Cornwall Ontario City Councilor Mark A MacDonald Calls Out CAG Councilors as 2 Faced HYPOCRITES 041118

Cornwall Ontario –  An incensed Cornwall Ontario City Councilor, Mark A MacDonald, sent an angry email from his vacation in Barbados over a budget committee vote for a tax hike of nearly 5% for 2018 to council and the media this afternoon!


[bs-quote quote=”Hello everyone: With respect, if you signed the pledge and voted in favour of a tax increase, it’s hypocritical and two-faced.

If you don’t believe me you can look up the meaning of those words in the dictionary. It’s a fact.


Mark” style=”default” align=”center” author_name=”Mark A MacDonald” author_job=”Cornwall Ontario City Councilor” author_avatar=”×250.jpg”][/bs-quote]

At the root of his tirade was the Community Action Group (CAG) pledge to keep taxes at zero raises which clearly this council and most that signed the pledge have failed to do including those that voted to ratify the record hike.

What do you think dear CFN viewers?  Should politicians be held accountable for pledges and promises?   You can post your comments below.


  1. Mark MacDonald is absolutely right. I will not vote for councillors that break their promises. I can’t believe Dennis Carr bringing up the topic of a raise. Hey Carr, remember that you were not originally elected to council.Maybe next time, you’ll finish in 24 or 25 spot, you bum.

  2. Good for Mark. It’s not often I like what Mark A MacDonald does. But in this case he has it right.

    Or has the election campaign started early?

  3. I can understand why the raise has been brought up. I just don’t agree with it or for that matter why they should have 1/3 of their pay / honorarium being tax free. No one should have any of their pay, etc. being tax free. They are just like us, but they think they’re special / different.

  4. Author

    I personally am old school. If you earn a raise you get a raise. This council has not earned a raise. It’s pretty simple and those who have to work hard to pay the taxes to pay their honorariums for the most part don’t get raises when they or the companies they work for fail.

  5. The city employees didn’t get a contract last year but Administration, and Supervisors got their bonuses and raises, not council (a non elected Denis Carr) brings it up.Time for these clowns lead by example. Quit spending our tax dollars so foolishly. Election won’t come soon enough to dump some of them. I’d like to dump them all

  6. Mark MacDonald is the other person besides Jamie Gilcig who is very capable of being mayor of Cornwall. Mark is absolutely right and I follow some of the things that he says and he is right on cue. There are only two men who are qualified for the job as mayor and are not afraid to give their opinions and I just named both of them.

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