Parks Canada Invests $450K in Sir John Johnson Manor House JUNE 13, 2016

Sir John Johnson House National Historic Site, located in the historic town of Williamstown, is one of the oldest surviving houses in present day Ontario.

Today Parks Canada announced an infrastructure investment of more than $450 000 for Sir John Johnson Manor House.

This investment will focus on major structural and exterior repairs of the building to assure structural integrity of the Manor House. Work will focus on the building’s foundation and exterior wood elements, roof replacement,
and the rehabilitation of windows and doors.

The site is well known within the community as the Williamstown location of  the Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry County library. The library offers a  variety of programs and activities for community members of all ages.

During the reconstruction, the library will be relocating to a nearby location, and Parks Canada looks forward to welcoming them back when construction is completed.

Another tenant at this national historic sites is the Sir John Johnson Manor House Committee who have a license of occupation from Parks Canada and present visitor experience opportunities throughout the summer.

Parks Canada’s investment in the infrastructure at the site will provide an opportunity for the Manor House Committee to invest in new visitor experience opportunities. Developing new and innovative programs and
services allows more Canadians, including youth and newcomers, to  experience and learn about our history.


“Through investments like this, Parks Canada is protecting and preserving our treasured places, while supporting local economies, contributing to growth in the tourism sector, and enhancing the charm and attractiveness of Canada’s heritage sites.

Sir John Johnson National Historic Site has a prominent place in the town of Williamstown, and I am pleased that through this investment, the site will remain a focal point in community life, while facilitating efforts by the John Johnson Manor House Committee to create new opportunities for locals and tourists to further enjoy this historic home.”

Katherine Patterson
Field Unit Superintendent, Georgian Bay and Ontario East, Parks Canada

Quick Facts

·    Built in Williamstown, Ontario between 1784 and 1792 as part of a       mill site, Sir John Johnson House is significant for its architectural design and for being one of the oldest surviving buildings in Ontario.

·    The house was built by Sir John Johnson, who encouraged United Empire Loyalists to settle in the St. Lawrence River Valley after the American Revolution.

·    Expanded in the 1820s, today the house is a remarkable documentary record of vernacular building methods of the 18th and 19th centuries in Canada.

·    Parks Canada is investing an unprecedented $3 billion dollars over 5 years to support infrastructure work to heritage, tourism, waterway and highway assets located within national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas across Canada. This  investment will ensure these cherished places are protected and     secured for the future.


  1. I could see worse ways for OUR money to be spent. Preserving history is important, and may bring visitors to the various sites hosting these old designs and buildings.
    Upper Canada Village may get more visitors, and I doubt it is was discussed being two different levels of government, but I hope the building is kept up and does stay for the community. Long live the United Empire Loyalist memory

  2. Eric
    Yes preserving history is so very important and the fact that Parks Canada
    will be spending this money to preserve Sir John Johnson’s house at Williamstown
    is in my opinion , money well spent .
    I have been through Johnson Hall at Johnston NY built by his father Sir William Johnson and inherited by Sir John, and from which he was forced to flee or be
    jailed ( American Revolution )

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