Cornwall Square GVEAH Pet Shop Owner Speaks After Protest JAN 24, 2016

Cornwall Square GVEAH Pet Shop Owner Speaks After Protest  JAN 24, 2016

CFN spoke with “Gary”,  the owner of the GVEAH Pet Store in Cornwall Ontario that is under fire for its sale of kittens, puppies, and other live animals.

Unlike other stores that sell animals from the OSPCA, his store will take in litters of stray kittens, some away from their mothers early.

The warm and garrulous owner of Armenian descent also owns the leather goods shop across the way from his pet store.   He alleged that he invested money redesigning the pet store when he purchased it, and had actually reached out to the OSPCA locally about having cats from them, but that they didn’t respond after an initial exchange where he asked for their assistance in designing his pet section.

He stated that people who wanted to give litters to the OSPCA would be forced to pay and that he was simply trying to help while giving examples of incidents in which he paid veterinarians for assistance.    He also denied buying any puppies from “puppy mills”.

He also alluded that his store was being targeted by a small group with a clear agenda, and that he had broken no laws.   He said he’d be happy to sell animals that came from Shelters or rescues if they were available.

Saturday a protest had been called for 10AM in frigid temperatures.   It ended up starting late with about a dozen or so people showing up which was far less than had said they would be showing up on the social media protest page.

Brad Dewar from the OSPCA sent in the following statement, but did not answer any further questions.

The Ontario SPCA has received a number of reports and we are following up accordingly. I can’t at this time speak to any details of our investigation. I will be able to provide an update at the appropriate time.

In Ontario there are no laws specific to the sale of pets in pet stores. Some municipalities have implemented bylaws including a ban on the sale of cats and dogs in pet stores within their municipality.

The Ontario SPCA always recommends adopting from your local shelter or rescue. There are thousands of animals in Ontario located in shelters and rescue groups that need a forever home.

Gary cited financial issues that he feels puts the price of pet ownership out of the ability of many, and that he was providing a service that clearly, by the amount of sales he’s had, is desired.

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