Seaway News Highlights Failure of Area Chambers & Kylee Tarbell by Jamie Gilcig 102617

CORNWALL ONTARIO – It’s amazing how the old adage about doing things the same way expecting different results is ingrained in the failures that are our area chamber of commerces in the area.

All three, Cornwall, Akwesasne, and Massena boycott this newspaper even though we have the largest audience in the region.

Recently they had a meeting at the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino, that in its own release recently pointed out that numbers are down while discussing their Drug Company loophole deal to gain millions to help big Pharmacare extend patents.

Think about this; three chambers with supposedly over 1,000 members pulled in less than 100 in attendance.  Subtract staffers and casino attendees and that numbers edges closer to 50.

As one past Chamber board member once shared with me:

We want to get rid of Lezlie, but can’t afford to because the chamber couldn’t afford her severance. 

Now Cornwall lives in its own failing Stepford bubble, but what’s the excuse for Akwesasne Prez Casey Swamp or Massena leader Nathan Lashomb?

“We believe there are significant opportunities to enhance trade between our regions and develop a number of positive partnerships,” states Kylee Tarbell, Assistant Director.


 How does that work when you boycott the newspaper that most of those residents in that region read?  Isn’t that in fact the opposite action?  Ms Tarbell was too busy to return phone messages left for her Monday to this newspaper.  Perhaps they are dealing with online casinos like NetBet Casino Is that being a responsible professional? Does she have any reason to not return a message to a newspaper that averages 1.5 million human pageviews monthly in her market?    Our Q2 numbers, which we recently released show our traffic up 44% from the year before?  Can the Akwesasne Mohawk Casino claim the same or the media they spend lots of cash with?
There are great areas of work that can be done to improve mutual support in the region, but not unless business people start actually acting as responsible business people.     Small business especially has to compete with the Walmart’s and online sales.   It’s a tougher world than it was even ten years ago.   You just can’t blame government for a business failures…
Can ignorance and pettiness really be on the palette of people in certain positions in 2017?
Does it make sense for example, to pay as much as ten times as much for advertising or marketing to outlets that can’t match traffic, results, or just about all measurable metrics?   While it’s fine for a business to make bad decisions as they eventually implode, does it make sense for entities which use public dollars?
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