Kings & Little Ones Barber Shop Earns Crown in Downtown Cornwall Ontario by Jamie Gilcig JAN 24, 2016

Kings & Little Ones is not your average barber shop.   This isn’t Mayberry!     Josh Cassleman shared that he was looking for something in Cornwall that didn’t really exist so he created it making a sizable investment in Downtown Cornwall Ontario.

When you work two full time jobs and hate Winter you can get fuzzy.   Looking in the mirror this week I realized it was time to clean up so I decided to give them a shot.

jg before (1)

As you can see there was plenty of work needed to be done.

josh emma

Josh introduced me to Emma Shago who really impressed me as she worked her magic with her razor across my oddly growing beard.    Mine grows in strange multiple directions, but Emma was up to the challenge.  She also shared how many men come in to get help with their beards, from grooming to shaping.

jg 4

The best part were the hot towels, and breathing in lovely eucalyptus on a cold Winter day!

This isn’t a 15 minute “quickie” chop shop.   It’s more like a spa if you go for the full treatment.

jg chairs (1)

A lot of thought went into the design of Kings & Little Ones including TV screens in front of each chair which really hit the spot for those Little Ones that can be fidgety.

JG 5

I don’t think I’ve given myself a cleaner shave than the one Emma gave me.

The prices are reasonable too!

Adult cuts are from $9.95 with shaves starting at the same price.

With Valentine’s Day coming up it’s the perfect gift for any man or for the man that wants to catch his Valentine!

They offer gift cards, and sell supplies as well,.

Kings & Little Ones is an amazing addition to Pitt Street, and is helping to revitalize Cornwall’s Downtown core.

Kudos to Mr. Casselman for sharing his vision and supporting our community.

K&LO logo

They’re located at 231 Pitt Street.

613 935 9112


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