Ottawa Police Investigate Serial Death Threat Letters from Calgary APRIL 12, 2017

Threatening letter circulating in Ottawa

(Ottawa)–The Ottawa Police Service Criminal Investigations Section has received numerous public complaints about threatening letters received by mail at their home address.

In most cases, the hand written address on the envelope is specifically naming one of the residents. The stamp mark is from Calgary, AB.

The letter found inside, a hand written note 8½ X 11 that is a photocopy, is making death threats to the reader and family beginning with “I know where you live…

To date, Ottawa Police has received 27 complaints about the letter. Police believe that this threatening letter is being mass distributed in the Ottawa area and urge all recipients to contact police and avoid over manipulating the letter.

If you have received this letter, or you have any information about this matter, please contact West Criminal Investigations Unit at 613-236-1222, ext. 2666.


  1. When the marijuana bill goes legal we will have more impaired drivers on the road. Things are bad enough as is here in Ottawa and a lot of people are like zombies and have no conscience that is awake. The stupid sheeple cannot even walk properly in the stores and on the streets let alone drive a car. Cops you all have my deepest condolences for what you will all be going through.

  2. Society is getting worse and worse every day and all we hear about are drugs, threatening other people, smuggling, war after war after war that it will take the Good Lord to stop all of this nonsense. I wish that I never lived in such a society as this one. My God Almighty people have literally lost their minds. So many people are a bunch of zombies as well and they are like the walking dead.

  3. News flash, people drive while high and drunk already. The bill is to make cannabis legal, not legal to drive intoxicated. People use cannabis now regardless of its legal status. Some people are on legally prescribed fentanyl, oxy, hydromorphone and all kinds of antidepressants, and guess what…..they drive. It’s unhealthy to only listen to bad news all day, gives you chicken little syndrome.

  4. If your big concern is people driving while high, then you should also be calling for prohibition of alcohol. From my own personal experience, people drive more cautiously and don’t speed while “high”. However, people should NEVER drive while intoxicated on anything, only lowlifes do that, and deserve much harsher penalties than already exist. Same with texting/distracted driving, also a killer.

  5. Jerry go on Ottawa Citizen as well as Ottawa Sun papers now and there have been two huge accidents here in Ottawa speeding and MOST LIKELY DRUGS AND ALCOHOL. Two men are dead on Baseline and an accident happened on Heron and Walkley (my vacinity) that kept me up that night. Speed and drugs and alcohol kills. There is yellow tape on Walkley and Heron area.

  6. Jerry people who are on legal types of drugs are driving and this should be discontinued altogether. I am not for alcohol nor drugs at all and not for driving under the influence nor operating any machinery or anything like that. Our PM is stoned in a video that I just got off of. What a huge embarrassment – I feel like leaving Canada altogether – this is mighty dangerous stuff.

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