BREAKING – Protest Saturday JAN 23 2016 at 10AM on Sydney Side of Cornwall Square

A protest has been announced for Saturday morning outside Cornwall Square against the pet shop’s practice of selling live animals it was announced on a local Facebook page.

CFN did an earlier story on the pet store after receiving numerous queries from the public.

Over 1300 people have voted in our online poll suggesting that Cornwall Ontario council enact a by law forcing retail establishments to only be able to sell animals that have been vet checked with 97% in support.

Several councilors have already voiced support for such a new by law.

But many at the protest wish for more drastic actions, that pets not be allowed to be sold in retail stores.

The City of Ottawa is also mulling over new regulations for animal sales.   LINK

Katie Reddon, one of the protesters posted this:

Protest CS 2

It’s ironic that this issue has drawn more attention than the Chem Tank issue or Big Ben have garnered.

Will you be at Cornwall Square Saturday morning?   You can post your comment below.


  1. One question?Where is our OSPC inspector,on vaction.Did he or she not investagate this problem?If they did were there any charges layed?Something just isn,t right here.With all the sad stories being told about this pet store you would think OSPC would have stepped right in and closed the store down.
    If this is the case surely a protest is needed to stop this abuse of these animals.To bad the people have to try and stop this abuse.Again where the hell is our OSPC investagator?

  2. BTW… at the Square protest you’ll find that the Cornwall Square security staff don’t like cameras, especially while they’re telling you not to.

    They will threaten you with trespassing, they’ll demand you leave, then they’ll call the cops.

    The police will try to goad you into talking back, do nothing that will give them an excuse to hold you.

    Be respectful to the police, but offer them nothing more than verbally stating your name… if they persist in questioning simply tell them that unless you are being detained you are leaving, then turn and leave… wander off and do some shopping.

    If all protesters do this the police will be tied up all morning.

  3. Marc L….there is an article in the CSF. And it addresses where the OSPCA stands on this issue.

  4. BTW…
    This isn’t the first time the Pet Shop owner has ruffled feathers. Isn’t the pet shop owner the same guy that sparked the outrage against pigeon fanciers?

    His overloaded pigeon coop, negligent handling of his birds and loft in general, and seeming disregard for neighbours ended up unfairly ruining the reputation for pigeon fliers in Cornwall.

  5. More attention than the Chem tanks or Big Ben. Not surprising…..this is Cornwall.

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