Seniors Situation Room by Dawn Ford – Easter, Passover, & CCVS. 042319

This has been a busy week with Christians getting ready to celebrate Easter and our Jewish Friends celebrating Passover.

Stores had been stocked for many weeks with Easter eggs and bunnies – all ready for our Easter Bunny to deliver.

Exciting morning for kids. I remember years ago when I was teaching Sunday School to a group of 4 year olds. At Easter time all they really wanted to talk about was what the Easter Bunny had brought them. So cute!!

Remember the fantastic movie,’ Easter Parade’ with Fred Astaire and Judy Garland? I don’t know how many times I saw it but I know it was often. Songs like: ‘Steppin’ Out with My Baby’, ‘It Only Happens When I Dance With You”.

Great songs. And of course,’ The Easter Parade’, as well.

Wonderful movie.

On the back of this old photo from the family album it says: ” First pier for North Channel suspension bridge in Cornwall – 1970?”

Nice to see some of these old photos.

The tenants of the Beek Lindsay Seniors Residence collected lots of food articles for the Trinity Anglican Church Food Cupboard again this year in their annual Easter Food Drive.

In this photo Dorenda Dorey is adding to the food box with some goodies.

Many thanks to all the residents who contributed food and for caring about others less fortunate .

A big thank you to Claudette Quesnel for taking good care of all the groceries donated.

In the May 2019 Issue of Good Times Magazine are many interesting and informative articles.

In the Health and Wellness column was an article from ‘Diabetolgia’ that said that even a moderately heart- healthy lifestyle might reduce your chances of getting Type 2 diabetes by 70% According to the article, researchers tested a group of 7,758 (average age 63) who had not been diagnosed with diabetes before the trial.

The article said that the researchers tested the group’s cardiovascular health based on lifestyle factors , behaviours and test levels called The Simple Seven:

1)physical activity

2) blood pressure


4) weight


6) blood glucose

7)non-smoking status.

Over a ten year period the incidence of diabetes was 70% lower in people who met the recommended targets in a t least 4 of the 7 areas compared to those who met none of the seven. Very interesting article.

I came across the old song of C.C.V.S. written in 1940 by Harold White who had been a teacher at C.C.V.S. from 1938 to 1963. Here are the words:

“Onward, onward, ever onward.

Come and join our happy throng.

Forward, forward, ever forward,

Blend your voices to our song.

For our C.C.I. and V.S. too,

Let us swell both loud and long.


Sing Hurrah for our dear old school days,

As we gaily march along,

with our staunch companions

Let us well our merry song.

And as through life we wander,

Through the years of our success.

let us recall the joyous days of youth

And our life at C.C.V.S.”

Brings back some memories for a lot of former CCVS high school grads.

This pussy cat Tiger is weird. His food dish with his chow morsels is on a mat. If one morsel drops onto the mat he won’t eat it.

A dog would. Probably most cats. But this little ball of fur fluff won’t. Yet, he will lick water he has spilled from his water bowl on the mat or floor.

And of course he is still sticking his paw in the water bowl also. He can see his reflection in the bottom of the bowl and maybe he is poking at the image.

Who knows….? Just a weirdo!! Cute, though.

A joke from a friend:

An elderly couple had dinner at another couple’s house. After eating, the wives left the table and went into the kitchen.

The two men were talking and one said, “Last night we went to a new restaurant and it was really great. I would recommend it highly.”

The other man said, “What is the name of the restaurant?”

The first man thought and thought and finally said, “What is the name of the flower you give to someone you love?

You know…the one that is red and has thorns.”

“Do you mean a rose?”

“Yes, that’s the one”, replied the man.

He the turned towards the kitchen and yelled, “Rose, what is the name of that restaurant we went to last night?”

Have a good week, Dawn


  1. I loved those musical movies from when we were growing up. Great music and dancing! I remember the CCVS song and the tune KBwas still with me. Some of the things from the past just stick!
    Thanks for the good memories.
    – Myrna

  2. CCVS always had the best band out of all the schools and the best movies were those of the past and yes I remember a little about Easter Parade movie. The best programs and the best movies were those of the past including the best people were from the previous times and the top lady in Cornwall is our Dawn Ford and I mean that a great lady.

  3. Jules: Yes, the CCVS band was terrific and we were so lucky to have lots of activities for the students in the 1950’s at the school.
    The musical films were also lots of fun and we all learned so many songs because of them.
    Glad you liked the column. Thank you. Dawn

  4. Dawn I attended 3 different high schools and 2 had bands but the best band of all was at CCVS as well as the best entertainment. I was at CCVS, St. Lawrence and St. Mikes Academy and St. Mikes had no band nor anything like that at all. CCVS was always renowned for the best band and best entertainment. Yes the 50s were the best years and for everything unlike today. I was born at the wrong time

  5. Jamie the bully culture is in a great many places as well as over spending. Canada is in a great deal of trouble financially and at bankruptcy levels. What do you expect of tiny Cornwall with nothing left to help with the tax base. I have seen bullies in many government departments from managers down to the regular staff – it is everywhere even in super markets in management and staff, etc.

  6. Dawn I was thinking just a while ago about the movie Easter Parade and a very famous actress and actor starred in it and I can see their faces and trying to get their names out. Old age has struck me something awful where I forget a lot of things. We had to get the super up since the water in the sink would not drain as well as my next door neighbor. My plumbing skills of plunging didn’t help.

  7. Jules: I think you mean Judy Garland and Fred Astaire.

  8. Dawn and Myrna the actress of Easter Parade movie was Shirley Jones? I can see the mans face in front of me but cant get his name. I struck old age even long before I was supposed to. I am finished. LOL LOL. ROLF! I have been after my senior brain to come out with the name of the woman and I hope that I got it right. The super is having a good laugh over my plunging skills that didn’t work.

  9. Yes Dawn I think that it was Judy Garland and Fred Astaire that did play in Easter Parade. I think that you are right. I am falling apart here and hubby is laughing. I have arthritis and I just cleaned the bathroom up.

  10. Dawn your columns always brighten my day and I had a good laugh about your cat Tiger a finicky eater. Well your cat knows what is good and what is not good that is for sure. Give Tiger a pat for me and Jamie give Fitzie a pat for me too. I love animals very much.

  11. Myrna you sure have a good memory about the CCVS song. My memory is shot to hell. LOL LOL. I did something yesterday that made everyone laugh around here since I couldn’t remember what I was supposed to do even till now. LOL LOL. ROLF!

  12. Dawn there was a musical movie with Shirley Jones and a male actor that I cannot remember his name for the life of me. Shirley Jones played in a number of musicals. I think that you may be right about Judy Garland and Fred Astaire. My memory is very strange – shot to hell and them some.

  13. Jules: You may be thinking of the movie Oklahoma with Gordon McRae or the movie Carousel. If you go on line you can see all her movies Dawn

  14. Dawn you might have nailed it about Gordon McRae and I had his image on my mind but couldn’t get the name out. I am now over the hill and then some. My arthritis is killing me and yesterday I went to bed at 8:00 p.m. which was a miracle. I remember Sheila McRae as well in movies. I must try and look for that movie Oklahoma on the computer and see if they exist on line.

  15. Dawn I just wrote down the movies that you mentioned Oklahoma and Carousel. I will be looking them up on line. I am not feeling well today nor yesterday and that is rare for me to feel this way. If I laid down to sleep I would not wake up so easy so I am staying awake and have a lot to do. Thank you for the names of those movies.

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