalization of issues that you create. This opens the doors for people to criticize you and delegitimization your work.

    Leave the drama for TV. Stick to the facts. Who cares who doesn’t agree with you or dislikes you. Let your facts do the talking. The moment you make it personal, you take credit away from yourself and empower those who are corrupt etc…

    Just my two cents. I think you do great work, but you handicap yourself with the drama. If you left the negativity at home, your ceiling for success would be remarkable.

    Good Luck

  12. Author

    Jean perspective is a funny thing. I can tell you that this story drew a ton of traffic, but more importantly it drew a lot more support than you think against the type of bullying and abuse that the people that supported Mr. MacNaughton think is normal. All we did was shine a light on them. Those that complained loudest were those on the list and to show how silly this group is they tried the next day to get another group highlighted.

    Decisions to give exposure to these types of people that do nothing more the highlight the cliches of our city are not taken lightly. This is a town where someone recently bragged to me about “slapping around” Ryan Gosling in school for wearing MC Hammer pants. (and we wonder why Ryan doesn’t rave about Cornwall)

    The extra bonus was the many pieces of information about some of these “Good People” that will be coming out in future stories or lawsuits as some of them have been alleged to be doing some other nasty stuff in our community.

    Sometimes you have to crack some eggs to make an omelette. I want our city to be a better place. To be progressive and the kind of place that people will want to visit, live in, and do business in. We’re not where we need to be now and what these nincompoops don’t realize is that an awful lot of people read CFN and are watching.

    If they would be successful and somehow kill CFN I think the entire community would lose and be black marked more than it already is.

    I think 2015 is the time for cowardice and excuses to end and I’m hoping that our true community leaders step forward and treat CFN and its viewers with the respect that we deserve.

  13. Most excellent response to Jean Beasceau.

    Jean Beasceau….research “gonzo journalism.” That’s what Jamie does and he does it very well.

  14. Author

    Why thank you Hugger. Sadly my chosen community will probably not recognize that until I’ve moved away….

  15. You said it Jamie and a great many people do read CFN and not just those who live in Cornwall but elsewhere. When the story popped up about the children’s skating rink on Monaco Crescent is went around like wildfire throughout Canada and people must have thought about a Meth Lab or something going on or smuggling. This became something of a joke something to laugh at wondering what the new mayor is doing with a good family trying to promote healthy physical activity and a family of teachers. Isn’t this quite a swith from the fraudsters of Willie Wise, Holy Cow Gilles Latour, the Dr.’s son who made himself an illegal lawyer who stole from people and I can go on and on and on. CFN is the best and we all know it. Best of luck to Jamie and his CFN for many years to come. Let’s see the rats run in different directions with their shame.

  16. Hopefully not. A strange little city Cornwall is.

  17. This is much more than just a group of twits on line these people represent businesses. That mighty weird looking person with the Santa Hat known as MacNaughton who represents CIBC, Leslie’s daughter who works in a pharmacy, Pierre Bellemare who represents Farm Boy and I went to high school with Daniel, Bourgon of Bourgon Construction – I went to high school with Jeannine Bourgon, and so many others here that have made complete and utter fools of themselves. There are many twits idiots on that cursed Facebook and they literally showed just who and what kind of low levels that they truly are. A day is coming for them because Cornwall is finished. Businesses are holding on for dear life but it won’t be for long before the crash comes and people will be hungry.

  18. Oh Jules….the prophecy according to Jules. You make me laugh a lot.

  19. Hugger Jules proficies always comes true my dear man always and that is no joke. You will see as time goes on and remember your wacky Jules. I am not going to tell you much just watch for the signs.

  20. My mistake. I should have used “predictions’ instead of “prophecy.” A “prophecy” is a process in which one or more messages that have been communicated to a prophet are then communicated to others. Such messages typically involve divine inspiration, interpretation, or revelation of conditioned events to come. The process of prophecy especially involves reciprocal communication of the prophet with the (divine) source of the messages. Throughout history, clairvoyance has commonly been used and associated with prophecy.

  21. Hugger – Gonzo journalism tends to favor style over accuracy and often uses personal experiences and emotions to provide context for the topic or event being covered. It disregards the ‘polished’ edited product favored by newspaper media and strives for a more gritty approach. Use of quotations, sarcasm, humor, exaggeration, and profanity is common.

    I get it.

    My comments weren’t meant to be offensive towards Jamie. I said in my previous post, I think he does great work. I was merely suggesting that his current style (specifically the personalization of issues) may detract from his message to the general public.

    Jamie – I don’t disagree with your most recent post here either. I’m glad this article was a sucess for you. I just feel that a slight change in your approach may get you further ahead. I think you’re wonderful at digging deep into stories. Trust me, I’ll keep reading! All I meant is that you might catch more flies with honey!

  22. Author

    Jean, no offense intended, but you always have a choice to read or not read. We just had a comment from a creepy hater who actually admitted to reading CFN while away in Europe. Ultimately in media, the goal is to garner the largest Marketshare, especially in key demographics. We are not here to pander to the likes or sensitivities of any party or parties. We don’t cow tow. We don’t kiss rectal areas, we do try and always speak the truth which is something many other media refuse to do.

    So my friend you’ll have to accept CFN the way we are and we are very progressive. We get tons of feedback, mostly from the amount of clicks different types of stories get.

    What you complain about is the very reason why we get so much traffic, because we make the news personal. I find people fascinating. I’d much rather write nice things about them, but it does seem that readers prefer dirt. That’s a reflection of the public, not my personal position.

    When I’ve gone into the public and sought sponsorship to do positive stories I get doors slammed in my face. I get scoffed at, but ultimately less people click on those stories than ones that point out the bad guys.

    I think that’s because we live in a world of gross injustice where the bad guys rarely get called out or exposed and that there is little to no accountability.

    I think CFN is a huge resource for this community and I also think it’s time for the community to start to show their support for us.

    Happy 2015!

  23. Thanks Jamie. No offence taken. I wasn’t complaining, just a friendly suggestion is all!

    Happy 2015 indeed.

  24. When I first stumbled upon CFN (I think it was the Cornwall Square garage / bridges story) I was not a fan of the journalistic style. But I’ve learned to appreciate what Jamie does. I don’t always agree with what or how Jamie does things. I also don’t rely on CFN as the only media I read. Every media does not cover all the news stories, so I read others as well.

  25. There is no other media only Jamie’s CFN. The other is only toilet paper and nothing else.

  26. While I read CN I think it’s important to get more than one point of view on news, et. Thus I read the CSF and from time to tme cruise over to CSN.

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