Syrian Refugee Debates Bring Out The Racisim & Ignorance in Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig

It’s sad when pundits…or hacks as in the case of Todd Lihou of the Seaway Media try to make hay on the suffering and misfortune of others.

I  just read a very strange and bizarre editorial by Mr. Lihou on the Syrian refugee crisis and his suggestion that there’s plenty O room here in Cornwall.

He cites how we lost population in a recent census without really understanding why, or even worse gerrymandering his data to come up with a loony position.    He cites Cornwall having jobs when in fact we don’t really.

The biggest complaint of why people leave here, especially our youngest and brightest, is a utter lack of opportunity, especially if you’re not connected to the shrinking cliques that hover around City Hall.

Cornwall, like quite a few small towns in rural Ontario does have racist undertones.    It’s boggling in that most of the guilty don’t even realize it and don’t consider themselves racist.    Terms like “rag head”, “nigger”, or “Jew me down” are quite common.     There’s a tolerance for the most part, but the racism is still there.  It’s kinda weird in that nobody wants to harm or hurt anyone, but it’s always in the room.  It’s a kinda polite ingrained form of racism.

When you confront them or call them on this then the real hate comes out as has been seen in local social media pages.   Mr. Lihou cites what sounds like something like extortion in threatening to “out” a local restauranteur who posted such comment.

I think Canada should come to the aid of all refugees as is necessary including opening our doors to true refugees that want to make their homes in our country, but does it make any sense for us to bring in 25,000 bang bang to feel good?    There are many wars currently ongoing and have been many over the last decades, under Liberal and Conservative Federal governments.   Never has there been such a call to bring in so many refugees at one time.

Here in Cornwall we get a flood of evacuees from  Kashechewan when they get flooded out.   The government of Canada flies them into Cornwall where they tear up the NAV CAN facility.    They are controlled in some ways; IE which parts of NAV CAN they can attend, and then after a week or so they are flown back home.

That costs an awful lot of money and impacts the community in many ways.     And these are our own residents, not from the other side of the planet.

Again, we need to help the refugees, but a few questions first.

  1.  Why aren’t the countries near Syria taking these folks in??   They have a common language and culture for the most part and some are actually related.
  2. Is bringing these people to Canada the best way to assist them or could we not help them temporarily over there until things calm down?  Do all of these refugees really want to resettle permanently in another country?
  3. Will the government be covering the extra burden on communities with extra amounts of refugees?  For example I have lived in Cornwall now for 12 years and still do not have a doctor.   Clinics and the hospital are crowded (and at least one substandard).   If Cornwall had an influx of a few hundred permanent families could we support that infrastructure without additional funding?

There are many factors to look at no matter which refugee crisis we face.  What’s odd is that there are many, yet Syria is attracting so much attention?

Clearly this has been a political potato with people like Todd Lihou trying to sound like they have a clue about what they are writing about, but the bottom line is that there are many ways to help refugees including bringing them to Canada, but the impact and issues of this have to be clearly looked at.

According to Wikipedia a refugee is:

“A refugee, according to the Geneva Convention on Refugees[1][2] is a person who is outside their country of citizenship because they have well-founded grounds for fear of persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, and is unable to obtain sanctuary from their home country or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail themselves of the protection of that country;[1][2] or in the case of not having a nationality and being outside their country of former habitual residence as a result of such event, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to their country of former habitual residence.[1][2] Such a person may be called an “asylum seeker” until considered with the status of “refugee” by the Contracting State[1] where they formally make a claim for sanctuary or right of asylum.”

the article adds:

“At the end of 2014, there were 19.5 million refugees worldwide 14.4 million under UNHCR‘s mandate, plus 5.1 million Palestinian refugees under UNRWA‘s mandate). The 14.4 million refugees under UNHCR’s mandate were around 2.7 million more than at the end of 2013 (+23%), the highest level since 1995. Among them, Syrian refugees became the largest refugee group in 2014 (3.9 million, 1.55 million more than the previous year), overtaking Afghan refugees (2.6 million), who had been the largest refugee group for three decades.[3] As of February 2015, Turkey hosts the most refugees of any country, having 1.7 million Syrian refugees, whilst Lebanon and Jordan have by far the most refugees per capita, at c.25% and c.11% respectively.[4][5][6][7] Pakistan is second, hosting 1.6 million Afghan refugees.[8] According to the UNHCR there are 200,000 to 500,000 Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh and only 32,355 of them are registered.[

Maybe, just maybe, our tax dollars may be better served by assisting the countries like Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan than bringing refugees to Canada en masse?

Again, if they want to come to Canada and become part of our country great, that’s super, and let’s accommodate them, but let’s not play politics and dump 25,000 or more distressed people into communities (or even worse, temporary detention centres) to make some of us feel good.

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  1. Yes Jamie, small towns can be a little more racist. But I’ve lived in lots of small towns in Ontario and Cornwall stands out as the most racist I’ve ever witnessed. It’s endemic up there. Cornwall is the whitest town I’ve seen in modern times. So I would suggest their racism is working and effective. I realize there are no extra jobs to go around at the moment. And the social intellectual divide between white collar and blue collar is truly amazing. Has anyone in Cornwall ever seen a business hire a native or person of colour? No jobs for the off white in Cornwall and certainly no dinner invitations. It really stands out in an obvious way. Cornwall has a great library containing books of many colours and the city should visit it once and awhile.

  2. There is a difference between Refugees and Migrants. There is a reason why these are all .strong young strapping men, and not woman and children., or proper families. Who decides that woman and children should stay behind in an unsafe lifestyle? Because it’s all organized, this is not a refugee situation, it’s part of the global Islamic invasion, by the UN and spearheaded by the OIC. (Organization Islamic Culture) which is a UN mandated body. The invasion is only aimed to destabilize the Freedoms of western civilizations. Which is why no other Muslim country opens their doors. However they finance and help the western invasion. Go figure. The world can see the results of Germany, the U.K., France, Sweden, Norway, Switzerland, and lately the USA. They are NOT there to integrate, but to simply cause unrest and slowly covert rules, laws and values to reflect Islam. Canada was one of the last standing, with Harpers strong views on terrorism and anti Sharia law. Now that’s gone, and Canada is now part of this Islamic conversion. Racism is quickly labeled onto those who are informed and stand up for Canada. You will notice racism is NOT labeled to those who oppose Canada and it’s values and freedoms. This is how we are brainwashed by the leftist media goverened by the leftist liberal thinkers.

  3. If we consider the aftermath of the Exodus of refugees flooding Europe – Germany, Sweden, etc., we can see that we will be asking for a lot of trouble. This is not being racist, but being sensible and aware of what will happen if we open the flood gates here in Canada. Yes, main stream media would want to hide the facts of what is really happening over in Europe. If we think it won’t happen here too, we deserve it all for being such fools.

    The Syrian issue is between two rival groups of Muslims – Sunni and Shiite. This fight has been going on since the death of Muhammad. I see no end to it, but I can see how Islam will use it to spread further control over the world. One way or another it will be Islam, and with Islam comes Shari Law.

    Until the Prince of Peace comes – King Jesus, the Son of David, there will be not real, lasting peace:
    “I create the fruit of the lips; Peace, peace to him that is far off, and to him that is near, saith the LORD; and I will heal him. But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. There is no peace, saith my God, to the wicked” (Isa 57:19-21).

    Until then, we pray for the peace of Jerusalem!

  4. One more thing folks that is very important to say and that is women and children blow themselves up in the name of Allah so please don’t make a big distinction. In my husband’s papers they caught a woman who blew herself up. In Islam children are dispensible and are told to do just that. Things were done in the Vietnam war by women and children.

  5. That’s pretty rich coming from you, Newton, given that you immigrated to Canada from a foreign country to preach religious intolerance and general hatred of those who don’t buy into your asinine beliefs.

  6. But Furtz – how easy you forget in all your manifest malice toward God and His Son – the Lord Jesus Christ, that I came to obey the laws of the land not to replace them or overthrow them. All Muslims want, and can’t wait for Sharia Law to be the law of the land. “asinine beliefs” – you mean the spaghetti god. I’ll have mine with meat balls, if you please!

    Pro 16:22 “Understanding is a wellspring of life unto him that hath it: but the instruction of fools is folly”.

  7. “Why aren’t the countries near Syria taking these folks in? ?”

    They are: Turkey hundreds of thousands, Jordan hundreds of thousands, Lebanon (population 4 million) an extra 1.5 million to the point that they are close to being overwhelmed.

    Simple humanity demands a generous, welcoming response. The kind that Canada gave to the Vietnamese boat people back in the ’70s. Not only that, there is also huge potential economic benefit in taking them in. The Syrians too are boat people, mostly well qualified people so desperate to get out they are giving up their life savings to get out. Being well qualified from an ancient civilization, they will in time, like the Vietnamese, give back to Canada in spades (in the same way as the East Germans since the fall of the Berlin wall have helped to make a unified Germany the strongest economy in Europe).

    In other words, it would be not only brutal to turn our backs on Syrian refugees. It would also be incredibly short-sighted, not to say stupid. We’d be turning our backs on a gift–a golden opportunity to increase both the human and material wealth of Canada.

    Yes, of course, the refugees must be screened, and screened with extra care.That is precisely what our new government is emphasizing will be the case.

  8. At the end of life we will not be judged by how many diplomas we have received, how much money we have made, how many great things we have done.
    We will be judged by “I was hungry, and you gave me something to eat, I was naked and you clothed me. I was homeless, and you took me in.”
    ― Mother Teresa

  9. Why aren’t the countries near Syria taking these folks in??” As a previous commenter said they are. But they are also dealing with their own problems.

    “Is bringing these people to Canada the best way to assist them or could we not help them temporarily over there until things calm down? Do all of these refugees really want to resettle permanently in another country?” I don’t think the situation “over there” will ever be truly normal. As for resettling in another country I think they’d want to come here. Would you rather live in a country constantly in turmoil or in a country like Canada? I think most would choose a country like Canada.

    “Will the government be covering the extra burden on communities with extra amounts of refugees? For example I have lived in Cornwall now for 12 years and still do not have a doctor. Clinics and the hospital are crowded (and at least one substandard). If Cornwall had an influx of a few hundred permanent families could we support that infrastructure without additional funding?” The government usually does help with the extra burden placed on communities faced with (extra) refugees. They will have to deal with finding a family doctor just like a lot of people do. As for “Clinics and the hospital are crowded (and at least one substandard).” I hope you are now referring to the CCH. If you think the CCH is substandard try going to a hospital in Ottawa. I have gone to both the CCH and Ottawa hospitals with chest pains. At the CCH they find a spot for you right away, if you go to Ottawa you are told to take a seat in the waiting room and you wait with the other ER patients until your number is called. Could it be better? Yes. But compared to some CCH is much better. The ER is for emergencies, not for things that can be dealt with at clinics or by family doctors. Too many people treat the ER as their family doctor.

    And contrary to popular belief these refugees will not just be brought here, as referred to by Krisztina Soos in a CSF article. They will be properly vetted to try and weed out potential problems.

  10. Ron – the Bible is very clear. It is not what you do, but what Christ has done in your place and stead as a legal substitute. It is faith that trusts that holds on to Christ and Christ alone. As soon as you try to add anything – your worth, your works, your religion, etc., to Christ’s perfect and finished accomplishment, you cut yourself off from grace. If that happens, then you are not allowed to enter into God’s presence, nor enjoy His loving favor. It is not like the Roman Catholics when they commit a moral sin, they have to get saved all over again, but as long as you trust in any area of self, God rejects you. “Nothing in my hands I bring….. ” but to Christ alone I cling. Christ alone! Faith alone!

    Apply this to Mother Teresa – by one hand she was clinging to the Roman Catholic church for salvation, and with the other hand she was clinging to her so called religious good works. She had no grip on the Lord Jesus Christ by faith, so when she died she slip off into Hell (not purgatory). She had faith in her church, and faith in her self, but no saving faith in Christ.

    Rom 3:28 “Therefore we conclude that a man is justified by faith without the deeds of the law”.

  11. Author

    Hugger you have to remember that the situation over there is something that many of the refugees are a part of. Syria is suffering from a brutal civil war with major factions on either side. Essentially all sides of that civil war have decimated the country and caused the need to assist the victims.

    No, I think I was quite clear in not referring to CCH, but in fact to one of our clinics.

    My point of my piece is that this process has become far too politicized and that surely cannot be positive.

    All it takes is one mistake for a major tragedy to occur. That’s not to say we shouldn’t take in legitimate refugees. It simply means that we have to get the politicians out of the process whether that be fast tracking or gerrymandering the process and we have to determine if the process is a solution for all.

    Part of the problem in Europe is that many migrant communities turn into mini ghettos like in France that end up breeding ills all unto their own. We don’t want to see that in Canada.

  12. Yes Newton, Mother Teresa is burning in hell, along with everyone else who didn’t subscribe to your particular beliefs. Makes perfect sense.

  13. Author

    Just a friendly reminder to all to please post on topic and refrain from personal attacks of any sort.

    Thanks for making your moderator’s job as pleasant and painless as possible.


  14. On the subject of racism, Vladimir Putin, when asked about how Syrian refugees would be welcomed in Russia, replied: “In Russia lives Russians. Any minority from anywhere, if it wants to live in Russia, to work and eat in Russia, should speak Russian and should respect the Russian law. If they want Sharia law then we advise them to go to those places where thats the state law. Russia does not need minorities, minorities need Russia, and we will not grant them special privilege, or try to change our laws to fit their desires, no matter how loud the yell Discrimination!” Why can’t we, as Canadians, adopt this line for our country?

  15. Pastor Tom
    Mother Teresa did not spend her time reading or quoting verses from the Bible.She lived according to the Word.
    Reading a recipe book does not feed your family.You need to do the cooking.That’s the hard part.
    I am not a practicing Christian. I will surely burn in hell with Mother Teresa to take care of me.

  16. Stan… What are you talking about? Anyone visiting or immigrating to Canada has to abide by Canadian laws.

  17. Admin….I agree. But the solution is not an easy one. Again I agree that the process has become far too politicized and that surely cannot be positive. We should take in legitimate refugees AFTER they have been fully vetted. I am not willing to short change the process just to speed up processing. Then we don’t know who we’re really getting. It would be nice to remove politicians from the process, but I don’t see it happening. Refugees, a lot of the time, are created because of the political process. We (Canada) live in a democratic society. And no I don’t want to discuss what others may think of of our democratic society. And some countries solve their political problems by using war. It’s not right. But, as I said not an easy solution to find.

  18. “Anyone visiting or immigrating to Canada has to abide by Canadian laws”. Yes that is true Furtz, but who is going to enforce our Canadian laws? The Liberals? Don’t hold your breath!

  19. Laws are one thing. Changing established Canadian values and traditions is something else.

  20. if you listen to retired NATO general Wesley Clark you will surely learn some things besides listening and reading to things other than Cornwall’s toilet papers of record. All what is going on in the Middle East has been planned many years in advance – none of this just happened on the spur of the moment. I had a good laugh a while ago because many Yanks want to immigrate to Canada because of the Syrian refugees and many of our Canadians feel the same way. I myself don’t know where to go with all what I have learned. I am like a person who is a refugee myself because of all the influx coming in and this is only the very beginning folks. You all haven’t heard anything yet. I was even listening to a young girl of 27 years old of Syrian descent who lives in Australia and she knows what is going on. I have been listening to her for a mighty long time and she is Suny Muslim. One of the major culprilts in all of this and all world affairs is no other than George Soros – some of you may have been lucky enough to hear his name and some particulars about him – all part of the NWO. About Cornwall being racist and ignorant you want to believe it because we went through it after living down there and never again. One more thing is that yesterday I read that Winnie the Poo wants to take the refugees and putting them in hospitals that are not occurpied. Oh oh the former CGH may have new tenants coming soon. I think that is why nothing much happened to that building.

  21. Hugger is right about the hospitals here in Ottawa and I have witnessed this with my daughter who was mighty sick with “viral pneumonia” some years ago and waited for “10 hours in the ER” before she was able to see a doctor. People coming in ambulances and were told to go and sit in the ER. Many people die in the ER and we don’t hear of everything that goes on. People given meds that have a bad reaction but you go home and bad things happen. One thing about Cornwall is that it is much better organized in the hospitals. Come here to Ottawa and God Help Everyone because we went through it. My daughter made more trips to the hospital here than one could ever believe. I had to literally fight with her when she had viral pneumonia to stay there to get looked after – she couldn’t take it and had a mask around her nose and mouth and couldn’t breathe for ten hours. Hugger would die here in Ottawa waiting for a doctor to see him with chest pains and that is so true. There were gang bangers in the waiting room and they got served first and nothing wrong with them.

  22. Once Sharia gets an open door and a foot hold in Canada – there goes all our Canadian values and traditions.

  23. This discussion is going off the rails fast. Newton, normally the police, not political parties,enforce the laws. Hugger, what the hell are “Canadian values and traditions”? Except for our First Nation people, Canada is a nation of immigrants from all over the planet, and people tend to bring their values and traditions with them.

  24. Author

    We do have a pretty good hospital here in Cornwall Jules and our Chief of Staff is top flight!

  25. Jamie I have been jumping like a yo yo all over the place trying to listen and read many articles on ISIS, etc. One thing is certain and that is there are plenty of orphan children including babies that have to be dealt with and most likely to be transported to Canada, US, Australia, etc. There are many Christians and Yazidis trapped in those countries and if they are not taken out they will be massacred. The Christians and Yazidis cannot mix with the Islamic people at all because that would be total massacre in the camps. The Canadian government is going to build camps here in Canada for the refugees. Before I get long winded as usual I have the discussion of Retired US General of NATO Wesley Clark and listen to him well folks – there are two videos:

    This is on Amy Goodman’s show:

    We’re going to take out 7 countries in 5 years

    Folks all this leads to terrorism. If the Yankees wanted to take out Canada wouldn’t all of you be on the revenge to protect your country? ISIS isn’t for nothing because it was created by the US and its allies. Remember when al-quaeda was on and Russia was supposed to fight this group and they lost and went home with their tail between their legs. ISIS is mighty hard to fight and like a ghost like what happened in Vietnam and worse. Listen to all of this and you too Jamie.

  26. Pastor you said the truth and the Bible is the truth and Jesus (Yashua) is the way. Everything that is happening today is in the Bible and Damascus is supposed to be a heap of rubble. Everyone that can leave will leave. Yes absolutely this is going to “break the bank of all countries” and I am not just sputtering words here but it is the truth. Not only that folks we are dealing with gangs here in Ottawa, Toronto, etc. and it is hell on earth what is going on and every time you look at the paper it is Arab and African names (mostly Islamic) and the vast majority of them live in public housing. There are many of our Canadians who cannot get public housing and it takes many years being on a list. Well folks these Syrians, Iraqis, etc are jumping the list in all countries and they are headed a lot to Germany and Sweden and such places because of the welfare. I have been following a great deal for a long time now. I hear things that my husband reads in his papers and things are mighty bad folks. When these people live in certain neighborhoods together they make them into “ghettos” and we live near some. We have heard shots that make our area sound more like South Central Los Angeles when they start up. I want all of you to listen to the videos and maybe it might help you understand some things that are happening.

  27. Well Jules the refugees will not be going to the old Cornwall General Hospital. It is now privately owned and is being converted over to other uses.

    As for wait times at hospitals it all depends on the urgency of the patient, not the order you arrive. You never know what is going on behind the doors, so it is hard to judge why someone waits longer than others.

  28. So Germany has discovered that less than 25% are from Syria, most are economic migrants with an overwhelming number being males under the age of 35. Two questions; 1) If they would not stay and fight for their own country why would that make them “good” Canadians? (unless we have become a nation of cowards). 2) Why not give them basic military training at our bases here and abroad and them give them passage back to Syria so that they can fight for their country?

    Humanitarianism is not about placing others ahead of yourself nor is it about providing handouts to people simply looking to give up and relocate, possibly bringing problems with them. Figures just released by the government have potentially placed the price tag on servicing the 25,000 so called refugees north of a billion dollars. We have millions already living in poverty so how does it makes sense to deliberately depreciate our own situation?

  29. Jamie I have something for you and everyone here on your site and it touched me so much that I am in tears. When people put down the Jewish people I want you all to read this and much better people than myself. Read it:

    Refugee crisis: Vancouver Jewish temple raises $40K to sponsor Syrian family

    We hear a great deal of negative things in the media regarding Arabs and Jews and what I have heard is that the Jewish people have been the best and the most civilized of all the people in the Middle East and this is the truth. Shalome. I am in tears just now and cannot see the screen but I want everyone to see the great generousity of the Jewish people and this doesn’t even touch the surface of what these people do along with those in Israel. We hear nothing here in the far west – you have to live over there to know the truth.

  30. Hugger it is good to know that the refugees will not be going to the old general hospital in Cornwall. Winnie the Poo is putting some in Oakville Ontario hospital among others.

  31. Are you serious, David? Civilian Syrians of all ages and both sexes are being slaughtered by their own government, various rebel groups, and now the Russians, Americans, French, and even Canadians. The place is a total hell-hole. And you’re saying that people should be forced to stay there and fight back?

  32. {MODERATED} David on CFN you have to sign in with your first and last name unless you’ve been grand fathered in and your email has to be a legitimate email address.

    Also, quotes have to fall within fair use.

  33. I don’t think this is a good move for Cornwall and Nav Canada to have them here. Justin Trudeau should host them in his riding. Im concerned about the security of our own people. We have homeless people in this country and nobody takes care of them

  34. Folks I just came off Cornwall’s toilet papers of record and noticed that Nav Canada will be taking in the Syrian refugees. I had quite a feeling that Cornwall will be taking in some of the refugees. My area is Arab central and most likely we will see them placed somewhere in my area as well. My husband’s uncle who was the Director of UNRWA (United Nations for War Refugees) in Beirut Lebanon would be mighty proud of Canada of taking in these refugees. I am no liberal at all and uncle was mighty impressed by Pierre Trudeau and said back then “what a satesman”. Sourya (Syria) is destroyed along with Iraq and believe me folks this is only the beginning. WWIII is on its way. I was just catching up on more things and we will be experiencing things that we have not lived through as yet nor has the world itself. This huge war that is coming along with the present one will “UNSPOIL” the brats and believe me people you will see a life that will shock all of you. My mother in law was saving dirty dish water for the next round of dishes herein Ottawa for all the hell that she went through. Both of us cried over what she and her family and so many countless others have neen through. We are heading into the last days so get right with God.

  35. Jamie there is one little Iraqi boy who came to Ottawa about 4 years ago and his uncle is a Christian from Iraq and is my husband’s barber. The young nephew of this barber was going to school and he learned English so fast that the kids in the school thought that he was Canadian and was able to pick up the ways of life here in Canada. That little boy was only 10 years old and was sweeping the hair up from the floor in his uncle’s barber shop. Today the family (most of them at least) are here in Ottawa and are good people. A relative and who is a distant cousin of my husband’s was a refugee and Mario and his family escaped the Civil War of Lebanon in a little boat like what you see on TV and they went to Greece. While in Greece Mario’s uncle who was a doctor of medicine here in Ottawa sponsored the family and they came to Ottawa to live and they worked as janitors at a hotel in downtown Ottawa. Mario’s father was high up in the Ministry of Education in Lebanon and what he did here was way below anything that he ever did in his life. This man went to the University of Ottawa and became a translator and was working in the federal government. The sons went to school and two went into information technology and one is living in Caliifornia just now working in that field. The Lebanese people have made Ottawa what it is today. Ottawa was a backward lumberman’s town and these people turned it around and made businesses and when we first came to Ottawa in the 70”s era we were mighty impressed. As long as Cornwall has that mighty backward mentality it will never go ahead at all – it will continue to die and be buried deeper than ever. The Jews were prosperous in Cornwall as well as the Lebanese and life thrived in Cornwall. Today when we go down to Cornwall it is so dead that you can hear a pin drop. That racism has lliterally killed Cornwall for good along with the dirty cliques. If you think that things are expensive just now hold on to your shorts because you haven’t seen anything yet and I am not talking about the refugees being in Cornwall or Canada but Justine didn’t tell you the truth about how much debt that Canada is in. There will be plenty of spaghetti being eaten soon if the people can afford it.

  36. Pete Walbee… That’s pretty much the same thing that a lot of people were saying about the Jews who were fleeing from Europe in the thirties and forties.
    Now that we are here, we should slam the door shut behind us and lock it.

  37. Author

    Furtz there is zero comparability between the Syrian refugees and Jews in WWII. The Syrians are in the middle of a multi faceted civil war. There are refugees coming from all sides seeking shelter. It’s ugly and Canada can help including taking in refugees, but they are civilians caught in a war.

    In WWII there was clear religious persecution with eventual exposure of death camps aimed at murdering people via race in a factory style. Jews, Gypsies, Homosexuals, and the Nazi’s were getting ready to eventually go after the Catholics. Not a single comparison.

    Jews in WWII trying to come to Canada were in fear of their lives with no nearby neighbors to flee to. Some fled Germany into France, and then had to flee again, and sometimes again, and some were caught in places like Holland only to end up in a camp and systemically murdered.

    There is no legitimate comparison, and while we failed the Jews and others in WWII, we have also since failed many other refugee groups from other wars in places like Africa.

    I am sickened by the politicization that Mr. Trudeau and his new government have initiated that is turning the plight of innocent victims into an expensive circus that Canadian taxpayers will have to foot the bill for. The cost of mass air lifting in these folks will be triple the costs of assisting them in countries like Jordan and Turkey that are coming to the aid of the victims.

    The first act is to get people safely out of harms way and eventually direct them to new homes or what I’m sure many would like, to return to their homes after their civil war ends.

    Taking in refugees should not be a vanity play to look cool. Some of this new Trudeau doctrine frankly is as scary as some of the Harper doctrines.

  38. Furtz, not saying that at all,Jewish people didn’t have a history of infiltrating as refugees to cause terrorism in countries. And I’m not opposed to Syrians refugees coming here but my concern is that proper security checks are In place prior to accepting and I’m trying to understand why Muslim countries like Saudi and United Emmarites are not stepping up to help.

  39. I’m thinking that Justin Trudeau will be at the airport to greet the Syrians to take a selfie with them.

  40. I completely disagree Jamie, but this is your sandbox, so I won’t go on.

  41. Author

    Furtz if you want to dance, we can dance, but let’s stick to reality and facts.

  42. Security checks are being done by CSI and CBS on any refugees destined to Canada.

  43. Hugger1 yes but those security checks are being pushed thru. Even the Minister for public safety Ralph Goodale has said they can’t 100% guarantee that some terrorists might sneak thru the system between now and the end of December while in the USA officials have said that proper security checks between 18 to 24 months

  44. Pete the Saudis are part of the problem. When I mentioned about the New World Order our Hugger jumped down my back well Hugger and folks WELCOME TO THE NEW WORLD ORDER and it is the Vatican who is behind this mess as well. The Jesuits own the world folks and we all have no other alternative but to help these people. Pete these are people like anybody else. At least you are not married to one like I am for 41 years – heaven help me. You will all have to have tremendous patience with them and a lot are not educated at all since school costs big money and only people who are well off can afford the better education. Some are doctors, and engineers, etc. among them but I don’t know what kind Cornwall will be taking in. The educated class usually go to Europe to live. I think that my doctor may not be able to retire and he will be very much needed and is Egyptian and a Christian Coptic.

  45. Jamie I will never forget that lovely lady who went to speak to the students at CCVS about the swastikas and she was Hungarian and Jewish – a real lady. This lady remembers what she went through during WWII and it was hell on earth for the Jewish people and yes for Catholics as well. What you all don’t know is that this is just the beginning – wait until the Lebanese, Jordanians, Egyptians, Libyans among many others have to flee for their lives. This is hardly even the tip of the iceberg of things to come. I remember when my daughter went to school with a little Spanish girl when she was in a bilingual school and one little Mexican girl translated for the teacher. I also remember a little Polish girl in the class and she was without a translator. My daughter then went to a French school nearby and there were Lebanese chldren there and little Adèle’s father had a pizza place. There was little Mimi who was Vietnamese. When we went to Cornwall everyone was white and mighty racist and it was the worst years that we spent of being badly hurt by the people of Cornwall except for a very small few. The Syrians will not stay in Cornwall and that I guarantee you – they will leave after a certain time. Everyone goes to big cities where they live among their own people. Even the food that may be served at Nav Canada (no matter how good) they will not like it because it is not of their diet. Tomorrow we are having Lebanese food and I have to pick up a few things at the store with my daughter tomorrow.

  46. Furtz – do you really believe the Jewish Holocaust happen? Just thought I would ask.

  47. Peter – “I’m trying to understand why Muslim countries like Saudi and United Emmarites are not stepping up to help”.

    Answer – The Muslim world sees this as a grand opportunity to establish Islam in the West. Islam means submission, and it’s goal is to conquer the so called Christian West. This mandate is written in their Qur’an. If you read any honest presentation of the Muslim history of the past – Ottoman Empire, Crusades,etc. you will come to see that is what is happening again. Colonization and world dominance.

    I personally believe God is allowing this present advancement to punish the West for its forsaking of Biblical Christianity. We are reaping what we have sown – divine judgement, Part of this divine judgment is that all the West has lost it’s discernment – God has blinded our eyes to the danger that is coming. And it is coming! We are preparing ourselves for the day of slaughter. There will be no escaping. Unless we repent and seek God immediately. It may be to late even for that – Oh, Great God of Heaven, “in wrath remember mercy”!

    “Though Noah, Daniel, and Job, were in it, as I live, saith the Lord GOD, they shall deliver neither son nor daughter; they shall but deliver their own souls by their righteousness. For thus saith the Lord GOD; How much more when I send my four sore judgments upon Jerusalem, the sword, and the famine, and the noisome beast, and the pestilence, to cut off from it man and beast?” (Eze 14:20-21).

    A Song I wrote – “America, you’re young to die” tells it all.

  48. Great comment Jules. What’s an average type of meal they would eat? I wonder if they view us as american types. Like if they will find us annoying and spoiled. If there was zero risk of terrorist coming in with intentions to hurt someone, i wouldn’t even expect this to be a conversation. I couldn’t care less about who comes to live here, on their own free will. It’s just the very few that are bad intentioned that i worry about. I don’t let it affect me though. Chances are too small.

  49. Watching CNN and 31 states of USA will not accept refugees and more states are reconsidering.also at least 2 of the Paris attackers were refugees. Just WHO will screen and decide who comes to Canada? PM Trudeau? Public Safety Minister John McCallum? NO neither one of them. I for one don’t believe Canadians will be safe.

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