Is Taking in More Syrian Refugees to Canada A Band Aid by Jamie Gilcig SEPT 8, 2015

The Syrian refugee question is getting a lot of ink since the tragedy of a child washing up on a beach in Turkey.   And it is a tragedy just like the tragedies occurring all over the world.  Africa especially is full of these stories as is other parts of the world yet something about this particular case has caused a light storm.

syriaEstimates that nearly half of Syria have been displaced.  Imagine that here in Canada?    Clearly the West has not been wanting to allow in many from Syria and can one blame them?

Is France really wanting to bring in a wave of refugees from the Middle East with its current problems?

The current crisis has Turkey and Lebanon yielding the brunt of those fleeing.   Saudi Arabia?  Zero.   Nada.  Kuwait?  Quatar?  UAE?   Nope.   Egypt has, even Iraq has, but these countries have not.   Sounds kinda familiar for that area.

Does it make sense to move refugees half way across the planet to a foreign culture or support them closer to their homes where most likely many would want to eventually return.

This is not a minor faction or group.  We’re talking about a half of a country.    We’re also talking about a country itself that was never big itself in taking in refugees.   The amount of Palestinian refugees for example were not that large and most had to live in camps even up until the Civil War instead of allowed to become true refugees or citizens.

Clearly some of the numbers bandied by countries (Canadian PM hopeful Justin Trudeau wants 25,000) are band aids or political feel good rhetoric during a Federal election which ultimately creates a new set of issues not only for refugees, but the communities they land in en masse.

Canada itself is partaking in the War in Syria including the use of Air Strikes and probably has more of a reason to assist refugees than many EU countries.

The solutions may not be simple or easy, but opening up the flood gates may not resolve any issue either.    While many countries can review and improve their support of refugees there are many solutions to consider other than immigration.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Would you like to see more Syrian refugees come to Canada?  You can post your comments below.



  1. If we are talking about what a reasonable person would deem a genuine refugee, then by all means, we must provide them safe haven… Would we ever have to pose this question if it were whether to throw a life preserver to a drowning child?

  2. Jamie according to what my husband has read from his papers back home in Lebanon is that Lebanon has around 2 million Syrian refugees and Jordan has at least 2 million or more of them not counting what Turkey has as well. Some people have criticized Israel for not taking in the refugees and Israel cannot because they have their own problems with the Palestinians and you cannot add more problems than what they already have. My heart is big and would love to have quite a number of them here but there are huge consequences as well. One fear that I have the most like what my husband fears is that some can be ISIS among them and these people are coming in (most of them) undocumented so you don’t know who is who. Not all the Syrians are Islamic but the majority of them are Islamic and people are afraid of Sharia Law and yes if they get numerous enough in a country they can take over and make their own laws. There is something else here and that is that their mentality and way of life is very different to our own and my husband can attest to that. When they see our Canadian, US, Aussie, European, etc. women they say that she is loose because of the loose morals that they don’t have overseas and they can and do rape sometimes. The mindset is totally different and that is the truth.

  3. I have no issue with helping legitimate refugees. However, “refugees” who come to Canada and play the system for all it’s worth I have problems with.

  4. Hugger there are plenty of those even among Americans. Your Jules reads a great deal and believe me there are plenty doing just that as we speak. Yesterday there was something about women from China and other countries coming over and getting surogates to carry their children and using our Canadian Health Care System. I don’t know if you saw the article but I sure did. You would be shocked to know what goes on.

  5. ISIS has openly stated they have sent thousands of Jihadis into Europe to kill
    how many do you want
    let Trudope and that #$%^#@&* at Queens Park adopt them all

  6. Jules….I know what goes on. I worked for Citizenship and Immigration Canada for a number of years. I saw all the tricks being pulled.

  7. Real bad idea! To allow the flood of Muslims in the West, will be its downfall to Sharia Law. I believe this is a well thought out plan of Isis. I feel the pain and suffering that these immigrants are going though, but it is their barbaric religion that is at the root cause of all their suffering.

    John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me”.

  8. This is a made in Syria problem. Assisting is fine. The root problem is ISIS and resources on assisting the country in dealing a death blow to the problem is simply where the smart money goes. No civil unrest and refugees are civilians leading normal lives again. Canada with its two major provinces (Ontario and Quebec) not able to pay their way and being propped up by the smaller provinces is not in a position to take on vast numbers of refugees. I will pray for them.

  9. That’s quite something coming from a religious fanatic who immigrated to Canada to spread hate and bigotry.

  10. David, I thought you would be better informed than that. In Syria, 90% of the killing has been carried out by the Syrian government with the backing of Putin’s Russia. ISIS is an evil force that will have to be dealt with, but the Syrian tragedy is mainly a government issue.

  11. There re a miority of Syrians who are Christian and I have read that some Muslim Syrians are converting to Chrstianity to become accepted. It is like the word in Arabic “mooron” meaning to lie and they are very well known for that.

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