Election Leadership Debate 2019 : Canada Loses. By Jamie Gilcig #cdnpoli

What an utter farce this election has been. The format for what should’ve been the “Big” debate was a mess. The format blew chunks. Canadians needed and some actually wanted to hear from the candidates, but the Consortium of media outlets that put this together seemed more focused on gender politics than Canadian politics.

If we have this party only once every four years then there simply should be enough time for a proper debate to occur. Moderators should actually be able to moderate. This isn’t a local municipal election.

Sifting through the full debate it felt like it was engineered to favour our Prime Minister. This writer says that in that there was never a chance for any real debate before “time” was called.

While there were a few chops at our Integrity challenged PM; it was simply all weak sauce.

Honestly as important as First Nation’s issues are is that subject equally important to the economy?

While nobody wants the earth to die does it mean that we have to go full Greta Thunberg and emotionally embrace the ridiculous carbon tax lest we get branded a hater or uncaring?

Andrew Scheer will go down in history for simply not being able to beat an opponent who was just outed for multiple times appearing in black face.

I mean, black face. How do you survive that? Well by having Andy Scheer as your opponent. Jagmeet Singh, while an awfully nice fellow, was not contending other than as a possible support player for Mr. Trudeau. Mr. Singh spent more time agreeing with other candidates than really delivering the goods. Jack Layton was an amazing person, and great interview, but until Tom Mulcair showed up never really had much success on election day. Singh will have less.

Elizabeth May was so happy…and yet…so pointless on the stage. According to Liz if we all don’t immediately follow her and Greta Thunberg the World will end.

The gentlemen from Quebec….was there any need for either to be on the stage?

And as for our Prime Minister? The look Justin gave the delightfully “spank me mommy” hot Rosie Barton was priceless. How dare she cut him off. It was the best moment of what should have been a debate, and simply wasn’t, or at the very best, not a good one.

The fact that he ducked any real damage or blows wasn’t so much a testament to his debating skills, but those lacking in his opposition.

At the end of the day the ol saying of “you get the government you deserve” truly was shown; at least for the few that watched it, and it appears not that many did.

Social media is very quiet today other than we media wonks blathering away to a public that just doesn’t seem interested in who will be running the country and that Ladies, Gentlemen, and others, is scary; very scary.

We need a true leadership debate where the top three from the previous election duke it out on stage. Hearing from pointless fringe parties simply isn’t productive; at least for what’s supposed to be the big debate of the election.

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