CFN started to get calls and messages early this morning stating that staff at Cornwall Square were let go.     The mall mysteriously was announced to be sold at a fire sale rate after previous announcements of part of it to be demolished and the mall repurposed.   Oddly enough theContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – You’d think as empty as Cornwall Square usually is they’d be happy to have anyone shopping, but sadly an incident occurred involving a mom of an autistic boy. Apparently a security guard took issue with loud noises from the child and not only asked them to leave,Continue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – As Sears Canada enters bankruptcy protection it means the loss of the anchor tenant for Cornwall Square. Ironically the escalators are now working in the old mall in Downtown Cornwall. Here is a list of Sears stores closing in Quebec and Ontario. Ontario  Ancaster (Home) Brockville (fullContinue Reading

A protest has been announced for Saturday morning outside Cornwall Square against the pet shop’s practice of selling live animals it was announced on a local Facebook page. CFN did an earlier story on the pet store after receiving numerous queries from the public. Over 1300 people have voted inContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – I was stunned when I heard about this memo distributed to staff and vendors of Cornwall Square after our story about the condition of the parking garage.   I was even more stunned when I received multiple copies of the documents. Karen Burns, manager of the squareContinue Reading

Cornwall Ontario – CFN has learned that the Redcliff owned, Triovest managed Cornwall Square parking facility has come under investigation of the Labor Ministry after a series of complaints regarding its safety.   Apparently even after other tragedies that have taken place Shopping Mall safety is still essentially self-regulated. TheContinue Reading