6 Missing Calls for Service on #CPS Police Map & 1 Not on Map on Blotter – We need transparency in Cornwall. By Jamie Gilcig 011520

The Cornwall police are a financially over bloated and under performing service. There are some great officers there, but it’s leadership frankly….

The Police are now refusing to respond to basic questions from this newspaper. Whether it’s connected to the allegations against Chief Danny Aikman, which we haven’t even published yet, or simply corruption and pettiness this writer does not know.

What I do know is that for a few years now I’ve been demanding better information and accountability from the Police and Fire Services. Some of you do too, but it’s going to take more people speaking up loudly to make change happen.

In Kingston they list the calls for service. Cornwall has stopped doing that. There is a mapping tool, but it’s very labourious and time consuming to use to get any accurate info.

And of course the info is only what is provided by the police service. We don’t know what is being covered up, or not being covered up.

Breaking down today’s blotter, it states that there were 61 calls for service from January 14 to 15. The map only reports 55. As of publication time Stephanie Macrae, the CPS media person, has not yet again responded to the very simple query to account for the missing six.

What is more odd is that the police do report a Break and Enter; however that B&E is not on the map for the date published.

So we have missing calls for service, and a blotter that is reporting crime that isn’t on its map.

A reasonable person might start to ponder what is really going on with the Cornwall Police Service and their $20M per year budget?

Some of the calls reported on the map were:

3 Unwanted Persons

1 Trouble w Youth

1 Trespass

2 Theft

1 Sudden Death

1 Stolen Vehicle

1 Sexual Assault

1 Noise

5 Motor Vehicle Collisions

2 Harassment

2 Disturb the Peace

1 Assault

As a media type; if I know about the nature of the calls it sometimes ties into info sitting on my desk; or may tweak me to ask the CPS what’s the 411?

However the police are not answering questions and seem to have a real problem being transparent with those of us that pay their salaries.

Maybe it’s time for Mr. Aikman to “retire” like those other special officers that have left the force if he can’t lead an accountable and professional police service?

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