Jim Brownell Being Keynote at Team Cornwall AGM is Like Gilles Latour Hosting a Mother’s Day Event by Jamie Gilcig

brownell in x files posting - url is a list of all items in x files brownell posted in as of Aug 2 2014CORNWALL Ontario – The latest presser from Team Cornwall announcing Jim Brownell as the key speaker shows how disconnected the group has become.

Frankly it may be time to either sit down and figure out what Team Cornwall really should be or disband it.

Having Jim Brownell be a key speaker for this group is like having Gilles Latour be your MC for a Mother’s Day event.

Of course Latour was actually thanked last year by Peter Gault at the AGM.  I’m not sure for what and Latour was present at the event.

It’s surprising that they didn’t bring him on stage and give him roses…

Team Cornwall has become a celebration of what’s ill in Cornwall.  It’s about a tight clique clutching control or what they feel is control tightly too their bosoms.   It’s about the bar being so low that what is celebrated makes outsiders head’s shake and then turn our city into a joke.

I know, harsh words, but it’s like a kids art work.  It’s great to put an ugly effort on your fridge and encourage the little tot, but at a certain point reality has to kick in.  Reality has yet to kick in here in Cornwall.

The business community is not doing well.  Take out Wal-Mart and Big Box stores and what do you really have left?

Look at Pitt Street.  Look at Montreal Road.    While there are a few bright spots, there are far more empty windows with for rent or for sale signs in them.

The Plowing Match benefits from thousands and thousands of political dollars worth of funding.  Much of that funding should have been spent in Cornwall on projects like Lift Off (cancelled)  Winterfest (cancelled) and others.

We can’t even afford apparently to fund our 33 year old Public Art Gallery.

A plowing match in Finch?   That’s what Team Cornwall wants to celebrate?   Led by a man that supported the desecration of our sacred symbol to our fallen soldiers?   Really?

That’s sad.  That should be a wake up call.   It probably won’t though, and sadly it probably will be business as usual.

As for Mr. Brownell; he can be covered by his friends and supporters all he wishes, but the day he sided with people that desecrated the Poppy over the Men & Women of our Military is the day he should have been stripped of his role with the Glens and shunned from polite company.

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  1. Before Team Cornwall defines it mission statement, perhaps Cornwall should be defined. Having left Cornwall in 1985 at the age of 20 I have recently returned with my family. We’ve had the opportunity to live in many Canadian cities from coast to coast. We chose to return to Cornwall partly because of aging parents, but also because it is a great place to live; if you have a job.

    In my opinion, the issues surrounding Team Cornwall is not understanding the city’s potential and limitations. Let’s face it; many of the local so called “Elite” are nothing but big fish in a small pond. Their delusions misdirect this city. They see or hear of a success story in larger centres and automatically assume that the same will work in Cornwall. Not so. The demographics are vastly different and not only from a population standpoint. The socio-economic situation is unique and growth has to be planned and developed in accordance. There is ‘A World of Possibilities’, but let first capitalize on what’s in our own backyard before taking on the world. From a geographical point of view alone, there is no reason why Cornwall shouldn’t experience tremendous economic growth.

    Cornwall has to be Cornwall on its own merit and all the teams and team cards in the world aren’t going to change that.

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  2. Excellent comments Backhome. I think you hit part of the problem right on the head.


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